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October 2018, Tasmania
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New in Kinesiology

Conference Journal

Journal of Papers from the AKA National Kinesiology Conference, October 2017, Melbourne

* Embryology: The Scientific Way To Describe Meridians by Marco Rado
* Pelvic Problems Affecting Sciatica by Danny Liddell
* Integrating Kinesiology and Flower Therapy by Brendan Rohan
* Acupressure Formatting by Charles Krebs
* An Investigation into the Efficacy of PKP in Improving the Quality and Quantity of Sleep by Jenne Burns
* Kinesiology & Healthy Aging by Parijat Wismer
* In Focus: Vision, Mind and Body by Michael Christian
* The Reptilian Vagus & Burnout by Hugo Tobar
* Ethical Super for Kinesiologists by Mary Campbell
* Mental Health Issues and How To Help by Gordon Dickson
* How Many Brains Do We Have by Marco Rado
*Balancing Gardasil Issues by Philip Rafferty
* Aligning Your Thriving Heart Centered Business with The Greater Vision For All by Robbi Zeck


How To: Kinesiology? SERIES
by Ranee Zeller

BOOK 4: Learning Enhancment

Latest Edition to the NEW Series of A4 Manuals for use with Kinesiology on various topics..........

As with Ranee’s other manuals & topics in this series, Book 4: Learning Enhancement is a check list, scan list, assessment list and procedure for all that is involved in learning. It is quite a compendium and here is a list of topics, some of which are covered in huge detail:

* Order of Learning * Learning Challenges * Syndromes & Developmental Disorders * Day Care Problems * Classroom Problems * Tests/Exams * Mental (Numbers/Alphabet/Homework/Computer etc) * Emotional (Bullying/Excuses etc) * Nutritional (Intolerances/Drugs/Addictions etc) * Reflexes * Sensory Integration * Auditory/Vision/Speech * Affirmations * 7 Keys of Intelligence * Milestones

Spiral Bound A4 manual of 78 pages. Text Pages Black & White

Other How To Kinesiology Manuals available (see our webpage)
* Book 1: Formula $47
* Book 2: Allergies $43
* Book 3: Relationships & Love
* Book 5: Nutrition & Weight Management
* Book 6: Abundance & Business Management
* Book 8: Spiritual Development

* Book 9: Meridians Made Easy $23
* Book 10: Face Reading: $27

Manuals To Come........
(being published throughout 2018)

* Book 7: Physical Pain & Fitness

For details call or email us & register to be contacted when available.


Basics of Life
The Living Matrix & the 8 Extra Meridians
by Marco Rado

The manual for the course of the same name, as presented after the Kinesiology Conference in Melbourne October 2017. The BOL manual begins by discussing the Living Matrix - the continuous, dynamic and integrated network of all activities and components of the body. From there characteristics and functions of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians are covered as well the relationship to embryological development, teeth and muscle monitoring.

The BOL balancing procedure is given which is a template for working with any of the 8E meridian as highlighted in the rest of the manual, where all the balancing information for each is contained.

This BOL procedure is very much based in TCM and represents a deeper understanding of the 8E Meridians for use with Kinesiology.

Spiral Bound A4 manual of 83 pages - full colour

NOTE: This is a course manual and learning & understanding the material fully is often best achieved in the class environment.


Integrative Neurocardiology
by Marco Rado

The manual for the course of the same name, as presented after the Kinesiology Conference in Melbourne October 2017.

The INC Manual introduces the Third Brain - the Cardiac or Heart Brain (the second brain being the gut). The heart plays a unique synchronising role in the body and is in continuous communication with the Brain via multiple pathways (neurologically, biochemically, energetically, structurally and biophysically). It is a global conductor and also has a major place in TCM.

The INC manual discusses the role of TCM in understanding the third brain and covers the procedures for working with the heart and the sense organs. It also outlines the procedures relating to each of the pathways mentioned above. Finally the manual covers the spiritual aspects/energies that reside in certain organs.

Spiral Bound A4 manual of 68 pages - full colour

NOTE: This is a course manual and learning & understanding the material fully is often best achieved in the class environment.




New in General

Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies
by Neil Miller

400 Important Scientific Papers Summarised for Parents and Researchers.

In a time where the conventional medical/scientific paradigm is that vaccines are basically a necessity and essentially harmless, the arguments against vaccination are often shot down, suppressed or lidded very quickly. Making sense of all this is difficult and that is where this book comes in, as it covers 400 papers, summarised and ready to be perused with greater ease than compiling the facts together oneself.

Most of the scientific studies summarised in this book are peer reviewed studies published in medical journals and indexed by the world’s largest medical library. The papers are organised into 24 chapters, each containing several studies on a particular topic, such as aluminium adjuvants, pathogen evolution and sudden infant death. There is nothing like this book anywhere in the world. It is an important collection of information to aid in understanding the full picture of vaccinations in the world today. Recommended by Philip Rafferty in his presentation at the 2017 Kinesiology Conference.

Core Light Healing
by Barbara Brennan

My Personal Journey....

Core Light Healing is the first book in twenty years from Barbara Brennan and sequel to her two classic works, Hands of Light and Light Emerging. In Part 1, Barbara reviews the configuration of the Human Energy-Consciousness System (HECS); then she goes on to describe the creative process as it flows through the HECS. When the creative pulse is unblocked, we are able to manifest our longing—but we all have blocks that stop the creative flow due to wounding and traumas from childhood. Part 2 takes us to the astral world or the 4th level of the HECS to explore its relation to the creative process. It begins with an explanation of how high sense perception works, so we can begin to perceive not only the 4th level but also other levels of the HECS. Then she explains in detail how the 4th level functions, discussing blocks that may have occurred through multiple lifetimes.

Discover Your Master Chakra
by Stephanie Larson

Reveal the Source of Your Spiritual Gifts

Learn how to better understand yourself and the people in your life with your master chakra. Everyone has a master chakra that defines who they are and how they interact with others. This insightful book offers you guidance on using your master chakra on the path to greater love, harmony, and fulfilment.



The Body Keeps the Score
by Bessel Van Der Kolk MD

Brain, Mind & Body in the Healing of Trauma

Recent scientific advances to show how trauma literally reshapes both body and brain, compromising sufferers’ capacities for pleasure, engagement, self-control, and trust. The author explores innovative treatments from neurofeedback and meditation to sports, drama, and yoga that offer new paths to recovery by activating the brain’s natural neuroplasticity. Based on Dr. van der Kolk’s own research (particularly re Vietnam veterans) and that of other leading specialists.


New in Essences

Gaia Essence

New from Ian White of Australian Bush Flower Essences and is the third of the Divine Presence Essences (following the Isis and Solar Logos Essences). Stock Bottle $36.00

l Re-establishes our connection with our Higher Self and gets us back in touch with our Divine Purpose, all in a very grounded way. l Helps us to be centred; connected to the Divine; present in our body, heart and mind and to radiate our light into the world. l Grounds and anchors us on a deep spiritual level and raises our consciousness. l Assists us to let in and fully experience the Solar Logos energy flooding down on the Earth. l Forges a loving, protective sense to the Earth/Gaia. l Opens and aligns us to the transformational changes happening within and around us.
l Balances within us our divine masculine and divine feminine. l Encourages us to feel safe with, and be more accepting of change and the ensuing flow of emotion.



SOME www.braingym.com.au ITEMS.........

Selection of recent titles added to
Equilibrium’s sister website.
To view many more new books in this area visit
the website address above.

Read Again without Glasses Book & DVD
by Leo Angar

It has now been more than 19 years since the author, Leo Angart, threw away his glasses. In this follow up to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally, Leo concentrates on curing presbyopia, the inability to focus on near objects. He explains what presbyopia is and how you can tone your eye muscles, release tension and build up energy in order to regain your natural eyesight. There are three main principles involved in Vision Training: • Belief and emotions, • Physical training of the eye muscles, • Relaxation - natural clear eyesight is effortless.

The DVD that accompanies the book includes instructions and demonstrations.


The Drug Conversation
by Dr. Owen Bowden-Jones

How to Talk to your Child about Drugs

This is a book for parents about how to raise the thorny issue of drugs with their teenage children. Drugs have never been more available and your child is almost certain to come across them at some point, often with little idea of the risks. We need to talk with our children about drugs - talking before they come across drugs can help them make better choices - but it’s not always straightforward. This book gives you advice on ways to have this important conversation and provides parents with clear, up to date, accurate information about ‘psychoactive’ drugs and their effects. It gives plenty of information to help you understand how drugs work in the brain, what problems they cause and which treatments are most effective. Plus more.


Spoonfed Generation
by Michael Grose

Its well established that parents in western countries such as Australia currently do too much for their kids, albeit with good intentions. All this well-intentioned activity may make for an easier life at home but it encourages children to be dependent on adults for longer. This is the exact opposite of what parents have done in the past, which is to develop their childrens independence and achieve the most important parenting outcome of all their own redundancy. Spoonfed Generation will explain the importance of childrens independence and the vital stages to letting go. An important book for our time, from a well respected author of books on raising children.


Bestsellers from Last Newsletter


The Vital Psoas Muscle
by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones

Connecting Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing

Alternative approach to understanding and balancing the most important skeletal muscle in the body, aimed at the layperson as well as the professional body practitioner concerned with core strengthening and psoas-related back, hip, knee, and pelvic tension issues. This book explores how the psoas affects the health of the body, mind & spirit. It has detailed illustrations and key stretching and strengthening exercises and other methods for releasing this muscle.


Affirmation Book 3:

New Addition to the
‘Affirmation Book’
Series of A4 Manuals
by Pam Myers & Sally Worth

Contains over 5500 affirmations looking at programmes that hold you back. This manual follows the presentation of the first 2 Affirmation Books, and is also grouped into themes page by page with related sub affirmations to complete the page. Covers all those ubiquitous programmes we sometimes take on board, perhaps despise, or even occasionally laugh at or enjoy. Remember these:

* Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees
* No Pain, No Gain
* It Runs In the Family
* Children Should be Seen & Not Heard
* Grass is Always Greener on the other Side
* You Are Just Like Your Mother
* School is the Best Years of Your Life
and 100’s more

Truly an remarkable & useful publication!
Spiral Bound A4 manual of 142 pages

The other books in the series:

BOOK 1: General Affirmations.

BOOK 2: Physical Body Affirmations


by Giulia Enders

The Inside Story of our Body’s
Most Under-rated organ

Our gut is one of the most complex, important and even miraculous parts of our body. This book is a great tour of the workings of our gut and of the latest research showing that gut bacteria can play a role in everything from obesity and allergies to Alzheimer’s. A very readable & entertaining book that also includes topics such as the Brain & the Gut, the Immune System & our Bacteria, Gut Flora - the bad & the good guys, related Allergies & Sensitivities, the 3 gut types and much more. Includes pictures diagrams.


Archangels & Ascended Masters Essences

The Archangel & Ascended Master Essences are a powerful set of 10 stock essences, helping one to connect to the energies of the Archangels & Ascended Masters. Like doorways into a higher dimension these essences will help you to link more easily with the web of light and higher consciousness of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Use them as a point of focus to ask for inspiration, help and guidance to unfold your own spiritual journey. Contact us for a description of these essences. The essences are from Crystal herbs UK, suppliers of the Bach Flower sets and Chakra Essence sets we also supply here at Equilibrium. To see our full range go to our website.


2018 Diaries & Calendars

2018 Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting Guide Chart
Paper: $11, Laminated $16

2018 Moontime Diary: $34
2018 Moon Diary: $34
2018 Lunar & Seasonal Diary: $30



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