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Autumn 2016

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New in Kinesiology

How To: Kinesiology ? SERIES
by Ranee Zeller

A Series of 10 A4 Manuals for use with Kinesiology on various topics


Book 1: Formula

The Manual that puts the series together. Covers questioning skills, steps and the ‘how to’ formula - all which Ranee uses in her clinic & workshops. Then goes through the ‘correction areas’ with a chapter on each of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual & Nutritional aspects. These chapters have sub categories that list, point by point areas of involvement - over 80 pages of scan lists and material for access or referencing. This manual is highly recommended if buying any of the other books in the series, but not mandatory. May depend on level of experience in Kinesiology.



Book 2: Allergies

An extremely comprehensive list of allergens right across the board from foods to fashion to household. Over 100 pages and thousands of listed items under various categories and sub categories. Also includes a bonus section on Coelic, Milk Allergies, Salicylates, Nut Allergies for copyright free reproduction if helpful.
A terrific resource for kinesiologists and anyone working with or interested in allergies.




Book 3: Relationships & Love

After over 20 years of research and hands-on experience assisting people in their own love healing journeys, Ranee has presented a manual on the topic for all to work with. This is a unique publication and is specifically aimed to use with Kinesiology. It begins by looking at personal beliefs around love, goal setting and the five love languages. The manual then goes through the Physical, Mental & Emotional aspects of a number of topics including: Affirmations, Quality Time, Gifts of Love, Acts of Service, Physical Touch. Following that is a scan list of relevant emotions, sabotages, sexual concerns and more more. The manual finishes with correction strategies, homework, ideas, and appendices on the Female and Male Reproductive Systems and the Anatomy of Orgasm. Quite a workbook ! 50 pages.



Book 9: Meridians Made Easy

This reference book provides easy-to-find information on the meridians. It is a must-have for every kinesiologist using Ranee’s method as it provides one concise page for each meridian including: common disorders, picture of the meridian, muscles affected, relevant questions for related disorders, neurovascular and neurolymphatic reflex points, yin/yang, number of acupuncture points, time of day function, element, season, astrological sign, body system, colour, sound and fluid and emotional states. This book requires Book 1: Formula of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series. The first book outlines how to energetically test and clear imbalances



Book 10: Face Reading

Face reading has multiple facets; once you can read a person’s facial features you can understand the automatic behaviours and silent messages of the soul. This book covers the most common traits and includes diagrams, explanations, employment opportunities and challenges relating to each feature. Ranee Zeller uses this technique of face reading to sum up a client before designing a treatment program tailor made for them. This is a great stand-alone reference book for the healer. The first book of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series is recommended for a complete package.



How to Kinesiology: More Books to come (being published throughout 2016)
For details call or email us & register to be contacted when available.

* Book 4: Learning Disorders
* Book 5: Weight Management
* Book 6: Abundance & Business
* Book 7: Physical Pain & Fitness
* Book 8: Spiritual Development


2016 AIK Kinesiology
Conference Journal


The journal of papers/presentations from the AIK Conference, Kingscliff, NSW, February 2016.

* Consciousness, Stress & Formatting by Hugo Tobar
* Successful Kinesiology Business by Terese Mudgway
* Elemental Mists by Karmina Gordon
* Improve Your Health, DESTRESS with N.O.T. Basics. by Trevor Savage
* 8 Extraordinary Channels or Vessels by Sandie Lovell & Ann Parker
* Releasing Past Life & ‘Life Between Lives’ Patterns by Rachelle Sewell & Melanie Simmons
* Serious Fun with Reflexes..Focusing on the Moro by Brendan O’Hara
* The Cause & Treatment of Chronic Pain by Philip Rafferty
* Return To Love by Sylvia Marina
* Vaccines Reverse Recuperation by Jenni Beasley
* Boundaries within & without - Kinesiology & Acupressure by Sherril Taylor
* Australian Living Flower Essences made with love using the Stepanov’s method by Rowena Ritchie
* Neuro-Training - Integration of Neuro-science into Kinesiology by Andrew Verity
* Where is the Heart of your Business? by Lisa Hare
* Healing the Heart by Parijat Wismer


Special Interest


Welcome to the
by DeSalle & Perkins
$47 Hardcover

Getting to Know the Trillions of Bacteria and other Microbes in, on and around you.

This thoroughly fascinating and absorbing book explores the paradigm shift from a focus on single pathogenic organisms to understanding communities of organisms living in and on us. It present the historical perspective and describes recent scientific developments. The authors reveal the astounding diversity of species composition that exists across body parts and systems from the skin to the digestive system and across both individuals and groups. As with any complex ecosystem, the human microbiome is composed of species playing varied roles; when a critical species begins to decline, it alters the entire ecosystem.


A Planet of Viruses
by Carl Zimmer

A fascinating tour of a formidable hidden world

An eye-opening look at the hidden world of viruses. This updated edition includes the stories of new outbreaks, such as Ebola, MERS, and chikungunya virus; new scientific discoveries, such as a hundred-million-year-old virus that infected the common ancestor of armadillos, elephants, and humans; and new findings that show why climate change may lead to even deadlier outbreaks. Zimmer’s lucid explanations and fascinating stories demonstrate how deeply humans and viruses are intertwined. Viruses helped give rise to the first life-forms, are responsible for many of our most devastating diseases, and will continue to control our fate for centuries. An easy, encaptivating read for such a potentially complex topic. Highly Recommended.


by Michal Schwartz
$47 Hardcover

A New Science that will Revolutionise how we Keep our Brains Healthy and Young

In the past, the brain was considered an autonomous organ, self-contained and completely separate from the body’s immune system. But over the past twenty years, neuroimmunologist Michal Schwartz, together with her research team, not only has overturned this misconception but has brought to light revolutionary new understandings of brain health and repair. Schwartz describes the connections between immune system and brain and how that relates to the future of nervous system related dysfunctions.


SOME www.braingym.com.au ITEMS.........


Activity Kit for Babies and Toddlers at Risk
by Deborah Fein et al

How to Use Everyday Routines to Build Social and Communication Skills

Parents have the power to help babies and toddlers at risk for developmental delays make important strides—but many are confused and intimidated as to how. In this easy-to-navigate guide, leading experts present more than 100 games and activities designed to strengthen vital communication and social skills in children from birth to age 3. Everyday chores and routines—like waking up and going to sleep, getting dressed, and mealtimes—are transformed into learning opportunities that promote crucial abilities. Parents are the most important people in their kids’ lives. Now they can be the best

teachers too.


Ditty Bugs CD
Carol Barnier

50 Powerful Memory Rhymes

It’s easy. It’s fast. And once you catch the “ditty bug” you’ll realise how powerful rhythmical language is as an effective learning tool. Be amazed as your kids put useful things to memory! Includes 50 learning rhymes on audio CD. Give your students the advantage of a lifelong memory of vital information and instant recall of hundreds of key principles. This CD includes: * 50 unforgettable rhyming ditties * Downloadable text for all ditties to aid in memorisation * An explanation of how to best utilize ditties in the core areas of study. Why use Ditties? Quick...finish this sentence. Rhythmical language is a powerful learning tool. We cannot shake things we learned as rhythms or poems, even if we wanted to. The humble little ditty is one of the most effective educational tools available.

Mindful Parenting for ADHD
by Mark Bertin

A Guide to Cultivating Calm, Reducing Stress, and Helping Children Thrive

Parents of children with ADHD face many unique daily challenges. Kids with ADHD are often inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive and as a result, parents can become frustrated or stressed out. In this book a paediatrician presents a proven-effective program for helping both parents and kids with ADHD stay calm in the present moment. Parents will also learn how to let go of judgments, reasonably assess their child’s strengths and weaknesses, lower stress levels for both themselves and their child, communicate effectively, and cultivate balance and harmony at home and at school.


New in General

Book of Human Emotions
by Tiffany Watt Smith
$30.00 HC

An Encyclopedia of Feeling from Anger to Wanderlust

This book is about the story of over 150 different emotions and how their context is important in describing their meaning. Emotions are perceived and performed in different ways and can be defined and understood through cultural context, for example.

Both the familiar emotions and rare emotions are covered. Each has it own story and history. This is not a book about technical definitions and categorising emotions, but glimpses into historical pasts and current cultural politics of emotions, shedding light on why we feel the way we do today.

The emotions are described as such in alphabetical order for easy reference. One can read the entries page after page, or just flick through until something catches the eye. A great hard cover book for the reference shelf, or for personal or clinical use.

The Way of the Five Elements
by John Kirkwood
$45 Hardcover

Powerful acupoints for physical, emotional, and spiritual health

Journeying through the seasons of the Five Elements, this book covers 52 prominant acupoints, their functions in the everyday world and their physical, emotional and spiritual associations. It includes ‘images’ that express the spirit of the season, and clear descriptions and photographs of the point locations.

A very practical and useful book on some of the most important acu points - done so in a manner that many people often seek. Valuable & Highly Recommended.



Living Threads
by Morning Clouds
$220.00 HC

A Colour Manual of over 2000 Dynamic & Powerful Vibratory Energies

Living Threads is beautifully presented hardcover large format reference manual that has culminated from Mornings Cloud’s decades of work with Colour Cotton Therapy.

The cottons used to make the frequencies pictured in this full colour book are 100% pure. 440 shades are combined by using various measurements and wavelengths and folded to form rosettes of frequencies that cover a broad variety of the human condition.

The quintessence of each substance being held by the colour vibration is available for any imbalance or dysfunction. From Respiratory issues to Allergies to Vaccinations, the colour cotton weaves become a resonant frequency for self healing and body, mind & spirit change.

This publication is absolutely unique and stands alone in both presentation and potential use. It includes selection methods, page by page contents which expands out to a 1000 plus item index at the back.


Medical Medium
by Anthony William

Anthony William opens the door to all he has learned in over 25 years bringing people’s live back from where previously there has been no help. This book offers secrets behind chronic and mystery illnesses and how to finally heal. Be it a diagnosis one does not understand, or symptom one cannot name, or you want to care for your clients better, Medical Medium has some answers that have eluded conventional practice and science will not discover for decades. “The truth about the world. ourselves, life & purpose - all comes down to healing”



Stretching Anatomy
by Nelosn & Kokkonen

Expanded, enhanced & updated, this bestselling book returns with beautifully & clearly presented full colour illustrations of the muscles in stretching action. Stretching Anatomy shows you how to increase range of motion, supplement training, enhance recovery, and maximise efficiency of movement. Each exercise describes how to stretch, when to stretch, how each affects your body, primary and secondary muscle emphasis and which muscles are activated for support. Plus stretches for different sports and activities and MUCH MORE. You won’t be disappointed with this book. 200+ pages, larger format. EXCELLENT !



Nutrition for Intuition
by Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves

Learn which foods and beverages will boost your natural intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts as well your physical health. Combine good dietary practices with energising spiritual techniques. Monitor your life-force energy within your daily meals, drinks and lifestyle habits so that you can supercharge your intuition and manifestation efforts. It also covers the pineal gland and its connection to clairvoyance, as well as the energetic properties of nutritional supplements like zinc and magnesium. Learn what to eat & drink and what to avoid.




Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies
by Lennon & Rolfe

Healing With Nature’s 12 Mineral Compounds

A simple yet comprehensive guide to the history, theory and use of cell salts. Includes an overview of each of the 12 cell salts, and comprehensive instructions for using the remedies. The second part of the book features a Simplified Remedy Guide offering an A-Z listing of common disorders and their remedies. This is followed by a detailed discussion of each of the cell salts. Rounding out the book is a chapter on using cell salts for youth and beauty and glossary of terms.


Bestsellers from Last Newsletter

Isis Essence

From Australian Bush Flower Essences.
A life changing gift from the Divine Feminine, that can have a profound effect on the healing of deeper inner issues that go back beyond this life and this domain........
*Allows you to feel the presence, protection and love of the Divine Feminine. *Illuminates our inner dark places where we store our pain and suffering. *Replaces aspects of our wounded self with love and courage. *Helps you to draw love into yourself in times of turbulence, anxiety and uncertainty. *Enables you to access and release wounding in your soul arising from the Spirit world, this and other lives. *Integrates any separated, emotionally cut off parts of ourselves.



Dowsing Heals
by Heather Wilks

Dowsing to bring healing to yourself, others & animals.

This is an excellent manual & workbook on dowsing. It covers everything from basic to advanced dowsing, with scripted protocols for dowsing many different aspects of life such as negative programs, non-beneficial frequencies, shock, grief, as well as foods and substances and much more. There is a section on energised water and also templates for dowsing charts. Plus dowsing rods are covered as well as dowsing for absent healing & animals. Spiral bound A4 manual for easy use and application. 97 pages.




The Secret of the Ring Muscles
by Paula Garbourg

Healing Yourself Through Sphincter Exercise

The internal & external ‘ring muscles’ all coordinate with harmonious contraction and relaxation that initiates breathing, digestion, circulation, elimination and muscular motion. When they don’t work together, illness and imbalance can result.

Paula Garbourg began working with this 50 years ago and in this book she explains her method of self healing, as well how sphincters function, their effects on the body and their importance in every day life. She also offers a series of easy to follow sphincter exercises based on decades of experience, importantly, backed up with the instructional DVD.

This is a truly a fascinating book & DVD on a totally unique topic. It will open an entirely new understanding of your body and offers gentle, non-invasive, cost free methods of improving one’s health. Further, this information is untapped area of understanding and may present itself as an area of research & development within the Kinesiology/Natural Health field.

Distributed exclusively in Australia by Equilibrium


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