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Marco Rado Webinar
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(NOTE: If you live outside Australia, registration can only be emailed and payment can only be made by PayPal. Also please make sure the AEST times for the course are available to you - any queries please email. All prices are in Australian Dollars)


Marco Rado ~Webinar


Monday 3rd September and 10th September ~ 6.30pm to 10pm AEST

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 5 very important muscles called the 5 Pillars, that control our posture and coordinate the 3 Cavities. In Kinesiology we base our work on the Muscle-Organ relationship and there is an organ for each Meridian. Nevertheless, in TCM there are some organs that are not associated with any of the 12 Meridians, yet they are so important and special, that they are called "The Extraordinary Organs" and are strictly related to "The Extraordinary Meridians".

One of these Extraordinary Organs is "The Extraordinary Organ Bones", which generates the 3 Cavities - Abdomen, Thorax and Head. There is a strict relationship between the 3 Cavities, the Triple Heater and the 3 Dan Tiens and balancing the 5 Pillars can influence the whole of this structure.

In this webinar, you will learn how to muscle test the 5 Pillars and how to balance them with Acupressure Points and Sound; you will study how TCM approaches Posture, and you will learn about the most important Meridians that control muscle movement and muscle contraction. This webinar will not be only theoretical, but there will also be demonstrations and practice time.

Marco has been teaching webinars for a few years now and students globally have embraced this new way of teaching. He uses specific webinar software that allows him to simultaneously view many cameras while controlling audio/visual aspects showing PowerPoint slides, whiteboard etc., directly on to your screen. You can ask questions in real time and Marco observes you while you practice.

The webinar will take place one evening a week for 2 weeks, allowing you to practice and consolidate the information in between. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A minimum of 2 participants is required in the one venue (home, clinic etc.) for practice purposes, however exceptions are allowed in certain circumstances. Please enquire. You may have 3, 4 or more participants in the same room as long as there are enough computers/cameras for Marco to be able to view all participants in the room adequately. If you have never attended a webinar before, don't worry. Marco will have a practice run a week before the webinar to ensure you are confident to participate.

Prerequisites: Minimum of 50 hours of kinesiology study completed; Computer with camera and speakers; Minimum of 2 participants.
Cost: AUD $200 Time: 6.30pm - 10.00pm AESTeach evening Total Duration: 7 Hours
Enquiries: Franca Wild kinesiologystudy@bigpond.com or call Equilibrium (03) 9578 1229
Click link at top to download Regustration Form

Marco is an international Kinesiology course author and trainer from Italy. His courses provide clear and concise understandings of how the body works and interacts, with a perfect blend of scientific and energy medicine explanations. Marco first came to Australia when he was a keynote speaker at the 2017 Kinesiology Conference and presented two workshops afterwards.
He has been captivated by Australia and plans to visit again in 2019, to teach more of his courses and to travel with his family exploring Australia. If you would like to be notified of future courses, please email Franca.

"I attended Marco Rado's Basic of Life course in Melbourne last year and found it informative, fascinating and enriching to my Kinesiology practice. Marco is an amazing teacher who brings a plethora of knowledge and techniques from many sources to his teaching. This knowledge enables me to look at things from a new perspective and I am able to apply it and the new techniques easily into my practice with significant results."

Kathy Carmuciano, Workshop participant 2017 Australia













Marco Rado Manuals & Related

The Spark in the Machine
by Dr Daniel Keown

How the Science of Acupuncture Explains the Mysteries of Western Medicine

Why can salamanders grow new legs, and young children grow new finger tips, but adult humans can’t regenerate? What is the electricity that flows through the human body? Is it the same thing that the Chinese call Qi? If so, what does Chinese medicine know, that western medicine ignores?

Dan Keown’s highly accessible, witty, and original book shows how western medicine validates the theories of Chinese medicine, and how Chinese medicine explains the mysteries of the body that western medicine largely ignores. He explains the generative force of embryology and how that so incredibay relates to the acupuncture system, as does the fascial system of the body.

This is a book of ‘ah ha’ moments as it takes one through what really makes the mystery of the meridians and acu points tick. Truly remarkable stuff.


Basics of Life
The Living Matrix & the 8 Extra Meridians
by Marco Rado

The manual for the course of the same name, as presented after the Kinesiology Conference in Melbourne October 2017. The BOL manual begins by discussing the Living Matrix - the continuous, dynamic and integrated network of all activities and components of the body. From there characteristics and functions of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians are covered as well the relationship to embryological development, teeth and muscle monitoring.

The BOL balancing procedure is given which is a template for working with any of the 8E meridian as highlighted in the rest of the manual, where all the balancing information for each is contained.

This BOL procedure is very much based in TCM and represents a deeper understanding of the 8E Meridians for use with Kinesiology.

Spiral Bound A4 manual of 83 pages - full colour

NOTE: This is a course manual and learning & understanding the material fully is often best achieved in the class environment.


Integrative Neurocardiology
by Marco Rado

The manual for the course of the same name, as presented after the Kinesiology Conference in Melbourne October 2017.

The INC Manual introduces the Third Brain - the Cardiac or Heart Brain (the second brain being the gut). The heart plays a unique synchronising role in the body and is in continuous communication with the Brain via multiple pathways (neurologically, biochemically, energetically, structurally and biophysically). It is a global conductor and also has a major place in TCM.

The INC manual discusses the role of TCM in understanding the third brain and covers the procedures for working with the heart and the sense organs. It also outlines the procedures relating to each of the pathways mentioned above. Finally the manual covers the spiritual aspects/energies that reside in certain organs.

Spiral Bound A4 manual of 68 pages - full colour

NOTE: This is a course manual and learning & understanding the material fully is often best achieved in the class environment.


Spotlight On

Nutritional Medicine Books
By Dr. Igor Tabrizian

Dr. Tabrizian is a MD who practices solely in Nutritional Medicine. He has written many books on NM, and lectures extensively on the subject. He has presented at Kinesiology Conferences with great interest from delegates. His work has been valuable to many practitioners in collating modern scientific research in the NM area for ease of understanding and application.......


Nutritional Aspects of Depression & Mental Health

This is Dr.T’s eighth book and arrives at a pivotal time in mental health & wellbeing. As with his other books, this text interrogates the underlying causes of the common diseases of this modern era for layperson & practitioners alike. Written in a very user friendly style, & helped by many colourful pictures and diagrams. It initially covers why we get sick; looking at inflammation and chronic illness. But much of the book is about neurotransmitters; what they are, how we make them, how they are affected by the environment, how to mess with them, effects of low transmitters and more. It is here where the colourful and playful diagrams really do assist. There is also sections on: toxins and mental health, common scenarios, and the politics of mental health. A5 sized, glossy hardcover book of 140 pages.

Back In Print !

How to Read a 21st Century Hair Analysis

Back in print in new glossy hard cover A4 edition of 280 pages.
Dr. T’s revised book presents the reader with a logical description of cause and effect of nutrient surfeit and deficit and how these imbalances can be determined and treated following HTMA. The use of diagrams plays a major part in demystifying the often complex biochemical processes behind the overt signs of distress that trace element and nutrient imbalance can create. The text follows the route of trace elements and nutrients through the body and shows how they are, or are not, assimilated.

Other Dr.T. Titles: (or see our webpage)

Visual Textbook of Nutritional Medicine
Igor’s classic, famous A4 professional text on the whole field of NM. Bestseller. $88

Degenerative Diseases of the Brain
Explores the nutritional aspects of normal brain function as well as the current models of neurogenerative disorders. $28

NUTRITION - The Good, the Bad and the Politics
A fascinating and accessible book for anyone wishing to explore Nutritional Medicine for their own health. $33

Waiting for Reprint (please enquire):
* Brain Foods, Brain Poisons: Autism as a Case in Point
* Magnesium, Zinc & other trace Minerals



SOME www.braingym.com.au ITEMS.........

Selection of recent titles added to
Equilibrium’s sister website.
To view many more new books in this area visit
the website address above.

The Solution is in Your Hands
for Children’s Learning & Behavioural Difficulties

This very large volume is based on 20 years of Heather’s clinical experience, which includes Kinesiology. It is a large format book of over 650 pages of incredible detail on working with learning & behavioural issues - perhaps one of the most comprehensive ever written in the field.

This book will be of interest to all who are working with children. It is a detailed ‘go-to-manual’ that provides greater understanding on what really matters, together with credible research outcomes. It is a must for all professionals who work with children and for parents and grandparents, particularly those who favour their left brain or have the need for simple but in-depth information.. It will support you with:

  • Crucial knowledge as to what is happening for individual children
  • What to look for as indicators and typical present day observable behaviours
  • Behaviours that you may be aware of but have not considered important
  • How to test and verify the existence of the child’s weaknesses
  • Classroom and home strategies that will support children’s development
  • Specific simple therapy for the appropriate people to carry out
  • Easy, fun exercises that will support children’s development and overcome their weaknesses
  • Case studies to reinforce your understanding and the effectiveness of what I am presenting
  • Scientific research that validates the theories and strategies
  • An extensive bibliography

Although large, (what can we expect when we are endeavouring to change children’s experiences, – surely they are worth this investment of time and money), it is an easy read, involving a large font, and a two column layout that does not have to be read from cover to cover but instead dipped into when the need arises. However, please, may I advise you to read the chapter ‘How to Use this Book’ as you will find it very helpful in gaining the most from what the book has to offer you.

There is a mind map at the beginning of each chapter which succinctly covers the contents of the chapter. At times this will be all that is needed to satisfy the reader’s understanding and needs for the chapter. The mind maps also acts as a reminder, without having to read the whole chapter again.


Movement Based Learning Materials
Founder & Author: Cecilia Koester

Based on the idea that all movement ‘grows the brain’. The MBL approach uses some Brain Gym but also many more movement activities developed by the author plus a wealth of background information and a structure in which to use the activities.

Movement Based Learning Book

If your child has learning problems, disabilities, learning delay etc, this book will inspire to help them along their way to reaching their full potential. The goal is to teach you targeted movement activities within a structure in which children of all abilities may grow and learn.

This approach uses some Brain gym but also uses many more movement activities developed by the author, plus a wealth of background information and a structure in which to use the activities. The book will stand on its own or add a wealth of new ideas and material to some one already using Brain Gym. An essential to any Parent or Teacher who wants to make a difference.

MBL 6 Desk Chart Folder Set $50
MBL 3 Wall Chart Set $50


How Emotions Are Made
by Lisa Feldman Barrett

The Secret Life of the Brain

When you feel anxious, angry, happy, or surprised, what’s really going on inside you? Most scientists would agree that emotions come from specific parts of the brain, and that we feel them whenever they’re triggered by the world around us. This understanding of emotion has been around since Aristotle. But what if it’s wrong? In How Your Emotions Are Made, pioneering psychologist Lisa Feldman Barrett draws on the latest scientific evidence to reveal that our ideas about emotion are dramatically, even dangerously, out of date - and that we have been paying the price. Emotions don’t exist objectively in nature, Barrett explains, and they aren’t pre-programmed in our brains and bodies; rather, they are psychological experiences that each of us constructs based on our unique personal history, physiology and environment. Has serious implications individually and for society as a whole. A big read at 420 pages!


The Healing Power of Illness
by T. Dethelefsen & R. Dahlke MD

Understand what your symptoms are telling you. When you see symptoms as bodily expressions of psychological or spiritual conflicts, you can use the them as guides to heal. Every disease pattern expresses in a certain way, every organ or region of the body has a particular significance. Chapter by Chapter, piece by piece this book explores beautifully how the physical map of our health and wellbeing has its own psycho-spiritual counterpart.

“Old classic” - now back in print after a long absence.


Your Brain On Food
by Gary Wenk
$47 HC

How chemicals control your thoughts & feelings. A fascinating read on how certain foods, plants and chemicals alter the very essence of your brain cells functioning and thus your behaviour and mood. Written in a delightfully reader friendly style, with kernels of history sprinkled throughout, this book provides both interest and insight into how our appetites influence our brains, - and thus our thoughts and actions. In this 2nd edition, Dr. Wenk, a Neuroscientist, draws on the
latest science to answer a range of food/chemical
discussions that relate to brain function.





Latest Kinesiology Books


2018 AIK Kinesiology Conference Journal

Journal of Papers from the AIK Kinesiology Conference,
Melbourne February 2018.

  • How Kinesiology can Assist with MS & Autoimmune Disease by Amanda Campbell
  • The Meaning of Emotions - Do You Live Your Emotional truth? by John Holodnak
  • Colour and tone your Relationships - What we See, Hear & Sense by Sherril Taylor
  • Trauma Healing by Parijat Wismer
  • Millenium Calendar by Jean Sheahan
  • The HPU Condition by Hugo Tobar
  • The History & Development of Kinesiology in Australia by Michael Wild
  • Sit Still, Concentrate & Learn! Why that’s too hard for some learners by Dr. Chris Payard
  • Quantum Complementarity by Dr. Michael Christian
  • The 4 Critical Steps to Wellness by David Corby
  • The Impact of Primitive & Underdeveloped Postural Reflexes on Physiological Foundation for Development, Learning & Behavior by Heather Pollack
  • Wholistic Community and the Art of Sacred Living by Kerryn Sedgman
  • Dealing with Difficult Personalities by Gordon Dickson
  • Are Your Genes Mutating by Jennifer Beasley
  • The Essence of Change - Making Change Easy by Geraldine Gallagher

see other conference journals


HTK Book 7: Physical Pain & Fitness

Latest Addition to the ‘How to Kinesiology’ Series
by Ranee Zeller

Are you or your clients in physical pain? Or do you want to improve your fitness? Everything in one book for the athletic to the ‘less’ active as well as the chronic fatigue client. As a therapist with the relevant scan lists in the categories of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional you can start to rebuild and reprogram a healthy body.

Included in this manual are comprehensive lists on muscles and bones, posture, breathing techniques, injury prevention, risk management, recovery strategies, gym terms as well as developing a training program. This book can be used alone if the user is experienced with muscle testing. If not, the first book of the HOW TO: Kinesiology? series is recommended.

Spiral Bound A4 manual of 184 pages.
Text pages black on white.

see other HTK books in the series


Training Course Manual

by Denise Robinson

Manual for the course ‘Kineasy’, an introductory Kinesiology course. Covers accurate muscle testing, setup & pre checks, circuit retaining mode, goal setting, balancing protocol, finger modes, age recession and various corrections. What Finger Modes are and how to use the most common basic finger modes including more, priority, time, suppression, plus all correction remedy finger modes. Using natural healing remedies in kinesiology balances including essential oils, crystals, colour, affirmations, sound, flower essences, emotional stress release & more. Kinesiology self testing with “yes” or “no” answers. Full setup balancing protocol including a step-by-step easy to follow template to use on clients.

Spiral Bound A4 manual of 66 pages


Mastery of the Five Elements
Training Course Manual

by Denise Robinson

  • The Law of the Five Elements including Cycles, Relationships and Interactions of the Five Elements.
  • The Five Elements in Nature: movement, season, climate, developmental stage, colour, taste/flavour, odour/scent, time of day, direction, planet, grain.
  • Constitutional profiling of all the Five Elements to discover your own constitution and how to determine other people’s and how this impacts your life. This process is very profound and changes your perception, it provides an appreciation and understanding of yourself and others with compassion.
  • All about the Hara and its relationship to the body including how to test and identify when an Element is imbalanced.
  • Finger modes for all correction healing remedies
  • Element Acupressure points for each Element for quick, easy and effective use to provide deep healing, energy, grounding, balancing and more.
  • Detailed element remedy information and practical application for: Element Acupressure points; Essential Oils; Crystals; Colour; Sound; Flower Essences; Nutrition; Affirmations; Other Activities; Emotional Stress Release (ESR); Oracle/Healing Cards; Energy healing; Nature’s remedies
  • Yin/Yang

Spiral Bound A4 manual of 108 pages

Also available (see website page) (scroll down)
Chakra Healing Kinesiology Course Training Manual
Emotional Meridian Harmony Kinesiology Training Manual

$83.00 each


The Tapping Solution for Parents, Children & Teenagers
by Nick Ortner

How To Let Go Of Excessive Stress, Anxiety And Worry And Raise Happy, Healthy, Resilient Families

Nick Ortner, founder of The Tapping Solution, encourages readers to first take a look at their own stressers and worry as parents, reminding readers that self-care is vital to helping others. In the first section of the book, parents are guided on using the revolutionary technique known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping to release parental overwhelm, quiet worry, manage conflict and transform their experience of parenthood.

In the second section, Nick explores specific uses for Tapping with children, ranging from releasing negative emotions like anger, fear and phobias, sadness, grief, guilt, and shame, to overcoming specific challenges such as anxiety disorders, sleep, nightmares, performance anxiety, bullying, school jitters, divorce and much more.

See other Tapping Books




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How To: Kinesiology? SERIES
by Ranee Zeller

BOOK 4: Learning Enhancment

Latest Edition to the NEW Series of A4 Manuals for use with Kinesiology on various topics..........

As with Ranee’s other manuals & topics in this series, Book 4: Learning Enhancement is a check list, scan list, assessment list and procedure for all that is involved in learning. It is quite a compendium and here is a list of topics, some of which are covered in huge detail:

* Order of Learning * Learning Challenges * Syndromes & Developmental Disorders * Day Care Problems * Classroom Problems * Tests/Exams * Mental (Numbers/Alphabet/Homework/Computer etc) * Emotional (Bullying/Excuses etc) * Nutritional (Intolerances/Drugs/Addictions etc) * Reflexes * Sensory Integration * Auditory/Vision/Speech * Affirmations * 7 Keys of Intelligence * Milestones

Spiral Bound A4 manual of 78 pages. Text Pages Black & White

Other How To Kinesiology Manuals available (see our webpage)
* Book 1: Formula $47
* Book 2: Allergies $43
* Book 3: Relationships & Love
* Book 5: Nutrition & Weight Management
* Book 6: Abundance & Business Management
* Book 7: Physcial Pain & Fitness (New 2018)

* Book 8: Spiritual Development
* Book 9: Meridians Made Easy $23
* Book 10: Face Reading: $27

For details call or email us & register to be contacted when available.


New Test Kits

These new test kits are available now.
For full contents go to our test kit webpage

Canine Test Kit: $60 vials, $198
A range of vials specifically related to dogs, including healthy tissues, diseases, tumours, parasites, vaccinations and many others.
Chromosomes Test Kit: 24 vials, $92
24 chromosomes including the X and Y chromosomes, plus DNA and RNA.
Bowel Nosodes Test Kit: 11 vials, $39
Bowel nosodes are prepared from cultures of non-lactose fermenting flora of the intestinal tract.
Food Toxins Test Kit: 10 vials, $62
This kit is based on the work of Michael Lebowiitz, DC and are substances in common foods that can cause people problems - common/severe allergens. Most cannot be found in other kits.
Vegetable Oils Test Kit: 29 vials, $93
Various oils used in cooking and processed food, from Almond & Avocado Oil through to Sunflower & Walnut Oil. Incudes Ghee as well.
Flours Test Kit: 41 vials, $135
A comprehensive list of flours including various wheats, barley, millet, oat, rice and other grains as well as soy flour, banana flour, peanut, corn, almond and many other gluten free flours.


Back In Stock - New Editions

Sought After Books by Mark Wells - Back in Print


Bach Flowers Today $28.00
Provides an introduction for the novice and a clarification for more experienced users of Bach Flowers. It is divided into sections: About the Bach Flowers; Bach Flowers: Agrimony – Willow and Rescue Remedy. The internal subheadings for individual Bach Flowers are: Possible Physical Imbalances, Classical Uses, Complementary Bach Flowers, and Supportive Measures. A Classic !

12 Dynamic Elements of Good Health (The Tissue salts) $28.00
Divided into sections: About Tissue Salts; Dr Schuessler; Guide to symptomatic prescribing; Detailed descriptions of the 12 individual Tissue Salts. For each Tissue Salt: General description, Body Type, Mind, Head, Eyes, etc., Worse by / Better by; Related Tissue Salts, Supportive Measures, Diet, Related Flower Essences, Iridology – signs in iris, Astrology – astrological correlations Keywords & more. Another Classic !

The Essential Flower Essence Book $49.00
Divided into two main sections. Part 1 covers: flower essence history and human/plant co-evolution, the ‘doctrine of signatures’ of plants (with illustrations) and how to ‘read’ them, a description of our subtle (energetic) anatomy and how flower essences positively influence the subtle bodies and the chakras, and more. Part 2 answers frequently-asked questions about flower essences and covers all aspects of flower essence therapy. There is comprehensive descriptions of hundreds of flower essences from all over the world with a ‘user friendly’ flower essence prescribing guide, plus much more……


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