LWP Cytokine And Immune 2 Test Kit
13 vials, unboxed

 NOTE:  This kit comes in an zip bag and is not boxed. If you require a storage box for this kit go to our test kit accessories section

Additional cytokines and immune regulating substances based on newer findings related to immune assessment. These kits are not suitable for home or laboratory use.

Walter Schmitt, DC, of Chapel Hill, NC, USA and his colleagues assisted with putting this kit together.

CY 41    Interleukin-1 Alpha / Hematopoietin 1    
Produced mainly by activated macrophages, as well as neutrophInterleukins, epithelial cells, and endothelial cells; possesses metabolic, physiological, haematopoietic activities, and plays one of the central roles in the regulation of the immune responses; on the pathway that activates tumour necrosis factor-alpha.


CY 42    Interleukin-1 Beta / Leukocytic Pyrogen/ Leukocytic Endogenous Mediator/ Mononuclear Cell Factor/ Lymphocyte Activating Factor    
Key mediator of the inflammatory response; essential for the host-response and resistance to pathogen; also exacerbates damage during chronic disease and acute tissue injury.


CY 43    Interleukin-17F    
May be implicated in asthma and autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel diseases.


CY 44    Interleukin-18 / Interferon-Gamma Inducing Factor    
Produced by macrophages and other cells; important role in the innate immune response; able to induce severe inflammatory reactions, which suggests its role in certain inflammatory disorders including adenomyosis and Hashimoto's thyroiditis; has also been found to increase the Alzheimer's disease-associated amyloid-beta production in human neuron cells; also a role in age-related macular degeneration.


CY 45    Interleukin-21    
Has potent regulatory effects on cells of the immune system, including natural kInterleukinler cells and cytotoxic T cells that can destroy virally infected or cancerous cells; may have a role in controlling hyper-sensitive allergic responses.


CY 46    Interleukin-22    
Initiates innate immune responses against bacterial pathogens especially in epithelial cells such as respiratory and gut epithelial cells; probably plays a role in the coordinated response of both adaptive innate immune systems, auto-immunity and tissue regeneration; can contribute to immune disease through the stimulation of inflammatory responses.


CY 47    Interleukin-24 / Melanoma Differentiation-Associated 7    
Mainly released by activated monocytes, macrophages and T helper 2; performs important roles in wound healing, arthritis, psoriasis and cancer.


CY 48    Interleukin-25 (also known as Interleukin-17E)    
Induces the production of other cytokines, including Interleukin-4, Interleukin-5 and Interleukin-13 in multiple tissues, which stimulate the expansion of eosinophInterleukins; helps to control immunity of the gut; has been implicated in chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract; potent anti-tumour activity including in melanoma, breast, lung, colon, and pancreatic cancers.


CY 49    TSLP (Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin)    
Produced mainly by non-hematopoietic cells such as fibroblasts, epithelial cells and different types of stromal or stromal-like cells in regions where TSLP activity is required; plays an important role in the maturation of T cell populations through activation of antigen presenting cells;  linked to many disease states including asthma, inflammatory arthritis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, eosinophInterleukinic esophagitis and other allergic states.


CY 50    NFkB p50    
Implicated in cell proliferation and differentiation, inflammatory and immune response, cell survival and apoptosis, cellular stress reactions and the development of tumours.


CY 51    NFkB p65 / RelA    
Plays a crucial role in inflammatory and immune responses.


CY 52    HIF-1 α N-terminal activation domain (530-698)     
Considered as the master transcriptional regulator of cellular and developmental response to hypoxia (oxygen deficiency in cells); stimulates tumour growth and metastases.


CY 53    STAT5 / Signal Transducer And Activator Of Transcription 5, His tagged     
Plays a major role in TH2 expression and Regulatory T cell expression; involved in cytosolic signalling and in mediating the expression of specific genes; closely connected to a wide range of human cancers.


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