Emotional Meridian Harmony Kinesiology
by Denise Robinson

This is the complete manual for the course Emotional Meridian Harmony Kinesiology. It is a detailed text on balancing meridians using well known Kinesiological tools such as finger modes and acupuncture theory and contains a myriad of correction techniques with an emotional focus.

As a course text this manual is set out clearly and logically for anyone with a basic understanding of Kinesiology to follow (e.g. Touch For Health would be a good prerequisite). It begins by explaining some of the basics in Kinesiology that are used such as circuit retaining mode, finger modes, setting goals, age recession etc. Then the various correction techniques are explained such as acupressure points, affirmations and meridian balancing corrections. Other corrections used are relationships; such as emotions, essential oils, crystals and colour etc, that are associated with each meridian.

The manual also contains the Emotional Meridian Harmony Kinesiology balancing procedure and includes session sheets that can be completed. However the bulk of the text works through the meridians one by one, starting with a meridian overview and functions and indications and then moves through the emotional aspects and onto the corrections and associations, all for that meridian, before going onto the next one. Towards the back one finds a section on the five elements and 8 extra meridians.

A4, spiral bound. 188 pages

Note that all Denise's manuals, in being class manuals, begin with concepts and protocols one would expect in the class situation. Most of these introductory areas are the same or similar across all her manuals and cover things like: Learning Outcomes, Aims & Objectives, Accurate Indicator Muscle Reflex Testing, Circuit Locating, Pre Checks, Goal Setting, Age Recession. If you have any of her manuals already or are acquiring multiple titles you will get up to 20 pages of common information.

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