Flower Remedies: Feel Better Naturally
by Mark Wells

Second Hand Book - but as new, in perfect untouched, condition

The book’s section ‘About Flower Remedies’ is intended both as an introduction to Flower Essences and includes specific information for people more experienced in their use. The information is drawn from the author’s many years experience as a practitioner, teacher and parent, and also from his students, colleagues and other experts in Flower Essence Therapy. The ‘Mood Matcher’ section has a list of common feelings, moods, attitudes and states of mind. Simply identify the word or words that best describe how you are feeling, then refer to each of the Flower Essences listed for that state and after reading the entries in detail, choose the most appropriate remedy(s) for you. Flower Essences (from the FES, BACH, & Australian Bush) are listed in the ‘A-Z of Flower Remedies’ section. Each Flower Essence opens with a general description of it’s botanical source, and traditional uses or associations. The book is divided into 4 sections: The (Flower Essence) personality:describes the type of person – their characteristic attitudes & behaviours – who responds best to the Flower Essence under discussion. Benefits of the remedy:explains the benefits gained from taking this particular Flower Essence. See also:lists other Flower Essences that are closely related in character to the one discussed. Soul Support:explores ways – developing certain skills, habits and regimes, or undertaking various natural therapies – to enhance and support the healing action of the Flower Essence.



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