Get the Behavior You Want... Without Being the Parent You Hate!
Dr. G's Guide to Effective Parenting
by Deborah Gilboa

Is a roadmap of quick, concrete strategies to help parents use everyday opportunities to create respectful, responsible, and resilient children between the ages of 18 months and 12 years-without screaming or nagging.

With Get the Behavior You Want... Without Being the Parent You Hate! you'll know how to eliminate the behaviors you don't want while fostering the behaviors you do want like pitching in around the house, pleasant table manners, managing money, finishing multiple-step assignments, taking risks, asking for help, and coping with bad news.

With today's busy parents in mind, each concise chapter provides easy-to-implement action steps and examples of how to teach respect, responsibility, and resilience plus ways to immediately address tantrums and unacceptable behavior while avoiding future conflicts down the road.

Dr. G provides easy ways to modify the advice for children at different developmental stages, ranging from toddlers through kids ready to finish middle school.

A hands-on, grab-me-for-a-few-minutes resource, Get the Behavior You Want...Without Being the Parent You Hate! will help parents who are struggling to get to bedtime without tears;

parents who want to shop at Target without hearing constant whining and pleading;

and parents who want someone to normalize their experience and say, "Yes, this happens. Here's what you can do."

Upbeat, lively, and humorous, this book answers parents' most frequent questions and eliminates the guilt and guesswork out of raising a great kid.


Part I: Respect: That's My Kid!
1. Respect: Why Bother?
2. Who's Got Your Vote to Run The House?
3. Teaching the Skill of Self-Respect
4. Treat Family Even Better
5. Spoiler Alert: What You Do is More Important Than How You Feel
6. Manners Matter
7. Build Respect with Every Meal
8. Raising Good Hosts
9. Raising Good Guests
10. Titles Matter
11. Teach the Verbal Communication Secrets
12. Teach the Nonverbal Communication Secrets
13. Teach Your Kids to Talk to Strangers
14. Seek Out Diversity
15. But What About Your Kids' Friends?
16. Your Bedroom as Your Sanctuary

Part II: Responsibility: Count On It
17. Responsibility: Building a Great Work Ethic
18. Relying on You
19. Teach Kids to Get Themselves Clean
20. Teach Kids to Get Themselves Dressed
21. Teach Kids to Get Themselves Fed
22. Teach Kids to Get Themselves Fit
23. Chores: Good for You and Them
24. Homework: It's Magic
25. Practice, Practice, Practice: The Perks and the Pitfalls
26. Money, Money, Money, Money: Allowance!
27. Technology: Make It a Force for Good
28. Forms: Don't Fill 'Em Out!
29. Paying it Forward: Making the World a Better Place
30. Take Your (Actual) Medicine
31. How Can I Help? What Else Can I Do?

Part III: Resilience: Raising Problem Solvers
32. Resilience: Take One Step Back
33. Find Resilience Opportunities
33. Get off the Happiness Hook
34. Asking for Help
35. "I'm Booooooooorrrrrreeeed!": Free Time Management
37. Playdates and Sleepovers and Trips, Oh My!
38. Mom, She's Bugging Me!: Sibling Management
39. They're Mean!: Friend Management
40. They're Strict!: Teacher Management
41. They're Unfair!: Coach/Instructor Management
42. Somebody Has a Girlfriend!: Relationship Management
43. Take a Chance
44. Bad Things Happen
45. Failure Builds Success


Part IV: Making Change Happen: How to Actually Get Kids to Do this Stuff
46. Can Your Kids Count on You?
47. How to Avoid being the Parent You Hate
48. Say "No." You Won't Regret It
49. Hurting the One You Love
50. Do One Thing and Do It Well
51. The Family Meeting
52. Consistency: Planting the Flag
53. It's Still a Gift If You Ask For It
54. Lying is a Separate Problem
55. Let Life Teach the Lesson
56. Non-Response: "I'm not ignoring you..."
57. Separation: We Now Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled...
58. Reminding: Did You Do That Yet?
59. Rights vs Privileges
60. Keep Your Focus Positive
61. Surprising Consequences
62. Admire Your Kids
63. The Power of Love
Conclusion: You Know What You Want

Deborah Gilboa, MD, aka “Doctor G” is an industry leading parenting expert, Family Physician, international speaker, author, and media expert. She developed the “3 R’s of Parenting” to empower parents to raise respectful, responsible, and resilient kids.

Doctor G is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and a frequent guest expert on CBS, ABC, and WQED. She contributes to Huffington Post Parents, Your Teen magazine, Parents magazine and Recognitions include Pittsburgh Magazine’s “40 Under 40”, the Bristol Meyers Squibb Award for Clinical Excellence, and The Excellence in Teaching Award.

Beyond these honors, she’s most proud of her family. She and her husband are raising four boys who are growing into respectful, responsible and resilient young men. 

Author: Gilboa   Pub USA 2014  Pbk  260 pages



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