Healing In a Maximum Security Prison
by Gabby Fels

A Life Skills & Kinesiology Handbook

This book was published as a result of how the atmosphere in a prison in South Africa was revolutionised by kinesiology, even to the extent where inmates themselves turned their energies to teaching the program outlined in the book to fellow prisoners. The results achieved by 3 years teaching hardened criminals life skills, kinesiology techniques & exercises, to deal with the emotional roller coaster of prison life was simply spectacular. The extent of the success in not only evidenced in their testimonials but in their desire, once on parole to become active in discouraging crime in favour of teaching values and important lessons learned.

Gabby’s book is not so much a story of the actual experience or events that took place in the prison, but a clear presentation of the concepts, practices & techniques used to achieve the end results. Ultimately it is a very in-depth and practical workbook that can be applied to any one’s life as we are often ‘prisoners’ to the demands and stresses of modern living. This book therefore aims to benefit anyone. It is very well set out and presented, and includes many photographs and diagrams.

The author, Gabby Fels, is an established Kinesiology Practitioner & Teacher in South Africa, having studied under many well known Kinesiology researchers and teachers from around the world. She introduces the book with many topics on life skills such as the importance of working on oneself, learning awareness, intention, understanding stress and strong emotion, communication, relationships to name a few, This takes up part one of the book - 18 chapters in all. Part two is the Kinesiology techniques section and Part 3 covers specific balances. Lastly there is small section (part four) on putting balances together, correction menus, and feedback from inmates.

All in all this book was born out of using basic self help kinesiology techniques in one the harshest environments possible in respect potential difficulty of application & response. Yet what came from the experience was not just success in this environment but a wonderful workbook for all to use across all aspects of society



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