Holistic Guide to Decluttering
by Michelle Vig

Join author Michele Vig, founder of Neat Little Nest, on an interactive journey to learn how to clean out and organize the key areas of your life Declutter not only your home but also your busy calendar and mind to find real, lasting change.

Our lives are busier than ever before, leaving our homes, calendars, and minds cluttered. The average American is more stressed, anxious, and medicated than any other time in history. The Holistic Guide to Decluttering showcases how three core components–physical, time, and mental clutter–are intricately linked and how focusing on one area alone is not likely to bring the peace our souls desire. Including step-by-step tutorials, reflection tools, and worksheets, the book gives practical ways to learn the how to of decluttering and organizing so you can begin to feel the freedom and peace that comes from organizing:

  • In the SPACE section of the book, you’ll explore your attachment to things and are given practical ways to successfully go about decluttering and organizing your home. Find inspiration through success stories and beautiful photos showcasing how organizational systems can both simplify and offer a daily delight.

  • In the TIME section of the book, you’ll learn (or re-learn ) how precious and finite time is. Although it is fleeting, you will be empowered to start owning your time. You will learn ways to make positive changes to help plan, prioritize, and make the most of your hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

  • In the MIND section of the book, you will learn that, above all else, the mind is the most powerful force of all. Only by decluttering your mindand getting focused on the callings of your soul can you begin to grow and create lasting change.

By the end of The Holistic Guide to Decluttering, you will be able to embrace how decluttering reaches beyond a simple closet cleaning. By taking the proper steps to clear clutter with intention in these areas, you will receive a deeper emotional release and the tools needed for permanent change.

Beautifully presented Hardback book of over 200 pages, with great colour photos and lovely text on higher grade paper.




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