Homeopathic A & B Test Kit
100 vials

Two tablets in each vial including actaea rac, alumina, antim crud, apis mel, cantharis, helleborus, lilium tig, nat mur, podophyllum, etc.  NOTE: Tablets are not for ingesting but for testing - suitable for use by kinesiologists, naturopaths and homeopaths, etc

(This kit does not come with a storage box. If required go to our test kit accessories section)

HPA 1    Acid Nit
Irritability. Pains as from splinters. Worse cold climate and hot weather. Warts.

HPA 2    Acid Phos
Poor memory. Frequent urination at night.  Pressure behind the sternum.

HPA 3    Aconite   
Rapid onset of colds and flu. Sore throat. Red rashes.  Measles. Earache. Effect of fear and fright.

HPA 4    Antim Tart
Cough with white, coated tongue. Unable to raise phlegm. Acute bronchitis.

HPA 5    Argent Nit   
Acidity. Headache. Conjunctivitis. Mental strain. Nervous anticipation. Colds. Diarrhoea. Nappy rash.

HPA 6    Arnica   
After injury.  Mental and physical shock.  Before operations.  Visits to the dentist.  Exhaustion.

HPA 7    Arsen Alb
Stomach upsets from food poisoning.  Diarrhoea.  Vomiting.

HPA 8    Avena Sativa   
Exhaustion. Sleeplessness. Poor muscle tone. Loss of appetite after illness. Calcium loss in bones and teeth.

HPA 9    Bacillinum
Tuberculosis. Humid asthma. Ringworm. Muco-purulent expectoration.

HPA 10    Baptisia   
Confusion. Offensive discharges. Stupor. Dark red face. Aching and soreness all over. Gastric flu.

HPA 11    Belladonna   
Hot, flushed face. Sore throat. Neuralgia.  Throbbing headache. Earache. Boils. Fever. Mumps. Chicken pox.

HPA 12    Berberis
Itchy skin eruptions. Improved by cold compresses. Infantile eczema.

HPA 13    Bryonia
Chesty colds.  Dry cough.  Muscular pain - better when resting. Acute bronchitis.

HPA 14    Calc Carb   
Sensitive.  Easily embarrassed.  Profuse periods in young girls.  Catches colds easily.  Acne rosacea.

HPA 15    Calc Fluor
Thick catarrh.  Bleeding piles.  Cracking joints. Indecision.

HPA 16    Calc Phos
Severe stomach pain after eating.  Early periods.  Acne. Growing pains. Brain fag.

HPA 17    Carbo Veg
Indigestion with excessive flatulence.  Hoarseness.  Acne.  Debility.

HPA 18    Chamomilla   
Teething. Whining, demanding children. Frantic, unbearable pain. Nightmares. Irritability.

HPA 19    China   
Convalescence. Haemorrhage. Diarrhoea. PMT. Congestive headaches. Copious periods with dark clots.

HPA 20    Cocculus
Irritability. Profound sadness. Constipation. Headaches with nausea. Period problems.

HPA 21    Drosera
Hoarse barking cough.  Constant tickling cough. Whooping cough. Ganglia.

HPA 22    Euphrasia
Watering eyes.  Streaming nose.  Inflamed eyes.  Conjunctivitis. Measles.

HPA 23    Ferrum Phos   
Fear.  Greatly varying appetite.  Flushes easily.  Nose bleed. Acute bronchitis. Acute earache.

HPA 24    Gelsemium   
Influenza.  Nervous anxiety.  Sick headache.  Sore throat.  Runny nose.  Measles.  Examination nerves.

HPA 25    Graphites   
Chapped, unhealthy skin.  Cracked weeping eczema. Backwardness at school. Apathetic and overweight.

HPA 26    Hamamelis
Varicose veins.  Piles.  Bruised soreness.  Chilblains.  Nose bleed.

HPA 27    Hepar Sulph   
Skin sensitive to touch.  Injuries tend to suppurate.  Wheezing.  Abscesses.  Boils.  Croup. Aggressiveness.

HPA 28    Hypericum   
Very painful cuts and wounds.  Blows to fingers or toes.  Horse-fly bites.  Painful bleeding piles.

HPA 29    Ignatia   
Weepiness.  Bereavement. Hysteria.  Headache.  Effects of anger and fear. Insomnia. Tobacco antidote.

HPA 30    Ipecac   
Any illness where there is constant nausea and sickness.  Morning sickness.  Nose bleed.  Spasmodic cough.

HPA 31    Kali Bich   
Catarrh.  Stringy sputum.  Pain at the root of the nose.  Measles. Cough.

HPA 32    Kali Phos   
Nervous exhaustion.  Nervous indigestion.  Giddiness from exhaustion and weakness after flu.

HPA 33    Lachesis   
Jealousy, fear, suspicion. Worse from sleep. Sleeplessness. Cystitis. Mastitis. Thin, offensive stools.  PMT.

HPA 34    Lycopodium   
Fear of failure.  Excessive or lack of appetite.  Flatulence.  Craving sweet foods. Dyslexia. Aggressiveness.

HPA 35    Mag Carb
Acidity. Sensitive to least touch. Periods late and scanty.

HPA 36    Mag Phos   
Anti-spasmodic. Neuralgic pains. Toothache. Better for heat. Flatulent colic. Menstrual colic. Angina.

HPA 37    Medorrhinum   
Chronic rheumatism. Intolerable pain. Trembling all over. Intense itching of anus. Offensive periods.

HPA 38    Merc Cor
Iritis. Sore, swollen throat. Desire to pass stools not relieved by passing stools.

HPA 39    Merc Sol   
Bad breath.  Body odour.  Sore throats.  Diarrhoea.  Abscesses.  Chicken pox.  Mumps.  Abnormal sweat.

HPA 40    Nux Vom   
Nervous indigestion.  Early morning liverishness.  Indigestion 2-3 hours after food.  Hangover.

HPA 41    Petroleum
Oozing skin eruptions. Fiery blisters. Infantile eczema.

HPA 42    Phosphorus
Bronchitis.  Dry cough.  Hypersensitivity.  Nose bleed.

HPA 43    Psorinum   
Extreme sensitivity to cold. Offensive discharges. Always hungry. Intolerable itching. Worse for coffee.

HPA 44    Pulsatilla   
Weepiness, particularly in children.  Menstrual problems.  Styes.  Change of life. Adenoids.

HPA 45    Rhus Tox   
Strains of joints or tendons.  Rheumatism.  Lumbago.  Sciatica.  Herpes of lips. Burns. Chicken pox.

HPA 46    Ruta Grava   
Bruised bones.  Fractures.  Dislocations.  Eye strain.  Eyes burn and ache.  Housemaid’s knee.

HPA 47    Sepia   
Periods suppressed or delayed.  Change of life.  Morning sickness.  Bearing down pain in the abdomen.

HPA 48    Silica   
Boils.  Abscesses.  Chronic headaches.  Sinus trouble. Rickets. Thinness. Tonsillitis.  Sleep walking.

HPA 49    Sulphur
Itching skin.  Skin troubles. Eczema. Boils. Burning and itching piles.

HPA 50    Symphytum
Non-union of fractures. Pricking pain. Pain in eye after a blow.

HPA 51    Syphilinum
Utter prostration in the morning. Hopeless. Chronic eruptions. Rheumatism.

HPA 52    Thuja   
Warts.  Brittle nails. Morning headaches.  Absence of appetite in the morning. Antidote to vaccinations.

HPA 53    Tuberculinum   
Incipient T.B.  Symptoms constantly changing. Emaciated. Fear of animals. Dysmenorrhea. Enlarged tonsils.

HPA 54    Zincum Met   
Convulsions. Sensitive to noise. Lethargic, stupid. Squinting. Very hungry. Varicose veins. Soles sensitive.


HPB 55    Actaea Rac /Cimicifuga
Depression, headaches, neuralgia. Worse for cold, damp and movement.

HPB 56    Agaricus Musc
Itching and burning extremities. Hands and feet red and swollen. Chilblains.

HPB 57    Aletris Far
Heaviness in lower part of abdomen with false labour pains.

HPB 58    Alfalfa
Heavy head. Poor appetite. Excessive thirst. Desire for sweets. Fatigue. Poor sleep.

HPB 59    Allium Cepa    
Hay fever; frequent sneezing. Watery nasal secretions. Head colds. Neuralgia. Better in open air.

HPB 60    Alumina
Hurried. Moody. Dry mucous membranes. Abnormal cravings. Constipation.

HPB 61    Antim Crud
Oozing blisters. Thick hard scabs. Impetigo.

HPB 62    Apis Mel
Insect stings. Hay fever.Burning stinging pains. Burns. Cystitis. Arthritis. Jealousy. Awkward.

HPB 63    Baryta Carb
Delayed mental and physical development. Sore throats. Nail biting. Tonsillitis.

HPB 64    Bellis Perennis
Black-and-blue spots, painful to touch. Bruising. Fatigue after a blow or fall.

HPB 65    Borax
Dread of downward motion. Nervous. Sensitive to noise. Impatience. Hot flushes.

HPB 66    Cactus Grand    
Spasmodic pain. Constrictions. Congestive headache. Dysmenorrhea. Iron band round chest.

HPB 67    Caladium
Depression and fatigue. Memory loss. Irritability at least noise. Tobacco antidote.

HPB 68    Calendula
Extreme sores with or without loss of skin. Bee and wasp stings. Burns. Bruises.

HPB 69    Cantharis
Burns. Burning pains. Cystitis. Gnat bites. Itchy blisters.

HPB 70    Causticum
Intensely sympathetic. Depression, apprehension, timidity. Paralysis. Skin dirty.

HPB 71    Chelidonium
Tooth ache.  Jaundice.  General lethargy. Worse for change of weather.

HPB 72    Cicuta Virosa
Spasmodic contractions of muscles. Stiffness of neck. Contortions. Convulsions.

HPB 73    Cina
Irritability. Dark rings round eyes. Insatiable hunger. Insomnia. Intestinal parasites.

HPB 74    Colocynth
Intestinal colic. Cramp.  Dysentery-type stools.

HPB 75    Conium Mac
Dizziness. Numbness. Weakness. Trembling. Sweating.

HPB 76    Cuprum Met
Cramps. Nausea and vomiting. Metallic taste in mouth.

HPB 77    Eupatorium Perf
Aching and stiffness of bones and muscles. Pain in eyeballs. Flu.

HPB 78    Helleborus
Sees, hears, and tastes imperfectly. Muscular weakness. Sinking sensation. Sighing.

HPB 79    Hydrastis Can
Thick and yellow mucous. Itching of vulva.

HPB 80    Iris Vers
Sick headache. Pancreas affected. Goitre. Burning of alimentary canal.

HPB 81    Kali Carb
Irritable. Sensitive to pain, noise and touch. Intolerance of cold weather.

HPB 82    Kreosotum
Stupid, forgetful, irritable. Offensive discharges. Worse open air, cold, rest.

HPB 83    Ledum Pal
Pain travelling upwards. Black eye. Puncture wounds. Intense coldness.

HPB 84    Lilium Tigrinum
Profound depression. Aimless. Better fresh air. Vaginal itching.

HPB 85    Merc Cyanatus
Thick greyish coating of mouth. Tongue white with fetid breath. Thrush.

HPB 86    Mezereum
Ulceration of skin. Itchy blisters. Impetigo.

HPB 87    Natrum Mur
Sneezing. Sinus. Eczema. Thrush. Incontinence. Vertigo. Exhaustion. Craves salt.

HPB 88    Nux Moschata
Sleepiness. Fainting fits. Changeable moods. Dryness of mucous membranes.

HPB 89    Oscillococcinum
Flu. Common cold

HPB 90    Opium
Heavy sleep. Sweaty skin. Loss of consciousness. Snoring. Noisy breathing.

HPB 91    Phytolacca Dec
Glandular swellings with heat and inflammation.

HPB 92    Platina
Arrogant. Numbness and coldness.

HPB 93    Podophyllum
Biliousness. Talkative. Depression. Worse in hot weather.

HPB 94    Pyrogen
Septic states. Offensive discharges. Restless. Dry tongue.

HPB 95    Ranunculus Bulb
Effects of alcohol. Soreness of chest. Burning and intense itching of skin.

HPB 96    Rumex Crispus
Enlarged lymph glands. Tickling in throat. Dry cough. Raw pain under clavicle.

HPB 97    Sabina
Violent pulsations. Worse least motion. Risk of miscarriage.

HPB 98    Sambucus Nigra
Sudden waking at night with feeling of suffocation. Infantile asthma.

HPB 99    Secale Cornutum
Debility. Anxiety. Better from cold.

HPB 100    Senna
Nausea and vomiting with yellowish diarrhoea. Aromatic smell to breath.

HPB 101    Staphisagria
Styes. Inflammation and itchiness of corner of eye.

HPB 102    Taraxacum
Coated, mapped tongue. Constipation.

HPB 103    Urtica Urens
Superficial burns with skin irritation.

HPB 104    Veratrum Alb
Collapse with extreme coldness. Cold perspiration. Vomiting. Cramps in extremities.



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