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Knee Injuries
from the Bachin World's Best Anatomical Chart Series 
Laminated Chart
Poster size: 50 x 61cm

This knee injuries poster provides an overview of normal knee anatomy and showcases 11 images which illustrate the mechanisms of common knee injuries in the context of a human figure playing sports. The vibrant images are from the Anatomical Visual Guide to Sports Injuries and are listed below:

  • Pathological Knee Injury Images: LCL Tear, MCL Tear, ACL Tear, PCL Tear;
  • Patellar Tendinopathy: shows tendinopathy at the following sites: distal quadriceps femoris tendon, distal pole of patella, patellar tendon insertion onto the tibial tubercle;
  • Meniscus Tears: shows bucket handle tear, vertical tear, radial tear, parrot beak tear, fraying/degenerative;
  • Sports Injury Mechanism Images: ACL Tear, Basketball ACL Tear, Skiing PCL Tear, Wrestling MCL Tear, Football LCL Tear, Rugby Hyperflexion/Meniscus Tear, Skating Jumper's Knee, Volleyball Patellar Tendon Rupture, Weight Lifting Tibia Fracture, Soccer IT Band Syndrome,
  • Running Normal Anatomy Images, Anterior View of Knee, Medial View of Knee, and Superior view of Knee Showing Meniscus.


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