LWP Drinks: Alcoholic Test Kit
47 vials, unboxed
Vial Size: 10 x 40mm

NOTE: This kit comes in a zip bag and is not boxed. If you require a storage box for this kit go to our test kit accessories section
Also Note: This kit started out many years ago with 26 vials and progressed to 2 kits of 47 vials as more 'alcoholic drinks' vials were added over the years. The 2 kits have now been combined into one kit of 47 vials (and discounted - extra discount for being unboxed too). If you purchased any of the separate kits in the past and wish to be updated let us know.

The energy patterns of common alcoholic drinks: beer, lager, cider, brandy, gin, whisky, rum, wines, sherry, advocaat, drambuie, grappa, ouzo, sake, vermouth etc. for sensitivity testing. Not for home use.

DAA 1 Bacardi White Rum
DAA 2 Beer
DAA 3 Beer & Lager, alcohol free
DAA 4 Beer, wheat
DAA 5 Benedictine
DAA 6 Bourbon
DAA 7 Brandy
DAA 8 Campari
DAA 9 Champagne
DAA 10 Cider
DAA 11 Cointreau
DAA 12 Gin
DAA 13 Grand Marnier
DAA 14 Lager
DAA 15 Rum
DAA 16 Sherry
DAA 17 Southern Comfort
DAA 18 Tia Maria
DAA 19 Vodka
DAA 20 Whiskey, American
DAA 21 Whiskey, Canadian
DAA 22 Whiskey, Irish
DAA 23 Whisky, Scotch
DAA 24 Wine, Red
DAA 25 Wine, Rose
DAA 26 Wine, White
DAB 27 Absinthe
DAB 28 Advocaat
DAB 29 Amaretto
DAB 30 Baileys Irish Cream
DAB 31 Calvados
DAB 32 Crème de Cassis
DAB 33 Crème de Menthe
DAB 34 Curaco, blue
DAB 35 Drambuie
DAB 36 Grappa
DAB 37 Malibu
DAB 38 Ouzo
DAB 39 Pernod
DAB 40 Pimm's No 1
DAB 41 Port
DAB 42 Sake
DAB 43 Sambuca
DAB 44 Schnapps, Cinnamon
DAB 45 Tequila
DAB 46 Underberg
DAB 47 Vermouth



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