Matrix Energetics
The Science and Art of Transformation
by Richard Bartlett

Matrix Energeticsis a teachable healing phenomenon which merges the science of subtle energy and quantum physics with the incredible power of our own active imaginations and focused intent to produce physical and verifiable results. 

You can begin to unlock and awaken the powers, abilities, and awareness that are your birth right and spiritual heritage--the transformation of your morphic resonance of the whole being through Matrix Energetics--a technology of awareness that is transferable, teachable and universally available. 

Quantum physics teaches us that we are made of light and information; that so-called "Classic Reality" is actually an illusion. Photons move backwards and forwards in time and where they meet creates the present moment. Bartlett has found that metaphorically, we can time travel and access states of health and awareness and bring them into the present moment, instantly affecting beneficial changes in the conditions of people's lives. This is possible because everything is part of the zero point energy field, what some physicists have called "The Mind of God."


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