Movement Based Learning (MBL)
Cecilia Koester, M.Ed

Based on the idea that all movement 'grows the brain'. The MBL approach uses some Brain Gym but also many more movement activities developed by the author plus a wealth of background information and a structure in which to use the activities. The book will stand on its own or add a wealth of new ideas and material to Brain Gym.

If your child has learning problems, disabilities, learning delay etc, read this book and be inspired to help them along their way to reaching their full potential. The goal is to teach you targeted movement activities within a structure in which children of all abilities may grow and learn.
One teacher summed up this book by saying :-" I am thrilled to notice the calming effects that the movements in this book have had on a student who howled in the classroom next to mine. The professional advice was to ignore the howl. Three months of actively ignoring had not worked. We used core activation and navel radiation (2 activities in this book) and they worked the first time we did them."
This book is essential to any Parent or Teacher who wants to make a difference and is
 a “must have” for your library of practical ways to address the needs of every child in your life. The emphasis is on basic developmental movement patterns that will enhance neurological function. Each of us has a foundation of neurological patterns that allow us to continually learn and grow. If the foundation is lacking or weak we then must go back and reinforce learning at this level of primitive reflexes or developmental movement patterns. This book gives hands-on methods and techniques that will allow each and every child to reach their greatest potential––whether her potential is to be able to read on grade level or if she is learning to walk and talk.

About the author: 
Cecilia Koester, is internationally known for her work with children and adults who have special needs. She has worked since 1979 with children of all abilities––typically functioning, attention deficit/hyperactive, emotionally/behaviorally challenged, autistic, developmentally delayed, Downs Syndrome and severe handicaps. The remarkable and provocative book I Am the Child: Using Brain Gym® with Children Who Have Special Needs, published in 1998, journaled Koester’s experiences over a two-year period as a teacher in a public school classroom, drawing out the gifts of eleven children who had complex developmental needs. This book is an inspirational book that offers the reader insights of the kinds of things that can be done with children who have severe physical challenges to improve their quality of life. 
'I Am the Child' is also available on this site.




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