SECOND HAND sets of CD's, DVDs and a manual - in very condition - many of the DVD's seem to be untouched - see below for more details on condition of the various items. This set is a bargain and sells for thousands brand new..........

Nutrition Response Testing
by Freddie Ulan

Nutrition Response Testing is a non–invasive way to test your body (via muscle-testing) and discover what deficiencies or underlying issues are causing your symptoms and health conditions, developed by Dr. Freddie Ulan.

This huge set incudes:

  • Training Manual
  • An Introduction to Nutritional Practice Management - ONE DVD
  • Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing - 3 DVD set
  • Case Studies from the Los Angeles Nutrition Response Testing Seminar - 4 DVD set (DVD case is broken but DVDs in perfect condition)
  • Case Studies from the Detroit Nutrition Response Testing Seminar - 4 DVD set
  • Case Studies from the Boston Nutrition Response Testing Seminar - 4 DVD set
  • Special edition Case Nutrition Response Testing Seminar & Case Studies - 4 DVD set
  • Nutritional Pearls of a Million Dollar Cash Practice - 4 CD Audio Set (2 CDs have been copied)

Download pdf on the Theory & Practice of NRT

When you give your body the exact nutrients it needs it can heal itself.

The best way to give your body what it needs is to discover what is lacking and help the body get back in balance. This is done with Nutrition Response Testing. We find out what your body needs and create a clinically designed, personal nutrition program based on the testing.

Freddie Ulan trained as a chiropractor and spent many years helping people with their health problems. When he was 42 years old his health started to decline. He became progressively sicker and within five years he was seriously ill and unable to digest food. Despite traditional medical treatment and chiropractic care, he got worse and worse.

After doing intense research Dr. Ulan discovered the field of nutrition and studied the work of Dr. Royal Lee, Dr. Weston Price, and Dr. Pottenger. He discovered that breakthroughs had been made in how to communicate with the body and discover what was causing illness in a body. By using these therapies Dr. Ulan started to repair and rebuild his own health.

Then he came across the work of Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor who had developed a system called muscle testing to assess the functional state of different organs. Using this procedure Dr Ulan created his system of Nutrition Response Testing to find the exact reason a body was not operating at optimum health.

Years of research and testing has led to the development of the system as it is today.

“People notice when you get well and soon a practice built up. Other doctors wanted to learn how to do it. I have taught this system to literally thousands of like-minded practitioners. I don’t have a special ‘knack.’ Our advanced graduates have the same tools I have, and they get the same results.

I’m very thankful to the hundreds of doctors who have trained in this procedure and make it available to people across America, so they can improve their health.”



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