Dr. Sheldon Deal’s AK Shortcuts DVD Study Programs
Please note these DVD's are being discontinued in favour of on line courses. What is below are the only ones left in the world and are on sale until sold out.

Three DVD Programs specifically filmed for training in the many & varied Applied Kinesiology techniques.
Each Program/Part is 5 discs and comes with a spiral bound manual all in a supportive casing folder. Each set/part is available separately.

Each set is very professionally produced and one gets to see the one of the masters of AK go over 100's different techniques on the table in front of a small group explaining everything carefully as he moves along, in great detail as well as with extra tips and bits of relevant information. The manuals back up the visual perfectly with clear diagrams and instructions that show the tests & corrections of each technique.

These sets will be great study and training tool for:

* Those who wish to further their kinesiology training with some of the most practical and applicable techniques in Kinesiology
* Students who want to refresh up on some the basics in their training (see full list of techniques).
* People who live in isolated areas or who are unable to attend the usual Kinesiology classes.

Part One (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)Over 50 techniques and topics are covered. These include some of the basics in AK such as Priority Mode, Surrogate Testing, Ionization and many more fundamentals. Further techniques include asking the body questions, resetting the body clock, addictions and allergies, injury recall technique, stress syndrome conditions, treating vision, TMJ, treating adrenals and countless others.

Part Two: Over 60 more AK techniques including Cloacals, Hypothalamus, Balancing Blood Chemistry, Umbilical Reversal, The Prostrate, Candida, Second Brain, Amino Acid testing, Clearing Radiation Exposure, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Leg Cramps at Night, Glaucoma Correction and much more.

Part Three (NO LONGER AVAILABLE): Sheldon Deals’s recent addition to his DVD Programs, specifically filmed for training in the many & varied Applied Kinesiology techniques. Like Part ONE and Part TWO, the new Part THREE is presented as 5 DVD’s with a spiral bound manual all in a supportive casing folder. Part THREE has over 60 techniques which include: Emergency Modes, Treating Bruising, Ligament Interlink, 8th Chakra, Sex & the Brain, Cataract treatment & Macular Degeneration, Morning Stiffness, Alkaline Indicator, Balancing for Insomnia, Changing Aging Set Point, Luscher Colour Test, Shoulder Problems, Emotional Quick Fix, Blind Spot Neurology and MANY MORE ! Also Disc 5, has mp3’s of jokes, stories and webinars of more techniques as well as pdf’s of power points, quizzes for each class and client records.


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