‘Skyflowers’ is a name given to a range of flower essence remedies made from plants belonging to the Bromeliad Family. When in flower, these exotic, tree-dwelling plants illuminate the forest canopy in a spectacular display of color, form and sometimes, fragrance. When in bloom, it is literally as if ‘the heavens had opened and the sky were flowering'.

The Skyflowers were founded by Brendan Rohan who worked for Equilibrium for 14 years. His knowledge of flower essences and essences in general is very deep and profound. This profoundness forms the basis of his essences. He draws Life Lessons from Mother Nature and translates the qualities of Bromeliads to human terms. The Skyflowers are symbols of self reliance, wholeness & perfection. They are a reflection of our own true and perfect nature & the fact that human beings are 'higher, ascended beings', by design.

The Skyflowers challenge our illusions about life, fear-based belief systems and negative thinking. They defuse issues caused by a self image that is out of alignment with your soul & the spirit of life. Working from within, the Skyflowers unveil your true self so you can lead a higher quality of life.

The Skyflowers Starter Kit:

  • Boxed set of 25 of the most popular Skyflower Essences
  • 40 page Skyflowers Guide Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide to the 25 remedies in the set: 2 x double sided laminated A4 charts
  • Botanical Archetypes 1 & 2 charts: 2 x double sided laminated A4 charts
The 25 Skyflowers in the Starter Kit:
(copyright 2019 Brendan Rohan - duplication/copying of this list is not permitted and has been authorised for this website only - Note: list is available in the Guide Manual that comes with the kit)
Affirmation – Derogatory, Degrading      Billbergia iridiflora
+ Affirmation of life. Self talk that is positive to your aim. Affirming your desire with appropriate physical action.
- Affirmation of the ego. Negative self talk. Affirmations that imply your soul is flawed, inadequate or injured.
Blushing Heart – Dishonest, Deceitful.      Neoregelia carolinae
+ True. Honest. Admitting the whole truth. Telling the whole story. Being up front, open & honest with others.
- Untrue. Lying to yourself. Being dishonest with others to hide the real truth. Lying or telling partial truths. Fib.
Calm – Anxiety, Worry.        Vriesea heterandra
+ Clear thinking. Level head. Unruffled. Mental discipline that limits mental activity. Watchful of over-thinking.
- Excessive mental activity. Racing thoughts. Constantly working the mind. Excessive mental strain as a norm.
Chakra Flower – Shock, Disoriented.      Canistrum triangulare
+ Present. Centered. Alignment of the subtle body after shock, trauma or injury. Habitually returning to reality.
- Disembodied. Feeling ill, nauseous or off center. Not returning 'home' after mental excursions. Wake up calls.
Chilean Blood Grass – Involuntary, Obligated.      Fascicularia bicolor
+ Voluntary. Freedom to choose. Free will. Consciously aware of your reason & motivation for taking action.
- Bleeding-of-the-soul. Compelled to act out subconscious directives. Vows or promises that demand to be lived.
Dark Green Star – Radical, Extreme.      Cryptanthus coriaceus
+ Homeostasis. Normal. Establishing a baseline. Knowing the difference between what's healthy & unhealthy.
- Extremist. Hardline view. Going to extremes to bring balance. Health practices that throw you out of balance.
Green Carpet Bromeliad – Overstimulated, Toxic.      Abromitiella brevifolia
+ Manage. Under control. Harnessing the mind. Possessing a mind that follows the contour of reality. Detoxify.
- Toxic thinking. Wild imagination. An uncontrollable mind. Toxic states of mind that flood the body with stimuli.
Green Star – Disheartened, Disappointed.      Cryptanthus 'Snow Goose'
+ Ambitious. Aiming high. Eager. Driven to achieve. Thinking big & doing exactly what you need to do to get it.
- Self sabotage. Defeated. Under achieving. 2nd best. Afraid to achieve your dreams because you fear failure.
Harmony – Problem, Conflict.      Quesnelia lateralis
+ Peaceful. Harmonious thinking. Resolving conflict. Lateral thinking to find answers. Problem solving skills.
- Conflict. At war with yourself. Thinking in terms of problems. Friction beginning within the mind. Fighting life.
Innocence – Embarrassed, Ashamed.      Quesnelia testudo
+ Fresh. Washed clean. Renewal of the spirit. Identifying with the self that remains untouched by life. Sin free.
- Emotionally scarred. Believing that injury, trauma, addiction or impure actions have permanently marked you.
Intuition – Misguided, Mistaken.      Aechmea kleinii
+ Intuitive. Guided. Inner teacher. Acting on instinct. Knowing-as-you-go. Prompted to take affirmative action.
- Ignoring your gut instincts. Wanting safe answers before you act. Always looking to other sources for guidance.
King of Bromeliads – Confused, Indecisive.      Vriesea heiroglyphica
+ Decisive. Quick thinking. Following through on your decisions. Decisive action about the direction of your life.
- Confused. Quick to change your mind. Slow to act. Decisions based on emotions. Afraid of fatal mistakes.
Passion – Guarded, Defensive.      Aechmea recurvata
+ Fearless. Passionate. Taking your foot off the brakes. Tearing down inner walls and going on the offence.
- Hurt. Sore point. Guarded feelings. Fear-based rules for living. Living behind a wall that blinds you to danger.
Pineapple – Tense, Serious.      Ananus comosus ( Stage 1 Stress )
+ Relaxed. Lighthearted. Casual approach. Holiday. Realizing that tension in any area of life affects the whole.
- Stressed. Uptight. Important. Workaholic. Lack of rest. Sustained mental tension that mirrors in the body.
Pinecone Bromeliad - Frustrated, Annoyed.      Acanthostachys strobilacea
+ Systematic. Practical. Taking the next logical step. Working out best method. Efficient systems & processes.
- Getting too far ahead of yourself. Overly focused on the desired end & not the actual process. Aggravated.
Pink Sacred Heart – Soul Searching, Yearning.      Ochagavia litoralis
+ Soul contact. Looking at life through the eyes of the soul. Living a lifestyle that is in alignment with your soul.
- Searching for meaning. On a quest to find yourself. Unsure of what your lifes purpose is. Questioning your life.
Pink Star – Tragedy, Trauma.      Cryptanthus 'Jean Nicol'
+ Joy. Enjoyment of life. Living in the present moment. Letting go of old hurts. Releasing yourself from the past.
- Past hurt. Held back by snapshots of the past. Bringing painful events back to life. Unable to experience joy.
Precious Jewel - Displeased, Discontent.      Aechmea fasciata
+ Pleased. Content. Pleased with what you have. Evicting anything from your life that clashes with happiness.
- Addiction. Compulsions fueled by feelings of discontent. Inner hunger that does not diminish. Never enough.
Queens Tears – Sadness, Grief.      Billbergia nutans
+ Relief. Respite. Crying of lost tears. Flowing with your emotions. Freely expressing feelings as they arise.
- Sad. Sorrow. Unexpressed emotions. Trying to avoid your emotions or change your feelings as they arise.
Reality – Unrealistic, Fantasy.      Neoregelia 'Takemura Grande'
+ Real. Looking at the whole picture & not just the parts you wish to see. Plans based upon actual resources.
- Unrealistic. Living above your means. Ungrounded plans based upon a mental reality. Credit, financial debts.
Sanctuary Flower – Intrusive, Violated.      Aechmea bromelifolia var. rubra
+ Private. Sanctuary. Holy ground. Understanding that the only thing inside you... is you. 'Psychic protection'.
- Invasive. Trespass. Disturbed by a belief that the world can enter your space. Fear-based psychic-protection.
Sapphire Tower - Disruptive, Interference.      Puya alpestris
+ Natural health. Allowing your emotions to restore their own balance. Health care guided by innate intelligence.
- Scatter brain. Scrambled. Disarray. Inputs that disturb the natural order. Health regimes that interrupt your life.
Self Development – Undeveloped, Immature.      Aechmea fraudulosa
+ Mature. Well-rounded. Worldly. Developing a range of life skills / personas that cater to the demands of life.
- Lop-sided self-development. Developing your strong side only. Ignoring your weak side & the issues it causes.
Spanish Moss – Lonely, Isolated.      Tillandsia useneoides
+ Trust in the process of life. Connection, interrelationship and interdependence as indestructible facts of life.
- Loneliness. Trust issues. Broken relationships. Believing the subtle link between you & others can be broken.
Yellow Flaming Sword – Startled, Stunned.      Vriesea flava
+ Attentive. Watchful. Monitor. Healthy alarm response. Exiting 'fight / flight response' when the danger is over.
- Alarmist. Hyper-sensitive. Dumb to real danger when it arises because your alarm bells constantly fire off.



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