Transcendent Mind
Rethinking the Science of Consciousness
By Imants Baruss & Julia Mossbridge

Where does consciousness come from? For most scientists and laypeople, it is axiomatic that something in the substance of the brain ' neurons, synapses and gray matter in just the right combination ' create perception, self-awareness, and intentionality. Yet despite decades of neurological research, that "something" ' the mechanism by which this process is said to occur ' has remained frustratingly elusive. This is no accident, as the authors of this book argue, given that the evidence increasingly points to a startling fact: consciousness may not, in fact, reside in the brain at all.In this wide-ranging and deeply scientific book, Imants BaruÅ¡s and Julia Mossbridge utilize findings from special relativity and quantum mechanics, modern and ancient philosophers, and paranormal psychology to build a rigorous, detailed investigation into the origins and nature of human consciousness.Along the way, they examine the scientific literature on concepts including mediumship, out-of-body and near-death experiences, telekinesis, "apparent" versus "deep time," and mind-to-mind communication, and introduce eye-opening ideas about our shared reality.The result is a revelatory tour of the "post-materialist" world ' and a roadmap for consciousness research in the twenty-first century. 



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