Wands & Crystals

This section is mainly for
'Wild Creations' wands, staffs & other crystal products.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of our crystals and wands etc have been placed in our SHOP clearance sale (December 2019) in preparation for our move out of Melbourne to the country after Christmas 2019.  At some point in 2020, unsold stock, plus new stock will appear in this category again. Please keep an eye on this section.


Clear Quartz & Chevron Amethyst Wand

Length: 60cm. Features: Length is the feature of this wand. At a whopping 60cm, it almost falls into the category of a 'staff'. As such it is the longest wand made to date and truly is an unbelievable piece with enormous power & strength. The clear.....


Clear Quartz Staff

Length: 1.36 meters. Features: Length is the feature of this staff being over 1 and one third metre high. At the top sits a natural Clear Quartz point with a Amethyst stud at its base in a Crystal Gateway. At midpoint sits a natural Black Tourmaline.....