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Equilibrium is:

  • A mail order business that has been publishing & distributing Kinesiology materials in Australia and overseas for nearly 35 years. It has the largest range of Kinesiology & related materials in the world.
  • A shop in Ormond, Melbourne for the past 25 years retailing books & charts in the natural health and personal development area, essences & oils, crystals and many other products.
  • A business that started before computers, emails and mobile phones and prides itself on the old fashioned style of service of direct contact - so feel free to call (if within Australia) or email us with any queries. Orders can also be placed this way.
  • A brief History of Equilibrium

    If visiting Melbourne please feel free to drop in to see one of the world's few Kinesiology shops at:
    Equilibrium: 523 North Rd, Ormond. 
    We are open 10am to 2pm Monday to Saturday with Fridays till 4pm
    Call or email us for directions if required. 03 9578 1229

Kinesiology & related Books, Charts, CD's and DVD's published in Australia by EQUILIBRIUM (nearly 50 titles).........

  • TFH Student Manual
  • TFH Reference Chart
  • TFH 5 Element & Acupuncture Chart
  • TFH Acupuncture Chart
  • TFH Colour For Health book
  • TFH Learning Experience CD (NLA)
  • TFH Pocket Book (NLA)
  • TFH Practical Exercises Workbook (Instructor purchase only item)
  • TFH Practical Essentials booklet
  • Eat Right Live Right mini workshop booklet
  • Perceptive Vision mini workshop booklet
  • Kinesiology for Kids mini workshop booklet
  • Healthy Pets mini workshop booklet
  • Revolutionary Way of Thinking by Charles Krebs
  • Basics of Life by Marco Rado
  • Integrative Neurocardiology by Marco Rado
  • How to Kinesiology Series Books 1 through 10 by Ranee Zeller
  • Brain Gym Teacher's Edition
  • Brain Gym 101 Manual (Instructor purchase only item)
  • Hands On Brain Gym in the Classroom
  • Hands on Ideas
  • Brain Gym Activity Chart for Children A1
  • Brain Gym Activity Chart for Children A2
  • Alphabet 8's Chart
  • Brain Gym PACE chart for Children
  • Brain Gym PACE CD
  • Vision Gym DVD set
  • Vision Gym Manual
  • Balancing the Body's Energies
  • Biokinesiology Workbook
  • Biokinetic Exercises Workbook
  • Allergies: How to Find & Conquer
  • Essences Description Manual
  • Essences For Kinesiologists
  • Kinesiologists Dictionary of Emotional States

Some of these materials (a few of the TFH materials listed first up), were published way back in 1984. However the list as a whole has made materials much more easily accesible and cheaper for Australian customers. And in some cases had allowed for distribution back to the rest of world.

Sampler of other (non website) products in our shop.