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Equilibrium is:

  • A mail order business that has been publishing & distributing Kinesiology materials in Australia and overseas for over 39 years. It has the largest range of Kinesiology & related materials in the world.
  • A business that started before computers, emails and mobile phones and prides itself on the old fashioned style of service of direct contact - so feel free to email us with any queries. Orders can also be placed this way.
  •  Click here to read:   A brief History of Equilibrium

    NOTE: Equilibrium began in 1984 and was: 
  • A shop in Ormond, Melbourne from 1993 to 2019, retailing books & charts with a wide variety of products in the Natural Health & Wellbeing field. In 2020 the business moved to the country for a tree change and became Mail Order only. Over the 26 years with the shop in Melbourne, Equilibrium became recognised as the foremost Kinesiology & Related Supplies shop in the world. It continues this reputation as a Mail Order business of 39 plus years.

Kinesiology & related Books, Charts, CD's and DVD's published in Australia by EQUILIBRIUM (nearly 50 titles).........

  • TFH Student Manual
  • TFH Reference Chart
  • TFH 5 Element & Acupuncture Chart
  • TFH Acupuncture Chart
  • TFH Colour For Health book
  • TFH Learning Experience CD (NLA)
  • TFH Pocket Book (NLA)
  • TFH Practical Exercises Workbook (Instructor purchase only item)
  • TFH Practical Essentials booklet
  • Eat Right Live Right mini workshop booklet
  • Perceptive Vision mini workshop booklet
  • Kinesiology for Kids mini workshop booklet
  • Healthy Pets mini workshop booklet
  • Meridian & Five Element Theory in Kinesiology
  • Revolutionary Way of Thinking by Charles Krebs
  • Basics of Life by Marco Rado
  • Integrative Neurocardiology by Marco Rado
  • How to Kinesiology Series Books 1 through 10 by Ranee Zeller
  • Brain Gym Teacher's Edition
  • Brain Gym 101 Manual (Instructor purchase only item)
  • Hands On Brain Gym in the Classroom
  • Hands on Ideas
  • Brain Gym Activity Chart for Children A1
  • Brain Gym Activity Chart for Children A2
  • Alphabet 8's Chart
  • Brain Gym PACE chart for Children
  • Brain Gym PACE CD
  • Vision Gym DVD set
  • Vision Gym Manual
  • Balancing the Body's Energies
  • Biokinesiology Workbook
  • Biokinetic Exercises Workbook
  • Allergies: How to Find & Conquer
  • Essences Description Manual
  • Essences For Kinesiologists
  • Kinesiologists Dictionary of Emotional States

Some of these materials (a few of the TFH materials listed first up), were published way back in 1984. However the list as a whole has made materials much more easily accesible and cheaper for Australian customers. And in some cases had allowed for distribution back to the rest of world.