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The Australian Kinesiology Directory is the world's first Kinesiology Directory having beeen established in 1989, by Equilibrium, as a printed booklet which then went on line in 2001.

There are 4 main sections which can be accessed by the links below or the buttons above.

1. What is Kinesiology?:
A general description of the kinesiology field and some of its common aspects.

2. Kinesiology Practitioners:
A listing of Registered Kinesiology Practitioners around Australia including a brief description of what they offer.

3. Kinesiology Courses:
A listing & description of various Kinesiology Modilities and their Instructors. There is also a section listing Kinesiology Colleges.

4. Kinesiology Resources:
A listing of Kinesiology organisations and contacts. Plus a 'Dictionary of Kinesiology Terms'. Of course this whole website (Equilibrium Kinesiology Supplies) is, in itself, a significant Kinesiology Resource.

Any queries on Kinesiology, please feel free to email us using the 'Contact Us' link in our main header menu

History & Development of Kinesiology in Australia (2018). Presented at the AIK Kinesiology Conference, Melbourne, February 2018.