Anatomical Charts

There are many Anatomical Wall Charts available, but we have selected only the popular ones for on line purchase (for a list of all of them check out the anatomical chart books described below............

Many customers do not have space for lots of wall charts - in this case please consider the Anatomical Chart Books. They are compilation of all the various charts into a spiral bound but smaller view - still larger than A4 size however. They can be located in the items below. AND all pages in these chart books are also available in WALL size - laminated.

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All the Anatomical WALL charts are laminated.


Systems & Structures Anatomy Chart Book

Contains 41 professional anatomical charts as listed. All charts are on thick card stock and in full colour. From the most famous anatomical charts series in the world - as used by professionals the world over......


Classic Anthology Anatomical Chart Book Set

100 LAMINATED PAGES in 2 CHART BOOKS. Spiral Bound. Heavy Duty. Professional Boxed Set. 25cm x 30cm Charts are also available in laminated wall size - popular ones on this site - others please enquire.


Anatomical Charts

Medium sized wall charts (Full Colour & Laminated - 50 x 65 cm) from the most famous anatomical chart series in the world. Over 100 different charts to choose from - click to see full list........

From $31.00

Larger Anatomical Charts

Four extremely popular & functional charts from the German Rudiger Series. They are twice the size of our usual series and are clear, concise and good for instructional purposes - Large, Laminated - 1 metre high x 60cm wide. Available in........

From $39.00