Brain Gym® Charts

The Brain Gym Charts/Posters are all laminated and generally shipped in a tube. Some of the smaller charts may be shipped with any books that are ordered.

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Brain Gym Activities Chart for Children

Beautiful, full-colour wall chart of the 26 Brain Gym activities, with photos of young people demonstrating each movement, is great for the classroom, home, and gymnasium. A1 or A2 size......Click to see options.......

From $27.00

PACE Poster for Children

Clearly shows each of the four PACE activities. It's great for classrooms, children's bedrooms, and the offices of Brain Gym Consultants, where it can serve as a cheerful reminder to get into PACE each day.......


Alphabet 8s Chart

Learners enjoy the physical (kinesthetic and tactile) experience of tracing the alphabet letters on this colourful and visually calming chart of the Alphabet 8s activity from Brain Gym. Used to help improve eye tracking and binocular vision to help.....


Vision Gym Chart

This large attractive chart shows the category groups of The Vision Gym activities, each group contained within a colourful sphere. The basis of every kind of vision is pattern sensing and vision gym is designed to help you to explore the many patterns...


Brain Gym Action Balance Wheel chart

This full colour chart is only useful to people who have completed the Brain Gym 101 course and understand the unique Brain Gym balancing process and who will the appreciate the charts comprehensive overview of the 101 balances.


Integrated Movements Poster

This full-colour laminated poster is suited for an office or classroom, as it depicts modified versions of the Integrated Movements from Edu-K that are easy for office workers or students to do during a work or study break......