Natural Health Charts

Natural Health Charts can include charts/posters on:

  • Reflexology (foot, hand, face etc)
  • Homeopathy
  • Chakras
  • Flower Essences
  • Crystals
  • Iridology

and more

All charts are laminated unless advised otherwise. Wall charts are dispatched in tubes. A4 or desk charts and other small charts may, instead, be sent with any books etc in the order.

Trigger Points FlipBook

This title is out of print and selling for $100s brand new. These copies are are new (not used/second hand) - still in shrink wrap.........This easy-to-use flip chart book has a built-in easel, heavy-duty laminated and markable pages,....


Trigger Points Fold Out Chart

DOUBLE SIDED Laminated Wall Chart or Desk Chart. Size: 28cm (wide) x 22cm on the desk and folds out to a 28 x 65 cm (high) wall chart. Clear laminated chart showing all muscles and trigger points.......


Acupuncture Wall Chart (PAPER)

Large PAPER Wall Chart from the Rudiger Series, Germany. A0 size - 1m high x 60cm wide. Comes with metal strips top & bottom and hook. A popular option as an Acupuncture chart to some of the others that we sell because it has thick coloured...


21% OFF

RRP $67.00

Acupuncture Meridians

Laminated A2 wall chart. 42 x 60 cm. Three anatomical representations (front, back & side) show the meridians in their corresponding colours according to the Chinese medical tradition.


Marma Therapy Wall Chart

Marma is the name of the points used for Ayurvedic massage. The datus and srotas of each point are given as well as its size and the method for treatment. This attractive poster is a summary of what is mostly know about marma therapy.


Meridians & Acupuncture Points

A3 folded to A4 laminated desk chart - The meridians shown from the front, the back and the side, in different colours according to their corresponding element. The points for the elements on the hands, arms, feet and legs are also indicated, as well as..


Quest Chakra Wall Chart

This beautifully coloured & impressive representation of the Chakras shows their yantra symbol and Sanskrit names. Included is an esoteric description of each chakra plus sounds and other information. Top right of chart describes the origin of the......


Lymphatic System Flow Chart

A2 Laminated Wall Chart - The representation of the lymphatic system with the most important lymph vessels and nodes as well as the direction in which drainage must be done.


Aromatic Emotional Barometer

The A4 chart of Aromatherapy Emotions of xx Oils from the Aromatic Kinesiology course and Robbi's book, 'The Blossoming Heart', also available on this site.


Trigger Point Wall Chart SET (ACC) - sale

From ACC - illustrates and labels the muscles affected by trigger points, and shows trigger point locations with primary and secondary pain sensitive zones. Also includes a legend that explains how to identify particular trigger points and their pain.....


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RRP $77.00

Chakra Wall Chart A2

The seven main Chakras, energy centres of the subtle body, are represented in the middle. To the left you will see the five lesser known chakras of the head, as well as Ida, Pingala and Sushuma, the three energy channels going through the chakras along...


Chakras, their Characteristics, Associations and Reflex Zones

(A3 folds to A4). Incredible wealth of information: On the front page, the names of the chakras, their locations in and on the body, explanations of their main significance and characteristics and their representations according to traditional Indian.....


Meridians & the Five Elements Chart

A2 Laminated Wall Chart - A colourful representation of the meridians on the human body. The meridians are shown from the front, the back and the side, in different colours according to their corresponding element. The points for the elements on the.....


Teeth and Health Chart A4

A4 chart shows the relationship between dental problems and the state of organs and body parts: on the first side the organs, nerves, glands, joints, bones corresponding to each tooth are presented in a large circular table. Text explaining the theory....


Special Points in Acupuncture

A4 Double Sided Laminated Desk Chart - Shows the Transporting points, the Window of the sky points, the Accumulation points,the Luo and the Source points, the tonification points, sedation points, points of entry, points of exit & more......


Foot Reflexology - Bones, Glands, Muscles A4

This A4 chart is a trove for the advanced foot reflexologist. It contains little known material. The reflexology of the muscles on the foot is derived from material published by Bourdiola French neurologist. The reflexology of the skull in the toes had...


Facial Reflexology A4

Facial reflexology can be used like foot, hand or ear reflexology, to ease pain and generally to heal and support healing energies. One side of this A4 chart gives the zones of the face & which areas of the body are represented in them. The other side....


Tongue Diagnosis A4

The tongue gives much information about vitality, physical condition and diseases. Its shape, colour, coating, outlines and surface tell the story of our health. The tongue does not lie. It is an objective tool for self-diagnosis and for healing and......


Acupressure for the Headache/Mind A4

One side this chart gives the acupressure points to strengthen the mind and increase intelligence. On the other side, the points and combinations of points against the different kinds of headaches and migraines are presented and the treatment......


Ear Reflexology A4

The first diagram indicates the correspondences between areas of the ear and organs and body parts. The second diagram shows acupuncture points used to influence different psychological states. A text with explanations and instructions for use is found...


Cranial Reflexology A4

A4 chart of connections between the areas of the skull have been discovered and used in numerous therapeutic traditions and disciplines such as Ayurveda from India, Shiatsu from Japan, classical osteopathy, Chinese acupuncture, etc. These connections....


Reiki Self Treatment A4

Giving oneself Reiki is simple and effective. This chart gives the main "hand laying positions" and for each the various benefits, the corresponding organs, body parts and chakras involved as well as affirmations and stones that can be used to reinforce..


Polarity in the Energetic Body A4

The concept of Polarity refers to the universal pulsation of energy - the expansion & contraction of opposing energy or poles. This A4 chart contains brief descriptions and many of the polarity-massage points inspired by R. Stone and others. It shows.....


Acupuncture Meridians A4

Three anatomical representations show the meridians in their corresponding colours according to the Chinese medical tradition. At the back of the chart, the Chinese names of all the meridians, with their translations and number as well as a summary of....


Sacred Geometry A4

Double sided, laminated A4 chart on Sacred Geometry, specifically the 5 platonic solids and the Sphere and Merkabah. Contains pictures, descriptions and affirmations, or metaphysical statements for each. Also includes same for the Golden Mean & .......


Sheened A4 Desk Charts

Colourful A4 Double sided charts - Choose from 4 in the series: Chakra Guide, Crystal Healing Guide, Aromatherapy, Foot & Hand Reflexology. Sheened $8 each. CLICK TO VIEW EACH ONE.......

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Chakra Guide (sale)

A4, Double Sided, Sheened lamination (not encapsulated lamination) . Colourful Chart showing the Chakras with descriptions. The reverse side describes philosophical background, awakening the Kundalini, Tantric Yoga plus a summary in tabular form.


25% OFF

RRP $8.00

Fold Out Charts

A4 fold out desk chart guides - each folds out to 8 x A4 pages - Colourful, Strong & Sturdy - $13 each. Available separately on 6 topics: Acid Alkaline Balancing, Chakra, Gluten Free, Nutrition, Food Additives, Allergies...Click to see details. of each

From $13.00

Auriculo Terapia

Auriculo Terapia (Ear Acupuncture). Laminated A2 poster with the ear acupuncture areas and points and their correspondences with organs and body areas in latin, english, french, german and dutch......


Reflexology A4 & A2 charts

A4 and A2 sized Laminated Foot Reflexology, Hand Reflexology and Hand & Foot (together) charts. A4 size $13, A2 size $25.........Click to see different options........

From $13.00

Aura Emotions Desk Chart

Single sided A4 Desk chart: Perfect for using in your clinic space – for Kinesiology Practitioners, Shiatsu Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Natural Therapists or anyone who works with the Aura’s energy and is interested in the emotion.....


Transpersonal Chakra Emotions Chart

A4 single sided, cello gloss laminated chart - Total 72 emotions - 12 emotions for each of the six Transpersonal Chakras – Earth Star, Causal, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, Universal, Divine Gateway. Transpersonal Chakra colour coded


Chakra Emotions A4 chart set

A4 chart set with 630 emotions – 90 emotions for each chakra - Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown plus other info such as Related Element for each Chakra, Symbol for each Chakra - colour coded......


Chakra Emotions Wall Chart

Damaged Copies - Perfect resource for using in your clinic space or anyone who LOVES Chakras and the emotions associated with them! Includes 630 emotions in total – 90 emotions for each of the 7 chakras plus the Element and symbol for each Chakra.