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Happy Child, Happy Home (sale)

This practical and inspiring book introduces 'conscious parenting' as a new way of helping any family home become more harmonious. Lou Harvey-Zahra, an experienced parenting coach and teacher, wants to help parents develop calm and happy children.


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Hold on to Your Kids

Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers - tackles one of the most disturbing trends of our time: Children today looking to their peers for direction--their values, identity, and codes of behaviour. This "peer orientation" undermines family cohesion, ..


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How to Be a Great Leader in Early Years (sale)

A go-to guide for early years professionals, this book will help you to improve your leadership skills. How to Be a Great Leader in Early Years enables you to reflect on your approach to leadership. In doing so it helps you to identify the qualities......


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How to Teach Primary Maths

..teaching of maths that are so distinct, so far out and so utterly brilliant that any primary teacher struggling to grasp the nettle of teaching long division will emerge from communing with his ideas not just with some cliched sense that 'maths can be..


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Keep Calm and Parent On

A Guilt-Free Approach to Raising Children by Asking More from Them and Doing Less - parenting children ages seven and under. Emma Jenner lives, teaches, and nannies by this philosophy: if parents are in control, they can enjoy their children more. And....


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Math for All Participant Book

for Grades 3-5. A mathematics professional development program for inclusive classrooms. This professional development program shows general and special education teachers how to collaborate to provide a high-quality, standards-based mathematics educ....


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Mathematics Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites

20 Numeracy Strategies That Engage the Brain, PreK-8. Engage students in effective, meaningful experiences in mathematics! Following the format of Marcia L. Tate’s previous bestsellers, this user-friendly guide offers math teachers 20 powerful, brain....


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Raising Happy Healthy Children

Fully updated second edition of What Babies and Children Really Need. Presents convincing research to show how a baby's relationship with its mother has a lasting, deep impact. Recent social changes - such as delayed motherhood, limited uptake of.....


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Sensory Stories (sale)

Short stories of a few lines which are brought to life through a selection of meaningful sensory experiences. They are particularly beneficial for students with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), profound and multiple learning difficulties, autism.....


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Storytime Yoga

Damaged - back cover torn, in corner only - Brings the universal wisdom of yoga philosophy using interfaith stories to teach peace and character education to children and families. This book, for teachers and parents to share with children ages 3 and....


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Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood

Gives readers a solid theoretical understanding of math concepts and standards and the guidance they need to create and implement their own lessons. Highly readable and practical enough for years of use beyond the classroom, this text.....


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Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students to Learn (sale)

Gives teachers solutions to a broad spectrum on behavioral issues, from preventative methods to intervention best practices. Accessible, step-by-step guide will be an indispensable resource for new and veteran teachers, offering easy-to-implement....


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Developing Reading Comprehension (sale)

Effective Instruction for All Students in PreK-2: Explains the essential elements of comprehension and shares a wealth of classroom-tested instructional practices. It presents developmentally informed strategies for scaffolding comprehension skills, .....


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Speak, Move, Play and Learn (sale)

with Children on the Autism Spectrum - Activities to Boost Communication Skills, Sensory Integration and Coordination Using Simple Ideas from Speech and Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy....


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Sulky, Rowdy, Rude? (sale)

Why kids really act out and what to do about it - Children can be difficult (and worse) - this is a natural part of growing up. Conflicts and arguments are nothing exceptional, but rather a part of everyday family life. For parents, though, it can be....


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Becoming a Teacher of Reading (sale)

Teaching reading is a vital part of a career in the classroom and engaging with the range of different learning styles children have is a real challenge. Trainee teachers need to learn how to address this variety of learning needs, and also meet the....


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ACT Made Simple (sale)

A clear, accessible, and jargon-free ACT primer. Based on ACT in a Nutshell, Harris' popular ten-week crash course on the ACT model, this makes the six ACT processes easy to understand and implement in therapy.....


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Mozart Effect CD's (on sale)

The Mozart Effect® is an inclusive term signifying the transformational powers of music in health, education and well–being. The Mozart Effect® represents: the use of music and the arts to improve the health of families and communities; the general use...

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Ethics for the Young Mind (sale)

Designed to assist teachers and parents in their endeavors to educate young people about behaving ethically. Messy ethics, practical applications, and teaching ethics are the main topics. The book begins with a focus on right versus wrong and moves on....


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Pedagogy of Commitment (sale)

Paulo Freire makes the explicit link between his pedagogy, politics, and philosophy. This is a unique contribution to the Freire corpus, indispensible for anyone who wants to understand the range and depth of Freire’s thinking......


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Through Zoe's Eyes (sale)

Written from the author's daughter, Zoe's, perspective and including fun and special things child and parent can do together, this book gives hope and encourages parents to involve their children during adverse circumstances which will help develop....


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A Kit Bag for Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Classroom

Disruptive classroom behaviours can prevent effective teaching and create a negative learning environment. This handy directory of behaviours has been written by teachers for teachers, and is bursting with tried and tested techniques to make the class....


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Indigo Children: Ten Years Later (sale)

Follow up to the original bestselling book introducing the phenomenon of The Indigo Children, in the late 90s, which opened up a debate amongst parents, teachers and the public at large. Despite the enormous popularity and value of the title within the...


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Set for Success

Activities for Teaching Emotional, Social and Organisational Skills. Easy-to-implement strategies will be an invaluable tool for teaching these essential life skills to children of all abilities. Each chapter provides objectives, lesson ideas, .....


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Take Control of the Noisy Class

From chaos to calm in 15 seconds. Super-effective classroom management strategies for teachers in today's toughest classrooms. Packed with powerful, fast-acting behaviour management strategies for the classroom - including a novel routine to get any.....


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How to Pass Advanced Verbal Reasoning Tests

How to Pass Advanced Verbal Reasoning Tests. Containing the largest bank of test questions on the market, provides advice, practice and exercises to help you prepare for the rigorous tests used by employers, helping you to build up speed, accuracy and....


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What Every Teacher Should Know About Student Motivation

Powerful, brain-friendly strategies for motivating, challenging, and celebrating your students! Filled with practices for motivating even the most at-risk and reluctant students. Informed by current research on the plasticity of the brain and new....


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Children's Song Book & CD (Damaged)

ONLY SLIGHTLY DAMAGED COPY (of Book): Children's Song Book & CD (PINK). Includes Songbook of Words, Music and Instructions with accompanying CD. For children 3-8 years of age.


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Outstanding Teaching:Teaching Backwards

Teaching Backwards offers a more reflective and measured approach to teaching and learning. Where many teachers focus on delivering content in a linear fashion, those who teach backwards start with the end in mind....


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Teacher as Activator of Learning

Walk into any classroom, and within a few seconds you'll have a sense of whether the atmosphere is one of stagnation and passivity or one of motivation and engagement where students are learning. What is it that separates the latter from the former?......


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Art of Being a Brilliant Classroom Assistant

Packed full of creative tips, techniques and strategies for anyone with the crucial role of supporting kids’ learning in the classroom. Like the rest of the series, you can dip in for inspiration, top tips, strategies and advice on every aspect of the....


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Dreamy Belle's Visit to Heaven

Gentle story to help parents and children who are experiencing difficulties while grieving by explaining the process of passing over in a child-related and appropriate way.....


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Soul Safari - Meditations for Life

At different stages of our lives we encounter different issues as they relate to our development. In this book, four stages of development are considered each with 5 dedicated meditations.......


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