Smart Fitness Workout/Smart Foods
CD, DVD and Instructional Manual described below.
by Ronno and Liz Jones Twomey, Canada

CD: Smart Fitness, Smart Foods

This unique CD will help children thrive in 2 important ways

1) Daily physical workouts - featuring brain-based ,guided movements - stimulate whole brain integration for easier learning.

2) Cool songs with catchy lyrics build essential nutritional  awareness,educating & motivating children to make healthy food choices.


1) Helps meet physical education mandates 

2) Offers stress management strategies

3)provides character education opportunities

Manual: Smart Fitness, Smart Foods Instructional Manual

The Instructional Manual for the above CD includes full size reproducible guided narration and movement descriptions, Song lyrics and Physical/Nutrition Games.

DVD: Smart Fitness Workout DVD

Recent Research overwhelmingly conforms the important connection between regular, quality physical activity and healthy nutrition for achieving and maintaining health and well-being.

Recommended for all children  4 to 11 years old.

The Smart Fitness, Smart Foods Manual and CD complement this DVD

The DVD has 3 sections

       1.   Movement Rationale

       2.    Movement and Music Fitness Routines

       3.   Active Nutrition Games

Fitness Routines Featured in This DVD and Their Benefits

1. Smart Fitness Smart Foods : Midline Movements-   Benefits   These sequential, developmental movement patterns ( starting with spinal movement, then homologous movement, next homolateral  movement and finally contralateral (cross-crawl) movement) support and increase the depth of integration of the body and brain. They provide for exploration of each side of the midline before crossing the midline, helping in learning to read and write.

2. Step it up : Lateral Movements- Benefits

Lateral movements help children develop a sense of their left and right sideness of their bodies. Lateral movement is a key developmental step for learning to cross the midline.

3. Invite a Vitamin to Dinner : Benefits Physical activity helps to stimulate neural network connections. Movement integrates and anchors new information into neural pathways between the left and right hemispheres of the neo-cortex, helping to stimulate the brain and keep it young.

4. I'm Not Gonna be a Couch Potato:Energetic Movement  Benefits Increase heart rate and support cardiovascular health and endurance.

5. Veggie Power : Spinning, Tumbling movements  Benefits This fun, music-and -movement based routine helps participants improve concentration, focus, coordination and balance. Movements like spinning,tumbling and rolling - movements involving the vestibular system ( i.e. sensory system of the inner ear, coordinating with our eyes ) - support our senses of balance and spatial awareness. They are of particular benefit to learning and reducing stress.

6. Mission Nutrition : Cross-Lateral movements  Benefits

Cross lateral movements activate both sides of the brain, aiding in the assimilation of new learning and remembering of details

7. Happy To Be Me :  Brain Gym Movements and Music at 60 beats per minute   Benefits

Music at 60 beats per minute helps to stimulate the limbic system and support positive emotional experiences during learning ( Don Campbell the Mozart effect - we stock the complete range of the Cd's see Mozart for Children and Adults in left hand blue column ).

Brain Gym Movements 

Arm Activation Helps with writing and fine motor control

The Elephant supports sense of balance and memory

Brain Buttons and Earth Buttons support crossing the body's midline and much more ( see the Brain Gym Teacher's Edition which contains all 26 movements )

8. It's Been A Really Good Day : Brain Gym Movements

Positive Points - helps relax the learner, reduce stress and make learning easier.

Lazy Eights - supports eye-muscle coordination, especially for tracking across the visual midline when reading.

Gravity Glider helps with concentration and comprehension.

Energy Yawn - Releases tension in the head and jaw creating a more relaxed environment for learning

All 26 Brain gym activities are in The Brain Gym Teacher's Edition Book

4. CD & Manual: 
Smart Fitness, Smart Foods CD and the manual combined & discounted

5. CD & Manual & DVD:
Smart Fitness, Smart Foods CD and the manual plus the Smart Fitness Workout DVD - all 3 combined & discounted.



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