Kinesiology Audio/Visual

This category contains any CD's and DVD's on Kinesiology techniques.

Energy Mismatch DVD

This DVD goes into great detail explaining and demonstrating the Energy Mismatch (EM) technique from ‘Health Kinesiology’ and that covered in her book. Briefly EM is where the body recognises toxins as appropriate or nutrients as inappropriate.......


Touch For Health DVD

A short introduction to the TFH system by the founder of TFH itself. Outlines many of the TFH concepts including meridians and neurolymphatics. Also contains the TFH balancing procedure including goal balancing. Suitable for students......


Dr. Sheldon Deal’s AK DVD's

Set of 5 DVD Programs & manual, specifically filmed for training in the many & varied Applied Kinesiology techniques. This is the Part 2 set only - Over 60 more AK techniques including Cloacals, Hypothalamus, Balancing Blood Chemistry,........


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Treat 20 Conditions with AK

6 DVD set with manual & folder: This DVD home study course will give you practical knowledge and skills using AK methods to assist you in effectively and efficiently eliminate...........


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Reducing Challenging Behaviours CD Rom

Reducing Challenging Behaviours in ‘At Risk’ Adolescents with Brain Gym (CD-Rom) - compilation of research from Australian Kinesiologist Gillian Stuart. It contains 7 parts (including thesis)....