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Since the pioneering days of Kinesiology in the 70's and 80's many different modalities or types of Kinesiology have sprung up all over the world. This has been particularly the case in Australia, as here, there was a significant hotbed of Kinesiology development and research in the 80's and 90's that was recognised worldwide. To read more on the history and development of Kinesiology in Australia please feel free to read this paper: H&D of Kinesiology in Oz (2018).

By the end of the 90's Kinesiology Colleges began to appear which changed the landscape of Kinesiology. Consequently this Kinesiology Course section lists different kinesiology modalities and thier instructors, and separately, the different colleges,

If you are interested learning Kinesiology and/or are very new to the field please read our 'What is Kinesiology' section and look at our 'resources' section and contact any personnel below and ask questions.

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Touch For Health

Touch for Health (TFH) is internationally recognised as fundamental training for kinesiology. Introduced in the early 1970s by John Thie D.C., TFH has been taught to millions of people and has played a significant role in pioneering the growth and development of Kinesiology worldwide.

Using muscle testing, benefits are attained by balancing acupuncture meridian energy, identifying foods that raise the body's energy, reducing stress and pain, enhancing physical performance, improving vision, sensory input and brain function, and by improving posture, co-ordination and learning difficulties.

The sixty hour course, usually taught in four easy and relaxed learning modules are offered by Registered TFH Instructors.

Caulfield South:   Sharon Tal   03 9571 6000 - 0402 117 701
Donvale:   Janine Michael   0411 196 062 - 03 9841 7475
Malvern:   Eleanor Graves - Thinking Moves,   0419 302 106
Mornington:   Margaret Howden   0414 641 999

Bowral:   Learning Enhancement Services  02 4861 7443
Crows Nest:   Wellness Empowerment & Training Institute    02 9438 3833
Nelson Bay:   Janelle Coggan   0414 533 554 - 02 4984 2180
Oran Park Drive:   Katha Jones    0438 256 738 - 02 4648 0505
St. George:   Ruth Romen   0414 581 392
Sydney CBD (Millers Point):   Kylie Bryan - The Acceleration Institute for Natural Therapists   0414792346

Albany Creek:   Janice Bann      07 3264 5370
Cairns:   Don & Sylvia Davies    0418 432 581, 0420 926 831
Fig Tree Pocket:   Anna McRobert    07 3378 2050
Keperra:    Molly Brumm    0411 969 554

Thornlie:   Dorothea Bassett   0414 946 055
Somerton Park:   Rona Spicer    08 8296 2100 - 0408 816 118
Deloraine:   Philip Rafferty    03 6362 2657
Launceston:   Anette Kortenhaus    0400 711 018

Waramanga:   Irena Hesterman 02 6288 3562 - 0421 779 884

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Kinergetics, developed by Philip Rafferty in 1991, is a creative and diverse system of Kinesiology using healing energy as its only correction. Kinergetics accesses the emotional and metaphysical causes of dis-ease, and balances the body's energies to facilitate profound, lasting change.  Some features are:-

  • Unique hydration and TMJ (jaw) corrections.
  • Locate and clear deep emotional stresses, sabotages, and beliefs, that prevent you from achieving your full potential.
  • Balance for peak sports performance.
  • Strengthen elimination organs so heavy metals are eliminated safely.
  • Lasting pain corrections. Kinergetics actively locates subconscious resistance to healing.
  • Strengthen the body to clear Candida.

Kinergetics is designed as a practical, extensive and enjoyable 6 unit course plus Master Class that spans 14 days.  Developed for both complete beginners and practitioners, Kinergetics is a valuable tool for personal development, as a career path, or further professional development. Kinergetics is taught worldwide and Instructors, Practitioners and Consultants are located throughout Australia. Enquiries:

Eastern Suburbs:  Karen Kelly - Balanced Being  0410 422 879
Mitcham: Lisa Hare   0419 549 537 

Crows Nest:   Wellness Empowerment & Training Institute    02 9438 3833
Sydney CBD (Millers Point):   Kylie Bryan - The Acceleration Institute for Natural Therapists   0414792346
Albany Creek:   Janice Bann    07 3264 5370
Sheldon:   Ranee Zeller   0419 737 396 - 07 3206 0421
Sunshine Coast: Lisa Hare   0419 549 537

Deloraine:   Philip Rafferty    03 6362 2657

Edu-K (Brain Gym)         Back to Top

Edu-K is a movement based programme which offers you a dynamic way of re-educating the mind /body system to use more of your optimum potential in your daily life. It is based on over twenty years of research by its founder Dr.Paul Dennison and his wife Gail, of Ventura, California. It is designed for anyone who wishes to be more relaxed, or create harmonious relationships at home and work and to apply more of their potential in study or sport.

The initial training to practise as an Educational Kinesiologist or to teach Brain Gym, embraces more than 160 hours of contact time and completion of over 40 hours of practical assignments. You begin by taking the Brain Gym Course and then, in no set order, Brain Organization Profiles, Edu-K In Depth, a Brain Gym review, and one of Whole Brain Reading, VisioncirclesTM or Movement Exploration before completing the Practicum. Contact one of the following registered people to begin your journey.

Berwick:   Carolyn King - Empowered Happiness   0402 145 342
Mornington:   Margaret Howden   0414 641 999 - 03 5975 4050
Malvern:   Eleanor Graves - Thinking Moves,   0419 302 106
Wyndham Vale:   Anne Speirs - Vibrant Life Natural Therapies    0412 907 776

Bowral:   Learning Enhancement Services   02 4861 7443
Cammeray:   Marguerite Wetton   02 9440 2564
Tenterfield:   Gay Landeta    0418 795 135
Wooloomooloo:   Ghislaine Bouskila   0413 267 268

Cairns:   Don & Sylvia Davies   0418 432 581, 0420 926 831
Thornlie:   Dorothea Bassett   0414 946 055
Robe:   Heather Gibbons - Body Tune Health Care  08 8768 2537,  0407 978 335

Applied Physiology (AP)         Back to Top
AP is a powerful system of stress management procedures developed by Richard Utt. One of the key features of AP is the depth and accuracy of its muscle testing procedures and its monitoring techniques which allow direct evaluation of stress in various parts of the nervous system. Other aspects include a comprehensive system of 5 element theory of Chinese acupressure and a unique system called 'The Seven Chi Keys' for balancing the 7 chakras.

Crows Nest:   Wellness Empowerment & Training Institute    02 9438 3833
Waramanga ACT:   Irena Hesterman    0421 779 884 - 02 6288 3562
Deepdene VIC:   Kathy Carmuciano   KKT Consultancy   03 9440 9488

Hyperton-x (HTX)        Back to Top

Developed by Frank Mahoney, HTX is designed to identify and release the hypertonic state of muscles. Key aspects involve sports performance, injuries, learning difficulties in reference to the release of muscles which influence thee sacrum, occiput and cerebrospinal fluid.

Cairns QLD:   Don & Sylvia Davies    0418 432 581, 0420 926 831
Cashmere QLD:   Trevor Savage    0427 134 916 - 07 3882 4446
Deloraine TAS:   Philip Rafferty    03 6362 2657

Learning Enhancement Advanced Program (LEAP)            Back to Top
The Brain Integration Programme – LEAP - is a 5 part programme to resolve Specific Learning Difficulties. Dr Charles Krebs developed LEAP based on the hierarchy of Brain Function and it has been recommended by psychologists, teachers and other health professionals as it consistently produces improvements measurable by standard psychological tests. LEAP is taught throughout Australia with Instructors based in Sydney and Melbourne.

Brighton East VIC:   Jacque Mooney    0419 336 586 - 03 9592 8039
Seaforth NSW:   Janet Taylor    02 9948 3090

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (NK)            Back to Top

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (NK) is taught all over the world and is considered a modern and advanced stream of kinesiology. Developed by Hugo Tobar over two decades ago, it integrates the ancient wisdom from China and India with complex scientific knowledge in anatomy and physiology. By locating, identifying and resolving deeply held energetic stress, it stimulates the self-healing mechanisms of the body. NK is known for its unique combination of finger mode and acupressure formattings systems, along with the holographic model of reality.

Brisbane QLD / Murwillumbah NSW: Kendall Salzman 0403 977 792
Sunshine Coast QLD: Marie Hayes 0417 621 209
Melbourne VIC:  Sally Urokohara 0434 215 948

Neural Organisation Techique (N.O.T.)          Back to Top
In 1979, Dr. Carl Ferreri D.C. from Brooklyn New York, recognised the importance of the survival systems of the body. Feeding, Flight/Fight, Reproduction, Immune System are primary to survival. Protocols were developed to correct these as well as Head Injuries, Dyslexia, Scoliosis, Endocrine and Circulation Imbalances.

Waramanga ACT:   Irena Hesterman    0421 779 884 - 02 6288 3562
Cashmere QLD:   Trevor Savage   0427 134 916 - 07 3882 4446

Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology (NLK)           Back to Top
Developed by Wendy Bennett, NLK aims to include aspects commonly used by all kinesiologists and the approach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLPTM). NLK focuses on assisting a person to become aware of the changes they require in a very measurable and specific way. Like all kinesiologies NLK uses meridian therapy, acupressure, bodywork, stress release techniques and visualisation. It is a way of improving performance in any area and is supported by a programme which can be used at home, at work or in the classroom effectively and easily. It is easy to learn and the programme is a dynamic personal development experience as well as a way of qualifying as a kinesiology practitioner or NLK trainer.

Somerton Park SA:   Rona Spicer   08 8296 2100 - 0408 816 118 
Bendigo:   Anette Kortenhaus - Kinesiology College of Victoria   0400 711 018

Rhythmic Movement Training International (RMTi)            Back to Top
RMTi is a movement based, primitive (infant or neo-natal) reflex integration programme that uses developmental movements, gentle isometric pressure and self-awareness to rebuild the foundations necessary to help overcome learning, sensory, emotional and behavioural challenges.

East Melbourne VIC:   Moira Dempsey   0423 659 754 - 03 9419 0261 
Mornington:   Margaret Howden   0414 641 999

Neuro-Training           Back to Top
Neuro-Training (NT) is a modality that has grown out of a process of integrating all the principles of other modalities and combining them with Kinesiology based techniques to create a totally new way of dealing with the challenges people meet in their lives. NT is based on a philosophical model - The Model of Universal Principles, as well as a practical working model - The Solution Oriented Neuro-Training Procedure. NT's initial purpose is to help educate through training the nervous system to be able to recuperate in the best possible way from the effects of the past. We call it our Ingenious Regeneration theme.

The courses are designed to cater for all walks of life. For the Kinesiologist and layperson, we have the systems integration workshops, 'Innate Systems', for establishing greater recuperation at a systemic level. We have the approach of training the individual to help him/herself with the 'Specific Skills' workshops. There is no prerequisite or need to learn kinesiology for these two groups of workshops.

Our Professional Training includes the Certificates/Diplomas of NT in Kinesiology.

To obtain full detailed descriptions on the Workshops, Presentations, Certificates and Diplomas, simply contact,

NT is taught in a college/certificate format. Conseqently for Instructors in this modiality please see our college section further below.

For NT listings see College Listings further below.

International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP)          Back to Top
ICPKP, founded by Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe, provides students an internationally recognised Diploma course in kinesiology. Its foundation is 10 basic kinesiology units. This is followed by 14 separate areas of integrated learning including anatomy and physiology, emotional and spiritual issues, integration and instinctual behaviours, physical aspects, nutrition and exercise, holographic perceptions, business, finance and records, essences and metaphysical issues.  The PKP balancing protocol bring all your skills to your fingertips on over 300 fingermodes.  Visit

For ICPKP listings see College Listings below.

Colleges          Back to Top

The colleges below offer Certificates Kinesiology.  Please contact them for more information.
(NT = College of Neuro-Training, ICPKP = International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice - both described above)

Camberwell:   Kinesiology Connection (ICPKP)    03 9819 6835
Lilydale:   Jenni Beasley (NT)    0416 706 004  
Narre Warren North:   Kinesiology Schools Australia (ICPKP)    03 9796 8148, 0417 012 975

Cammeray:   Geraldine Gallagher (NT)    02 9955 1362, 0419 855 085
Crows Nest:   Wellness Empowerment & Training Institute    02 9438 3833
Lismore Admin:   Jenni Beasley CEO  (NT)    0416 706 004
Mascot:   International Institute of Kinesiology Australia    0438 256 738
Moss Vale:   Nilva Van Zeyl  (NT)   02 4869 4541

Gold Coast:   Jenni Beasley (NT)    0403 567 435 
Hervey Bay:   Susan Koschel  (ICPKP)    07 4128 4331

Sunshine Coast:   Elizabeth Hughes - Aminya Natural Therapies Academy    0457 066 975

Flagstaff Hill:   Dana Hookins (NT)    08 8270 8045

Other Kinesiology Modalities & their Instructors       Back to Top

Aromatic Kinesiology:
   Ballarat (VIC):   Robbi Zeck   0404 852 627
Counselling Kinesiology:
   Buddina (QLD):   Gordon Dickson   07 5444 5466
Dynamic Kinesiology (Kinesiology Practitioner Training):
   Seaview Downs/Brighton (SA): Christine Ammann - Dynamic Kinesiology Centre    0403 815 622 

Emotions & Metaphysical Kinesiology:
   Chelsea (VIC):   Denise Robinson    0411 411 833
   Bondi Junction:  Jana Rajnoch - Conscious Synergie    0416 197 112 
Integrated Healing
  Tura Beach:   Nicola Barrett   0417 245 0726
Sabotage Clearing & Goal Enhancement:
   Mascot (NSW):   International Institute of Kinesiology Australia    0438 256 738

Spirit in Practice:
   Ballarat (VIC):   Robbi Zeck   0404 852 627
Transforming DNA Memories:
   Applecross (WA):   Sylvia Marina   0412 198 612