Desert Alchemy Essences

The Desert Alchemy® Flower Essences are derived from native plants from the deserts in Arizona, USA. There are 119 individual essences of which 30 are found in the Applied Physiology (kinesiology) Desert Alchemy® Kit, which is the main kit sought after by our customers.

​Desert Alchemy AP Essence Set

The Desert Alchemy Applied Physiology (Kinesiology) Component Kit - 30 x 10ml Stock bottles in 2 cardboard trays. Click to see contents.....


Desert Alchemy Single Bottles

Order Individual 10ml Stock Bottles from the Desert Alchemy Range. Single bottles ARE AVAILABLE but can only be ordered, or added to online orders, by phone or email......Click for prices and list..................


Alchemy of the Desert

The Complete & Comprehensive Guide to the Desert Flower essences. Describes in detail the 119 desert essences and the 47 composite formula. Includes cross reference guide. 570 pages.


Desert Alchemy Cards Set

Now updated to 119 cards - with exquisite photographs of popular desert flowers, plus instructions with different methods for using the flower cards & box for storing the cards. They can be used to select appropriate......


Attitude With Essence

Reference manual for the 7 Element Hologram course. Relates meridians to flower essences (Bach, Australian Bush and Desert Flowers) according to Applied Physiology. Complete with all descriptions and affirmations. Also includes flower essence directory...


Applied Physiology 3 Kit Essence set

The popular 3 kit of essences for the Kinesiology field, in particular for the Applied Physiology course 'Attitude With Essence'. Australian Bush Flower Kinesiology (AP) Component Kit, Desert Alchemy Kinesiology (AP) Component Kit, Bach Flower Kit.....