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Get Ready For School DVD set

Too many children experience failure at school. This Double DVD takes you right to the heart of the matter by exploring the importance of children's physical and sensory development. Children that have gaps in their gross and fine motor skills, and......


Life Coaching for Kids (sale)

Life coaching is a great way to help children and young people build self-esteem, set positive goals, and deal with difficult issues such as bullying, anxiety, and poor body image. This book sets out what life coaching is and how it works, what the......


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Big What Now Book of Learning Styles (sale)

So often we give students a key to unlock their understanding of a new concept only to discover that it was the wrong key. The question then becomes, WHAT NOW? Carol Barnier delivers a fresh and demystifying approach to learning styles......


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Art of Being a Brilliant Teacher (sale)

With their fresh perspectives, sage advice and a hint of silliness, Andy, Chris and Gary show you how to unleash your brilliance. A brilliant book for teachers. An inspiring, engaging and informative new series that shows you how to transform your.....


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The Art of Being A Brilliant Primary Teacher (sale)

Thos book isn’t riddled with lectures from old professors of centuries ago; it focuses on the here and now of teaching and is simply designed to help you be a brilliant primary school teacher whatever the weather ......


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A Kit Bag for Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Classroom (sale)

Disruptive classroom behaviours can prevent effective teaching and create a negative learning environment. This handy directory of behaviours has been written by teachers for teachers, and is bursting with tried and tested techniques to make the class....


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Becoming a Teacher of Reading (sale)

Teaching reading is a vital part of a career in the classroom and engaging with the range of different learning styles children have is a real challenge. Trainee teachers need to learn how to address this variety of learning needs, and also meet the....


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Math for All Participant Book (sale)

for Grades 3-5. A mathematics professional development program for inclusive classrooms. This professional development program shows general and special education teachers how to collaborate to provide a high-quality, standards-based mathematics educ....


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Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students to Learn (sale)

Gives teachers solutions to a broad spectrum on behavioral issues, from preventative methods to intervention best practices. Accessible, step-by-step guide will be an indispensable resource for new and veteran teachers, offering easy-to-implement....


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Teacher as Activator of Learning (sale)

Walk into any classroom, and within a few seconds you'll have a sense of whether the atmosphere is one of stagnation and passivity or one of motivation and engagement where students are learning. What is it that separates the latter from the former?......


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Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood (sale)

Gives readers a solid theoretical understanding of math concepts and standards and the guidance they need to create and implement their own lessons. Highly readable and practical enough for years of use beyond the classroom, this text.....


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