How to Kinesiology series

The How To Kinesiology (HTK) Series are manuals by Kinesiologist Ranee Zeller on various topics from Allergies to Business, for use in the Kinesiology ciinic.

All are perfect bound manuals in full colour (except one). Most are set up with tabs for quick indexing (but one needs to get the scissors out, as a once off, to make use of the tabs).

HTK Book 1: Formula

The manual that puts the series together. Covers questioning skills, steps and the ‘how to’ formula - all which Ranee uses in her clinic & workshops. Then goes through the ‘correction areas’ with a chapter on each of Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spirit...


HTK Book 2: Allergies

A terrific resource for kinesiologists and anyone working with or interested in allergies. An extremely comprehensive list of allergens right across the board from foods to fashion to household. Over 100 pages and thousands of listed items under.......


HTK Book 4: Learning Enhancement

As with Ranee’s other manuals & topics in this series, Book 4: Learning Enhancement is a check list, scan list, assessment list and procedure for all that is involved in learning. It is quite a compendium and here is a list of topics, some of which are...


HTK Book 5: Nutrition & Weight Management

complete package and includes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional scan lists as well as overviews to vitamins, minerals, heavy metals, diet types and much, much more. Also includes 12 BONUS client handouts including coeliac, dairy, ....


HTK Book 6: Abundance & Business Management

This manual is both a tool for therapists working with clients on the topic or a workbook for individuals wanting to improve their business, life skills & attitude relating to money. It goes through many situational topics such as business environment, ..


HTK Book 7: Physical Pain & Fitness

Everything in one book for the athletic to the ‘less’ active as well as the chronic fatigue client. As a therapist with the relevant scan lists in the categories of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional you can start to rebuild and......


HTK Book 8: Spiritual Development

This manual is not one on how to find enlightenment, but one that offers a faster road to clearing fears that may be holding you back. It also gives simple meanings for spiritual words, experiences and entities. A huge compendium of information from....


HTK Book 9: Meridians Made Easy

Provides one concise page for each meridian including: common disorders, picture of the meridian, muscles affected, relevant questions for related disorders, neurovascular and neurolymphatic reflex points, yin/yang, number of acupuncture points and more..


HTK Book 10: Face Reading

Face reading has multiple facets; once you can read a person’s facial features you can understand the automatic behaviours and silent messages of the soul. This book covers the most common traits and includes diagrams, explanations &......


HTK Series: Restful Sleep

This manual covers or contains: Sleep Description; What can interfere with sleep; Negative Beliefs around sleep (scan list); Extensive Sleep Disorders List with descriptions; Common Sleep; Medication List and Side Effects; and much more.....


HTK Series: Jaw Pain & Speech Difficulties

This manual covers or contains: Possible Conditions Which Affect Jaw & Speech; Metaphysics of the Jaw; Reflexology of the Face; Affirmations; Speech Anatomy; Muscles of the Face & Head; Emotional Lists; Common Sabotages and much more........