Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils Available from Equilibrium
Gumleaf Essentials  Since 1972

A 100% Australian owned company sourcing Australian ingredients, essential oils, fragrances, labels and packaging wherever possible. Their products are stringently tested and certified as 100% pure, natural and true to botanical. 

Gumleaf Essentials are one of Australia's most reputable brands of essential oils. They are manufactured in Australia, ensuring an exceptional standard of quality.

This section also includes Essential Oil Books & Storage Boxes (some of the books are found towards the very end of the list - as are the Essential Oil Blends - Sleep Soundly, Breathe Easy etc - so feel free to scroll through all 3 pages in this section).

Aromatic Emotional Barometer

The A4 chart of Aromatherapy Emotions of xx Oils from the Aromatic Kinesiology course and Robbi's book, 'The Blossoming Heart', also available on this site.


Pulse Point Rollers

20% off. Ready-to-use topical oil blend in a convenient travel size. Pulse Points are areas on the body where the blood vessels are closer to the skin, so essential oils are absorbed more easily. Available as Easy Breathe, Sleep Soundly, Stress Less and..

From $16.00

RRP $20.00

Essential Oil Storage Box - 25 slots

Wooden Box with 25 Slots: Suitable for 5/10/15ml essential oil bottle. Removable divider for larger room. Keeps your Essential Oil collection Organized. Sturdy yet light weight. Perfect for displaying your fine collection of Oils. Made of high quality....


Immunity Spray

The Immunity Spray is a cleansing blend of energising and uplifting oils that may help support a healthy immune system. Made in Australia..............



Refreshing and uplifting. A comforting oil, good for relieving fear, stress and exhaustion. Antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, stimulant and expectorant properties.


Basil Sweet

Refreshing and uplifting. Clears the head. Relieves mental fatigue and indecision. Antiviral and anti-nflammatory properties.



(Organic Essential Oil) - Uplifts, calms and refreshes. May be soothing for frustration and anxiety. A natural mosquito repellent, insect bite salve, deodorant, inhalant, and relaxing massage oil. Known for powerful antibacterial....


Black Pepper

Stimulating and strengthening. May help with intimacy and indifference.


Cedarwood Atlas

Relaxing, strengthening, fortifying and calming. May help reduce fear and stress. Can be used as an insect and moth repellent. Contains antibacterial, antiseptic and astringent properties.



Balancing, soothing and relaxing. Calms nerves, eases frustration and tension.



Energising and warming. Helps overcome fear and sadness. Features: .......



Uplifting and stimulating. Commonly used to repel insects.


Clary Sage

Balancing, euphoric and relaxing. Helps overcome fear, stress and worry.



Warming, positive and stimulating. Commonly used to prevent mould growth.



Strengthens and restores calm. Helps improve concentration and confidence.



Refreshing, cleansing and stimulating. Clears the head. Commonly used to repel insects.



Warming and grounding. Helps with boredom and motivation



Relaxing and strengthening. Ideal for meditation and calming. May help soothe fear and anxiety.



Uplifting and balances mood swings. May help deal with stress, insecurity and anxiety.



Warming and strengthening. Helps with mental fatigue and focus. Inspires initiative and determination.



Uplifting, refreshing and reviving. Helps deal with sadness, apathy and frustration.



Euphoric and soothing. Enhances confidence and optimism.


Juniper Berry

Clearing, stimulating and fortifying. May help with fatigue and anxiety. Avoid use by those with kidney disease.



French: Soothing, balancing and calming. May help with meditation and aiding in stress relief and sleeplessness.



Tasmania: Soothing, cleansing and calming. Relieves stress and irritability.



Spike: Soothing, balancing and calming. May help with meditation and aiding in stress relief and sleeplessness. Fresh, herbaceous and camphoraceous, reminiscent of lavender and rosemary combined.



Stimulating, uplifting and refreshing. Helps with concentration and lethargy.


Lemon Myrtle

Uplifting and purifying. Helps with concentration and clearing the mind.



Energising and reviving. Helps with studying and meditation. Commonly used to repel insects.



Uplifting and refreshing. Helps with alertness, fatigue and assertiveness.



Uplifting and soothing. Helps calm an overactive mind and restlessness.



Comforting and warming. May help with anxiety, grief, stress and sleeplessness.


May Chang

Uplifting and stimulating. Promotes creativity and focus.



Uplifting and calming. Encourages a positive outlook. May help deal with sorrow.



Meditative and soothing. Inspires peace and tranquility. Eases uncertainty.