Card Decks

Card Decks: Popular varieties from various themed Reading Cards to Flower Essence Decks

Aboriginal Ancestral Wisdom Oracle Cards

40 cards & guidebook. A unique method of exploring the same situation from various viewpoints - each card includes a light and dark message from the Ancestors, all the while working between 4 different environments.........


Aura Colour Cards & Reference Chart set

Deck of 48 Cards & Reference Chart (one A4 double sided chart). Testing for an aura colour and understanding its meaning is such a powerful tool during a Kinesiology session, balance or energy clearing. This set provides you with insight and depth into...


Australian Living Heart Cards

Four decks of these card sets were found in storage and the title may well be out of print. Each deck is untouched but the plastic box which houses them has become a little discoloured due to time.......


Crystal Cards

Deck of 180 Crystal Cards. Cards numbered 1-180 for ease of testing. Each card has a colour picture with the name of each crystal. Double-sided cards with beach sunset background image. Professionally printed, cut and matt laminated.......


Essential Oil Cards

89 Essential Oil Cards. Cards numbered 1-89 for ease of testing. Each card has a colour picture with the name of each essential oil. Double-sided cards with lush green fern filled background image. Professionally printed, cut and matt laminated.........


Essential Oil Cards (Aromatherapy Edition) (sale)

The 50 cards in this set are designed to give you a beautiful, fun and empowering way to learn about essential oils. Choose a card that embodies an emotion you would like to heal from or promote. On the back of each card is a list of essential oils and...


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Essential Oils Healing Deck

This beautifully illustrated 52-card deck + booklet will help you understand the benefits of a variety of essential oils and harness their healing powers. Essential oils have been used for therapeutic purposes for more than 6,000 years, and today many....


Happiness Cards for Kids

52 Cheerful Cards to Help Your Child Feel Full of Joy. This deck of beautifully illustrated cards is packed with sunny statements and uplifting words to help your child feel empowered and happy. Each of the 52 cards includes an affirmation to encourage...


Healing Affirmations for Kids with Anxiety Cards

New affirmation card deck by Nuggets of Wisdom. The box set of 45 cards holds a gentle message and colourful artwork for kids with anxiety, aged 6-13. Each deck includes a matching guidebook with suggestions on how to use the cards, and a guided.......


Healing Mantra Deck

Contains 52 channeled mantras that have been encoded with healing energy, to realign your mind, body, heart, and soul. In this deck, users will strengthen their connection to the Universe, and a remembrance of their innate wholeness and perfection.....


Jacky Newcomb's Little Angels (sale)

40 Inspirational Cards - These beautifully illustrated 'Jacky Newcomb's Little Angels' cards contain messages and guidance for children of 5 to 10 years old. Each child is depicted as little angel to emphasize the loving qualities they are all imbued.....


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Kindness Cards for Kids

Winner of a 2020 National Parenting Product Award! This colorful deck shares different ways kids can practice being kind to themselves, their families, their communities, and the earth every single day. Each card offers a simple reflection or activity....


Language Of Flowers Oracle Cards

Discover the energies of the blossoming plants from 44 of the earth's sacred areas and how you can enrich your life with their messages. The meanings and explorations of each flower are based not only on the traditional language of flowers but also the...


Mindful Living Inspiration Cards

Deepen your daily spiritual practice and meditations through the 36 card Mindful Living Inspiration Cards... intuitive messages drawn from ayurvedic wisdom and yogic philosophy. Learn how to let go of your busy life and instead apply conscious......


Mudras For Modern Living CARDS (sale)

49 inspiring cards to boost your health, enhance your yoga and deepen your meditation, with accompanying booklet. beautiful artwork on one side and a clear photograph of a mudra on the other, accompanied by its main benefit and an inspiring affirmation...


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Nature’s Healing Chi Oracle

A 44-card Deck & Guidebook - Boxed set. Awaken and activate your connection with nature and all the wisdom and messages it beholds, after all nature is always talking to you. Featuring 44 of Nature’s treasures, these stunning water coloured hand-painted..


Oracle of the Essences Cards

A 70-Card Deck and Guidebook - your guide to the healing and spiritual energy of plants and their natural qualities. Each card is a beautiful artwork representing the personality and soul of each plant, connecting you to their essences and the many......


Orb Cards

Packaged in a standard square tuckbox, this deck of 44 orb-shaped cards provides inspiration and empowerment from the mysterious spirit guides that are concealed in the orbs often found in digital photographs. Each card features a unique orb image on.....


Rocks & Minerals Flash Cards (sale)

A fun way to learn about rocks and minerals from all over the world. Each card contains snappy and accessible information, displaying each rock or mineral in dazzling detail. The front of the card will show the rock with a clue of what it is. The back....


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Sacred Symbol Cards & Reference Chart Set

Deck of 90 Cards & Reference Chart Set of 10 x A4 charts (5 double sided). Not only are these cards beautiful to use but energetically they can be used as a substitute of the actual physical symbol by placing the card on the body or in an energy circuit..


Universe Has Your Back Cards (sale)

A 52 card oracle deck inspired with powerful messages to help you open up to the power of the Universe, based on Gabrielle Bernstein’s best-selling book ‘The Universe has your Back’. Offers spiritual guidance to help you find strength when you are......


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Chakra Cards for Belief Change

A transformative card deck and guidebook for creating positive change using high-vibration chakra imagery and belief affirmations – Includes 56 full-color cards, each featuring a main chakra image or chakra-aspect image along with chakra-related beliefs..


Liquid Crystal Oracle Card Set

The Guide Book and 77 Cards form a beautiful union, written and drawn by Justin Moikeha Asar. Feel the Oneness and Wholeness in this creation a rare gift of single intent amongst the many card sets available from Artist/Author Combinations......


Wild Cards

Brain Boosting Cards - The term Wild Card refers to an unexpected, high impact event – and that’s exactly what Helena’s Wild Cards offer: unexpectedly simple activities that have a big impact on the functioning of your brain. Powerful, fun, educational..


I Am Me Affirmations Cards For Kids

An excellent pack of forty-four large cards focused around constructive thoughts that children can repeat as often as they wish to encourage positive thinking. A fun way of dealing with what’s going on in our children’s lives.....


Secret Language of Colour Cards

Features 45 stunning cards, each infused with a unique healing vibration, and an accompanying 84-page guidebook. The Secret Language of Colour Cards will assist you in adding more joy, harmony, and wellness to all areas of your life. There are various...


Chakra Reading CARDS

36 cards incorporating the seven main Chakra systems plus the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras. These two extra Chakra systems are what make this deck unique as they offer a deeper connection and expanded awareness of each situation in your life......


MUDRAS for Awakening the Five Elements

This special set of 40 vibrant cards illustrates 35 yoga mudras and 5 elements. The mudra poses for this deck were specifically chosen to awaken and activate the energy of the five elements within us: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. The 124-page....


Rainbow Dreaming Cards

These cards are designed to empower children to find their inner strength. Each set contains 50 beautifully illustrated cards, using the colours of the rainbow and calming mandalas. Each card contains a power thought, affirmation, statement or thought....


Brain Gym® Activity Cards

A set of 10cm x 15cm cards, including one for each of the 26 Brain Gym® activities, a PACE card, and 6 blank cards for photos of your child (students) doing the movements. Also includes brief descriptions of how the four......


Children’s Wellbeing Cards

The Cosmos Child Children's Wellbeing Cards have been designed with the intention of lovingly supporting children to affirm their 7 foundational needs. They bring awareness to children's needs according to the chakras. Each of the 28 cards has.....


Shell Essences Healing CARDS

94 cards with Colour photos & descriptions of all the 40 Shell Essences, 38 Infinite Energy & 16 Corals. Includes Instructions and the Shell Essence Booklet.....


Bach Flower Picture Reference Cards

Set of pictorial reference cards for the 38 Bach Flower Remedies. Each depicting a watercolour of a remedy plant. On the back is descriptive information including details of where and when Dr Bach first prepared the remedy.


Bach Flower Picture Reference Cards (sale)

Slightly Damaged set - pictorial reference cards for the 38 Bach Flower Remedies. Each depicting a watercolour of a remedy plant. On the back is descriptive information including details of where and when Dr Bach first prepared the remedy.


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Affirm a Flower

Bach Flower Cards: 39 exquisite colour photo cards with affirmations for each Bach Flower. Four affirmations for each flower appear on the back of each photo card. Includes instruction booklet. Click to see alternative picture for example......