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Verbal Questioning Skills for Kinesiologists & Dowsers

Back In Print: Explores in detail the increasingly used technique of ‘verbal questioning’ that can accompany muscle testing. A practical book for both students and Kinesiologists who would like to try out verbal questioning for themselves or......


Energy Mismatch

Back In Print: The Energy Mismatch is a Kinesiology test to determine whether or not the energy system recognises or categorises correctly, a substance such as a food, bacteria or toxin. If the body categorises something as harmful that is beneficial.....


Meridians, Modes & Formats (new edition)

NEW EDITION - This manual is a superb graphic reference for meridians, acupuncture points and finger modes. One of the most popular and heavily referenced Kinesiology texts ever. New edition has much new & updated material......


Principles of Kinesiology

What it is, how it works, and what it can do for you. A classic ‘What Is Kinesiology’ paperback from the UK, going back to the 90's. Out of print for awhile, but was revised & reprinted in 2013.


Crystal Sacred Geometry Sets

Available Again: Crystal Sacred Geometry Sets - Boxed Sets of 7 Geometric Shapes - The 5 Platonic Solids and the Merkaba and Sphere - available in Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz or Amethyst. Click for further info........

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Touch For Health - Complete Edition

New 50th Anniversary Edition - 2023: The top selling world wide manual for TFH by founder John Thie with Matthew Thie . Contains the entire International Kinesiology College (IKC) curriculum taught round the world...........


TFH 5 Element & Midday Midnight Law Chart

Laminated, 79 x 61 cm. The TFH Law of the 5 Elements with the Midday Midnight law as taught in Touch For Health. Shows a large 5 Elements picture for 5 Element balancing, the TFH Wheel, 5 Elements relationships pie chart and Acupressure Holding points ...


Universal Barometer Wall Chart

COMING SOON !: The Universal Barometer from Neuro-Training, with emotions from the different kinesiology modalities linked together on the one chart. Includes famous and in demand Behavioural Barometer structured from Three In One. New Edition.......


Australian Bush Flower Remedies Booklet

New Edition - Concise descriptions of all 69 Bush Flower Remedies with negative conditions and positive outcomes, plus illustrations. In booklet, quick reference format.


Desert Alchemy Cards Set

Now updated to 119 cards - with exquisite photographs of popular desert flowers, plus instructions with different methods for using the flower cards & box for storing the cards. They can be used to select appropriate......


Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting 2024

Paper Poster. The decades old classic poster from Thomas Zimmer. Specially for use in the Southern Hemisphere. Every year Thomas creates a new and inspiring calendar design, full of astrological information such as......