Test Kit Boxes and Empty Vials

Please Note:

LWP Test Kit storage containers/boxes:
The LWP Test Kits do not come automatically with boxes/containers for the vials. This because we have different storage options and because customers may have different storage arrangements, or boxes of their own.
Consider the box types below when ordering LWP kits if you require storage for your vials.

Empty Vials:
There are 3 types of empty vials we supply:

Glass vials with plastic lids for liquids only: 8mm x 40mm (these are the same as the LWP Test Kit vials)
Glass vials with plastic lids for liquids & solids: 10mm x 40mm (unavailable at present and future availability is not certain)
Plastic vials with plastic lids for (larger) solids only: 17 x 55mm

PLUS: You are not required to order test kits and accessories on line. You may order by phone or email, especially if you have any questions or unsure about product or supply. Please feel free to email us at: orders@kinesiologyshop.com


Test Kit Description Manual

200 plus page spiral bound manual of all LWP kits and vial contents. Latest Edition is the 16th Edition published March 2019 (new editions come out every 1-2 years). Or you can download contents for free......................


Test Kit 50 Vial Box

Compact plastic box for 50 vials that suit the vial size from our test kits........


Test Kit 100 Vial Box

Compact plastic box for 100 vials that suit the vial size from our test kits.......


Test Kit 72 Vial Box

Foam Inlay tray with cells for the vials in an outer cardboard box. Fits 72 vials laying horizontal. Fits both our glass vials for liquids and for solids. Beige cardboard outer with lid. Reinforced corners. Can see vial labels.........


Empty Vials for Solids - 50 pack

17 x 55mm PLASTIC vials with Plastic screw cap. Does not fit any of our vial boxes/containers. Also available in 10 packs......