Test Kit Boxes and Empty Vials

Please Note:

Test Kit storage containers/boxes:
The Test Kits do not come automatically with boxes/containers for the vials. This because we have different storage options and because customers may have different storage arrangements, or boxes of their own.
Consider the box types below when ordering kits if you require storage for your vials.

Empty Vials:
There are 3 types of empty vials we supply:

Glass vials with plastic lids for liquids only: 8mm x 40mm
Glass vials with plastic lids for liquids & soilds: 10mm x 40mm
Plastic vials with plastic lids for (larger) solids only: 17 x 55mm

PLUS: You are not required to order test kits and accessories on line. You may order by phone or email, especially if you have any questions or unsure about product or supply. Please feel free to call us (03 9578 1229, 10am to 2pm Mon-Fri EST) or email us at: orders@kinesiologyshop.com


Test Kit Description Manual

200 plus page spiral bound manual of all kits and vial contents. Latest Edition is the 16th Edition published March 2019 (new editions come out every 1-2 years). Or you can download contents for free......................


Test Kit 50 Vial Box

Compact plastic box for 50 vials that suit the vial size from our test kits........


Test Kit 100 Vial Box

Compact plastic box for 100 vials that suit the vial size from our test kits.......


Test Kit 72 Vial Box

Foam Inlay tray with cells for the vials in an outer cardboard box. Fits 72 vials laying horizontal. Fits both our glass vials for liquids and for solids. Beige cardboard outer with lid. Reinforced corners. Can see vial labels.........


Empty Vials for Solids - 50 pack

17 x 55mm PLASTIC vials with Plastic screw cap. Does not fit any of our vial boxes/containers. Also available in 10 packs......


Influenza Vaccination 2019/2020 - latest

Three vials containing the 2019/2020 flu vaccine strains covering the two delivery methods and the over 65's age group - an injection, which contains the inactivated form of the virus - a nasal spray of live attenuated influenza vaccine, which.......


Influenza Vaccination Vial all years update

This vial from the Vaccination Kit is updated once a year to include the most recent influenza vaccination every November/December. The current one covers: 1992 to current year, including both the injectable and the nasal versions for 2015/2016 to now...


Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections

Cutting edge research about one of the more invasive and misdiagnosed epidemics of our time. The author examines the complex synergy between different infections with detail on how they re surface after antibiotics and create cytokine cascades in the....


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Lyme Disease

Why it's Spreading, How it Makes You Sick, and What to Do About It - An expert on tick-borne diseases, Alan G. Barbour explains the course of illness that results from infection, diagnosis and treatment options, and steps that can be taken to avoid.....


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Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments (sale)

his book relies on worldwide research and presents 10 breakthrough treatments. The first 5 treatments covered are the core treatment protocols: The Antibiotic Rotation Protocol, the Marshall Protocol, the Salt/Vitamin C protocol, and Detoxification. The..


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