Learning & Development

General Books & Materials to Help Learning & Associated Development.
These tools may include topics such as:

  • Bringing current brain research & practices into the classroom and other fantastic resources for schools and the home
  • Building self esteem, managing emotions, setting positive goals etc
  • Dealing with behavioural issues
  • Communication

There are many good books in this section

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Learning To Learn

Strategies for Accelerating Learning And Boosting Performance. Best selling summary of exciting new knowledge about learning. Hundreds of brain - friendly ways to learn quickly and easily. Life changing practical solutions to learning difficulties.......


Kinesthetic Classroom

94 movement activities that can add plenty of variety, fun and direction to your movement program and "Brain Breaks". There are excellent sections on why movement is critical to improve learning outcomes and introducing and managing student's during.....


Life Coaching for Kids

Life coaching is a great way to help children and young people build self-esteem, set positive goals, and deal with difficult issues such as bullying, anxiety, and poor body image. This book sets out what life coaching is and how it works, what the......


Building Emotional Intelligence

Teaches children how to quiet their minds, calm their bodies, and manage their emotions more skillfully, with Lantieri's proven techniques for increasing self-esteem, improving concentration and awareness, and enhancing empathy and communication........


Starving The Anxiety Gremlin

Help children to understand and manage their anxiety with this engaging and imaginative workbook. Based on cognitive behavioural principles, this workbook uses fun and imaginative activities to teach children how to manage their anxiety by changing how...


Starving The Anger Gremlin

Help children to understand and manage their anger with this fun and imaginative workbook. Based on cognitive behavioural principles, this workbook uses fun and engaging activities to teach children how to manage their anger by changing how they think....


How to Detect Developmental Delay and What to do Next

A practical approach to dealing with developmental delay, equipping readers with the knowledge, understanding and tools to tackle problems successfully. By clearly explaining how children develop, drawing on the expertise of a number of specialists in....


Healthy Mindsets for Super Kids

10 session program to help boost resilience in children aged 7 to 14. Each session focuses on a key theme, each one includes discussions, exercises and creative activities. Sessions are flexible and easily adaptable for use in different settings and.....


Big What Now Book of Learning Styles

So often we give students a key to unlock their understanding of a new concept only to discover that it was the wrong key. The question then becomes, WHAT NOW? Carol Barnier delivers a fresh and demystifying approach to learning styles......


Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook for Kids

This workbook written by two child therapists, offers more than 50 activities you can do together as a family to help you and your child replace stressful and anxious feelings with feeling of optimism, confidence and joy. You'll learn proven relaxation...


Ditty Bugs CD:

It's easy. It's fast. And once you catch the "ditty bug" you'll realise how powerful rhythmical language is as an effective learning tool. Be amazed as your kids put useful things to memory! Includes 50 learning rhymes on audio CD......


Study Smarter Not Harder

This book will help you achieve your goals, whether you are aiming to pass the next exam, get into post secondary education, or upgrade your jobskills when aiming at different or higher career goals......


Skills Training for Struggling Kids

Compassionate guide is packed with tried-and-true, thoroughly researched ways to help kids follow rules, get along better with family members and peers, express their feelings productively, and succeed in the classroom. Loads of worksheets, troubleshoot..


Unicorns Are Real

Presents a series of simple, imaginative, and proven exercises to help right-brained children develop needed academic skills. A mega-best seller providing 65 practical, easy-to-follow lessons to develop the much-ignored right-brain tendencies of children.


Mind Maps for Kids

Explains this amazing system using step by step examples in every subject across the curriculum. Toni shows just how easy mind mapping is to do and how it can help kids to: * remember things * make clearer and better notes * revise * come up with.......


Brain Box

The Brain Box is a indispensable guide not only to powering through the stress, hard work and brain-ache of school or college, but also to establishing good learning habits and self-motivation which will be invaluable throughout the next stage of.....


Well Balanced Child

In this book Sally covers: Why movement matters; How music helps brain development; The role of nutrition, the brain and child growth; Practical tips for parents and educators to help children with learning and behavioural problems and more......


What Babies and Children Really Need

Sets out to explain what children need from adults and the society that surrounds them, in order to grow into healthy, well adjusted and happy individuals. Explored are factors in pregnancy, birth, early feeding practices and physical foundations for.....


Genius Of Natural Childhood

Draws on neuroscience to unpack the wisdom of nursery rhymes, playing traditional games and fairy stories for healthy child development. Explains why movement matters and how games develop children's skills at different stages of development.....


Love Bombing

New method for resetting the emotional thermostats of troubled children and their parents, setting them on a much happier trajectory. It is simple to do, easily explained and works for both severe and mild problems from aged three to early teenage.......


101 Relaxation Games for Children

The games in this book help teachers, parents, and others who work with children maintain or restore order, refocus children's attention, and break up the classroom routine. Most of the games are quite short and can be used between academic activities....


100 Learning Games for Special Needs

Targeting key skills including listening, self-awareness, movement, creative thinking and relaxation, each game has been developed with the capabilities of children with special needs in mind. The appropriate age group is clearly identified, and......


Happy Kids Happy You Using NLP

Every child, every family situation is different and parenting is a journey of constant change. There are no "right answers", only what works for you and your family. This book will give you a toolkit of practical NLP methods flexible enough to cover....


Garden in My Mind

Using a garden metaphor, Stephie McCumbee explains how to ignore distractions, take responsibility for your behaviours and make better choices. This richly illustrated picture book offers valuable life lessons to young readers so they.....


Garden in My Mind - Activity Guide

Classroom ideas for teaching the skills of ignoring distractions from others and making positive choices. Includes CD with ready to print classroom handouts......


Smart Brain Train

This book is divided into 2 parts, the first section for the children and the second section for adults. It is written in clear concise language (52 pages) and will help you and your child discover........


What If Everybody Understood Child Development?:

With over 35 years in the field of education, Rae Pica realised that what’s missing from our approach to schooling is an understanding of the connection between how children develop and how they learn. .......


Outstanding Teaching:Teaching Backwards

Teaching Backwards offers a more reflective and measured approach to teaching and learning. Where many teachers focus on delivering content in a linear fashion, those who teach backwards start with the end in mind....


Teacher as Activator of Learning

Walk into any classroom, and within a few seconds you'll have a sense of whether the atmosphere is one of stagnation and passivity or one of motivation and engagement where students are learning. What is it that separates the latter from the former?......


Art of Being a Brilliant Teacher

With their fresh perspectives, sage advice and a hint of silliness, Andy, Chris and Gary show you how to unleash your brilliance. A brilliant book for teachers. An inspiring, engaging and informative new series that shows you how to transform your.....


The Art of Being A Brilliant Primary Teacher

Thos book isn’t riddled with lectures from old professors of centuries ago; it focuses on the here and now of teaching and is simply designed to help you be a brilliant primary school teacher whatever the weather ......


Art of Being a Brilliant Classroom Assistant

Packed full of creative tips, techniques and strategies for anyone with the crucial role of supporting kids’ learning in the classroom. Like the rest of the series, you can dip in for inspiration, top tips, strategies and advice on every aspect of the....


How to Teach Primary Maths

..teaching of maths that are so distinct, so far out and so utterly brilliant that any primary teacher struggling to grasp the nettle of teaching long division will emerge from communing with his ideas not just with some cliched sense that 'maths can be..


Start Smart

Packed with simple, straightforward ways to ensure healthy brain development in young children. Did you know that emotions boost our memory? Or that small muscle exercises help the brain develop? Our early experiences contribute a great deal to the......


Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood

Gives readers a solid theoretical understanding of math concepts and standards and the guidance they need to create and implement their own lessons. Highly readable and practical enough for years of use beyond the classroom, this text.....