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New Kinesiology Materials are added from time to time along with related books and tools that may be of interest to practitioners, students and the public.

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Astrological Calendar & Moon Planting 2024

Paper Poster. The decades old classic poster from Thomas Zimmer. Specially for use in the Southern Hemisphere. Every year Thomas creates a new and inspiring calendar design, full of astrological information such as......


Calophyllum Essence

The latest Australian Bush Flower Essence to be added to the range (May 2023): Calophyllum helps one to develop and activate one's leadership qualities. They are very enthusiastic, have a strong connection to Spirit, which gives them their certainty......


Definitive Guide to Acupuncture Points

The Theory and Practice - A complete reference atlas of acupuncture and acupressure points. Illustrates how to best locate and treat nearly 400 acupoints throughout the body. Full-color throughout and abundantly illustrated, this fourth edition is.....


Insights for Integrated Healing

Your Compilation of Affirmations, Scan Lists and Quotes to Act as Insights Assisting the Healing Process for the Body/Mind/Spirit. Beautifully and heartfully designed manual to assist with attaining insights for practitioners to help clients in.....


Remedy Affirmation Cards

from Australian Bush Flower Essences: exclusive boxed collection of 29 inspiring affirmation cards each with photo of a key Bush Essence in each of our Combination for more info.......


Save Your Brain

The urgent case for protecting your brain beforeold age, as well as proven strategies for how to do it, from the bestselling author of The M Word...........


Toxic Shame Scan Chart

Laminated, Double Sided A4 chart which covers: Definitions of Shame and Toxic Shame; The Shame Spectrum and Paradigms of Shame; Dynamics and Syndromes of Shame. It makes a great addition to the kinesiology, or other, tool kit to explore any deeply.....


Turn on the Power

How to Use Applied Kinesiology to Improve Athletic Performance - a compendium of AK information specialised towards athletic performance......


Acu Kinesiology

Acu Kinesiology integrates the Chakra System and the Musculo-tendeno Meridians System into the healing equation, which accounts for the exceptional speed and longevity of recovery. Acu Kinesiology effectively releases the contraction caused by energetic..


KTK Crystals Testing Kit

50 vials boxed - Crystals have certain frequencies at which they vibrate. These frequencies help balance the environment, and physical and mental/emotional ailments. This testing kit is a........


KTK Energies & Vibrations Testing Kit

47 vials boxed - This Kinesiology Test Kit contains chakras, colours, 5 elements, meridians and notes (sounds). The kit is a homeopathic test kit designed to..........


KTK Vaccination Testing Kit

60 vials (updated throughout 2023) - includes the most common vaccinations - including many of the COVID 19 vaccines and subvariant vaccines, as well as the updated annual influenza vaccines. Click to view full contents...........


Light Therapies

A Complete Guide to the Healing Power of Light. Shares scientific research on how different wavelengths of light influence our cells, brain function, sleep patterns, and emotional stability. Examines several forms of light therapy, including chromo......


LWP Fertility (IVF) Drugs Test Kit

14 vials (UNBOXED): The energy pattern of drugs used to help women to conceive a child...... Click to view details......


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RRP $84.00

Meridian Metaphors

Ever wonder how Meridian-organ dysfunctions and mental-emotional dysfunction create and cause each other? This manual condenses and better organizes the brilliant insights of William F. Whisenant's monumental Psychological Kinesiology (1994) adding.......


Nutrition for the Brain

BACK IN PRINT by demand. Written by Charles Krebs Ph.D. - Feeding Your Brain for Optimum Performance. Offers a specific, comprehensive prescription to natural nutrition that we all would benefit from, and which would have a significant impact not only....


Psychosomatics of Children

Your ancestry is talking are you listening? The 3rd book in the Metaphysical Anatomy Series. step-by-step guide for identifying psychosomatic patterns relating to several hundred medical conditions. These conditions are activated by childhood trauma, ....


Vagus Nerve Secrets (sale)

How to Activate Your Vagus Nerve and How Access Your Body's Self- Healing Power. Exercises to Activate Your Nervous System Stimulation, Overcoming Anxiety, Depression and Trauma. Our bodies are amazing. You don't even need to think in order to breathe....


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Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve

Self-Help Exercises for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Autism. Practical guide to understanding the cranial nerves as the key to our psychological and physical wellbeing. Drawing from the polyvagal theory of Steven Porges--one of the biggest new.......


Affirmation Book 5

New 2021: Sabotage Affirmations - 5500 affirmations looking at sabotages that hold you back. This manual follows the presentation of the first 4 Affirmation Books, and is also grouped into themes, page by page, with related sub affirmations to.......


Affirmation Book 6

New late 2021: Fear Affirmations - 5500 affirmations looking at sabotages that hold you back. This manual follows the presentation of the first 5 Affirmation Books, and is also grouped into themes, page by page, with related sub affirmations to.......


Boost Remedy Essence

New Combination Remedy Essence from Australian Bush Flower Essences. This essence has been specifically formulated to support and boost you through these changing and challenging times in dealing with the global pandemic crisis.......


Carer's Remedy Essence

New Combination Remedy Essence from Australian Bush Flower Essences for this period of COVID 19 -Supports the caregiver to feel their inner strength and their resilience when they are feeling overwhelmed, worn out, or burdened by the responsibility of....


Chakra Cards for Belief Change

A transformative card deck and guidebook for creating positive change using high-vibration chakra imagery and belief affirmations – Includes 56 full-color cards, each featuring a main chakra image or chakra-aspect image along with chakra-related beliefs..


Chakra Emotions A4 chart set

A4 chart set with 630 emotions – 90 emotions for each chakra - Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown plus other info such as Related Element for each Chakra, Symbol for each Chakra - colour coded......


Chakras & Meridians

Reveals the energetic connection between the body's chakras, or energy centers and the body's meridians, or energy pathways. Adapted from the 1993 book, Holistic Health Through Macrobiotics, Chakra & Meridians is a breakthrough in our understanding of...


Colour Therapy Reference Chart & Cards Set

A4 set of laminated desk charts (2 charts totally four sides) & 17 Colour Cards. Includes 17 different colours, over 900+ Negative and Positive emotions and over 250+ Physical Attributes which saves you so much time in scanning through reference books...


Dowser's Handbook: Pendulums, Muscle Testing & AK

Primarily intended for dowsers, this handbook will serve as a reference and will allow you the opportunity to practice changing outcomes. It can help build a foundation upon which you can develop even greater skill sets than mere dowsing. NOTE: This is...


Essential Kinesiology Techniques

A brand new professional manual for Kinesiologists that includes many finger modes and both popular and fundamental techniques. Covers over 80 tests & corrections across the main application categories. Sections are coloured coded so you can.......


Karmic Flower Essences

The Karmic Essences make an invaluable resource for working with a range of issues both over the long term or when you need a bit of help in the moment. Each set contains the seven Karmic Essences and three Trinity bridging essences and come in an......


Map of Consciousness Explained

The Map of Consciousness Explained is an essential primer on the late Dr. David R. Hawkins's teachings on human consciousness and their associated energy fields. Using muscle testing, Dr. Hawkins conducted more than 250,000 calibrations during 20 years...


Mastering the Sway Test

The sway test is the easiest to learn the first step to get you started with Muscle Testing. (Please read notes on this title - click to view........)


Men's Remedy Essence

New Combination Remedy Essence from Australian Bush Flower Essences - For men always on the go, off and rushing which can lead to impatience and irritability. Releases deep-held grief and sadness. Finding and expressing one’s feelings.......


Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences

Ten Essences: five of the Essences are made from the Platonic Solid shapes, three from sacred geometric shapes - Sphere, Star Tetrahedron and Flower of Life, and two combination essences - Metatron’s Blend and Inner Light.