190 Weight Loss Hacks:
How to lose weight naturally and permanently without stress.
by Jane Thurnell-Read
(who brought us Verbal Questionings Skills for Kinesiologists, Energy Mismatch and many others of the years.....)

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, without dieting or depriving yourself, keep reading …

This book is based on what the scientific research says. It turns out there is a lot of research on what works, whether you are trying to lose weight, reduce your obsession with food and weight, or maintain the weight you have lost.

It’s not about dieting. It is about making small changes to your life so you can lose weight without feeling you’re on a diet or making you stressed. Follow these tips and you will make progress – it won’t be spectacular, but it will be consistent.

In 190 Weight Loss Hacks you will discover:
How to succeed when you’ve always failed before.
How to stop stress eating (emotional eating).
How to eat more healthily without feeling deprived.
How to stop your partner/parent/friend/colleague sabotaging your weight loss.
How to stop your negative self-talk that tells you that you’re bound to fail.
If exercise can help you lose weight.
The research into the effectiveness low carb/keto diets.
Simple ways to avoid holiday weight gain.
How you can keep the weight off once you’ve lost it.
And much more …

The information in this book is backed up by 370 references – most are to research articles in journals, university departments and major health charities. You can trust that it works and will help you.

But the research is explained in a clear way. You can easily dip in and out of the book without getting bogged down. Every time you will come away with actionable tips.

Maybe you’re obsessed with food, dieting and calorie counting and aren’t sure you need another weight loss book. 190 Weight Loss Hacks will help you reduce your obsession and calm your obsessive thoughts.

Do you feel you don’t have enough self-discipline to lose weight? Scientific research shows that at its heart losing weight is not about self-discipline. It’s about knowing the exact strategies you can add to your life that will naturally mean you eat more healthily.

Have you tried keto diets, low carb, calorie counting, clean eating and found they didn’t work? Learn some simple strategies you can apply instantly that will give you hope and the motivation to have a healthy relationship with food and your body.

190 Weight Loss Hacks offers 190 tips and strategies. There are bound to be some that will be easy and effective for you.



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