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Energy Mismatch 
For Kinesiologists, Dowsers and EAV Practitioners
by Jane Thurnell Read.

Testing the body’s ability to recognise substances appropriately

The Energy Mismatch is a test to determine whether or not the energy system recognises or categorises correctly, a substance such as a food, bacteria or toxin.

If the body categorises something as harmful that is beneficial, it will do its best to enhance absorption of the substance. If it categorises something beneficial as harmful, it will do its best to block entry or excrete the substance quickly. If the body is unable to categorise either way, it will not know what to do.

This book covers in detail this relatively simple testing procedure from the Health Kinesiology modality. It shows one how to do the Energy mismatch test using the Energy Mismatch point and to correct for any Energy mismatch problems.

Other Chapters include: 
*Using actual substances versus test kits.
*Foods, Food Phenolics & Food Additives
*Inhalants & Contact Substances * Dental Material 
*Tolerance * Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Parasites etc.
*Amino Acids, Vitamins, Supplements, Minerals: Toxic & beneficial *Vaccinations, Drugs *Hormones & Enzymes etc. *Essences & Homoeopathics.

Jane Thurnell-Read used to teach this material in a highly successful one-day workshop, but decided to publish the information in book form for everyone who wants to learn this simple but powerful procedure.

You need to be able to use kinesiology (also called muscle testing and muscle monitoring) or dowsing with a pendulum or an EAV machine. This book does not teach you these skills.

This book will also teach you
*** a quick and simple way of detecting and correcting allergies
*** how to identify and correct some forms of enzyme and hormonal imbalances
*** the implications for health of an inability to recognise a virus or a bacteria
*** some implications of heavy metal toxicity, and how to help the body detoxify these
*** and so much more



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