Introductory Kinesiology Books

Introductory Kinesiology Books

These books come under the following categories:

  • What is Kinesiology style books
  • Books that teach and describe some basic fundamentals in Kinesiology
  • Book that cover some basic techniques in Kinesiology


A fantastic ‘What is Kinesiology’ type book that is both detailed and broad across the Kinesiology field. Learn about the history of kinesiology and the different systems that have evolved: Touch for Health, Applied Physiology, Health Kinesiology, .......


Principles of Kinesiology

What it is, how it works, and what it can do for you. A classic ‘What Is Kinesiology’ paperback from the UK, going back to the 90's. Out of print for awhile, but was revised & reprinted in 2013.


Your Body Doesn't Lie

An old classic from the 80's which is an introduction to the benefits of Muscle Testing or Kinesiology. Explores muscle testing your thymus gland, life energy, cerebral balance, emotions, music, food, posture and environment. From one of the pioneers of..


Life Energy

Dr. Diamond's long time popular book relating the Acupuncture Meridians to Emotions. Achieve maximum Life Energy by balancing meridians and their emotions. Reduce negative emotional states (hatred, anger, jealousy etc.) and increase positive emotions.....


Success Over Distress

A practical workbook on Stress Release that is well illustrated and both easy to read and follow. Very suitable for the layperson and beginners in Kinesiology.



2015 colour edition - A4 Stapled Bound manual. The manual from the RESET course by Philip Rafferty. Shows all TMJ corrections positions & sequences with excellent photographs and diagrams......


No More Jet Lag Decoder

Eliminate Jet Lag with Acupressure. This classic little pocket decoder from Kinesiology Researcher and Developer, Charles Krebs has been used by thousands the world over to assist with Jet Lag issues. Take it with you when travelling overseas and.....

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Healing In a Maximum Security Prison

This book was published as a result of how the atmosphere in a prison in South Africa was revolutionised by kinesiology, even to the extent where inmates themselves turned their energies to teaching the program outlined in the book to fellow prisoners....


Energy Medicine

Classic hands-on energy medicine book, from one of the pioneers in the field, Donna Eden. An enormously practical guide that sings with compassion, integrity and wisdom. Features extensive updates and revisions from her work with 1000’s of clients......


Energy Medicine for Women

Donna Eden (Energy Therapist and Kinesiologist, and author of the popular Energy Medicine), has presented all her basic energy based therapies specifically for female health, vitality & balance. Practical and clearly presented....


Your Body Has the Answer

A self help guide to Kinesiology that allows one to explore the cause of one’s ailment and discover the best treatment for it........


Your Child’s Body has the Answer

This is a follow up book to Elizabeth’s ‘Your Body Has the Answer’, and is also a self-help guide to using kinesiology for exploring the cause of ailments and discovering the best natural treatment for them........


Creative Nutrition

An approach to balancing the energies of the body through food, emotions & meridians. This sought after manual for the kinesiology course ‘Creative Nutrition’ is now back in print, expanded and updated...........



Kinangiology (KA) combines the practice of kinesiology to communicate and co-work with angels to clear emotional blocks, program positive affirmations and eliminate phobias..........


Touch For Health - Complete Edition

The top selling world wide manual for TFH by founder John Thie (fully revised an updated version with son, Matthew Thie). Contains the entire International Kinesiology College (IKC) curriculum taught round the world...........


Meridian & Five Element Theory in Kinesiology

The most comprehensive information available on the theory of meridians and five elements as they relate to Kinesiology. Written for students to help fill in the gaps on theory in the TFH classes.......