Kinesiology Manuals & Books

This very large section includes various manuals for classes plus books & manuals on specific topics, or manuals as practical tools.
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Essential Kinesiology Techniques

A brand new professional manual for Kinesiologists that includes many finger modes and both popular and fundamental techniques. Covers over 80 tests & corrections across the main application categories. Sections are coloured coded so you can.......


Journey to Healing

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is the science of healing the total person and supporting his or her true health through the study of movement and integral muscle function. Patients often visit an AK specialist after they have run the gamut of traditional.......


Mastering the Sway Test

The sway test is the easiest to learn the first step to get you started with Muscle Testing.


Seven Element Figure 8's

from Applied Physiology. Recently released for public sale this is a brief on the Applied Physiology course "Seven Element Figure 8's". The first 10 pages are all diagrams of the Figure 8's Hologram, Acupuncture Flow chart and Acupressure charts for......


Energetic Kinesiology

The most comprehensive text ever written on the what makes up 'Kinesiology'. Fully referenced textbook describing the field and explaining the techniques upon which it is built. It covers the underlying principles, the methods and scientific support....


A Revolutionary Way of Thinking

A fascinating account of how Charles Krebs' near fatal accident led to the development of a very successful Kinesiology based approach to reintegrating brain function. Covers in detail the history and development of Kinesiology as well as the most.......


Basics of Life

The Living Matrix & the 8 Extra Meridians. The manual for the Basics of Life course by Italian Kinesiologist Marco Rado who presented at the AKA Kinesiology Conference in 2017......


Integrative Neurocardiology

The manual for the course of the same name. The INC Manual introduces the Third Brain - the Cardiac or Heart Brain (the second brain being the gut). Marco Rado (Kinesiologist from Italy) presented this course in Australia for the first time in 2017......


Balancing the Body's Energies

The text for the course 8 - Extra Meridians. Includes muscle tests for the extra meridians, corrections points, emotions, nutrition and exercises. With illustartions and photographs.


Biokinetic Exercises

This is a manual of the Biokinetic Exercises (from Biokinesiology) for 102 different muscles & ligaments. It has been out of print for several years and is finally available again as a new & updated for more.......


Biokinesiology Workbook

The manual for Wayne Topping's Biokinesiology Workshop. The most comprehensive information available on the system and the use of Biokinesiology. NOTE: Because this uses the Biokinesiology System it is not automatically usable by anyone. But it is.......


Allergies: How to Find & Conquer

100 specific allergies and their Emotional - Nutritional - Structural associations. Using the Biokinesiology system. Because this manual uses the Biokinesiology System it is not automatically usable by anyone. But it is possible to extrapolate the.......


Your Body Has the Answer

A self help guide to Kinesiology that allows one to explore the cause of one’s ailment and discover the best treatment for it........


Your Child’s Body has the Answer

This is a follow up book to Elizabeth’s ‘Your Body Has the Answer’, and is also a self-help guide to using kinesiology for exploring the cause of ailments and discovering the best natural treatment for them........


Creative Nutrition

An approach to balancing the energies of the body through food, emotions & meridians. This sought after manual for the kinesiology course ‘Creative Nutrition’ is now back in print, expanded and updated...........


Your Body Can Talk

The Art & Application of Clinical Kinesiology, founded by Alan Beardall, a highly respected pioneer in the Kinesiology field, most famous for his development of the 'finger modes'. This book covers a wealth of information on CK and kinesiology in......


Affirmation Book 1:

The original 5500 Affirmation Book. This bestselling manual for Kinesiologists and health & wellbeing therapists contains affirmations grouped according to many common issues or themes such as: Supressions, Fear, Forgiveness, Money, Addictions, Trusting..


Affirmation Book 2:

Physical Affirmations - After the huge success of the Affirmation Book 1, Book 2 also contains 5500 metaphysical affirmations but grouped according to physical parts, or functions, of the body. There are 140 topics with......


Affirmation Book 3:

Programme Affirmations - Contains over 5500 affirmations looking at programmes that hold you back. This manual follows the presentation of the first 2 Affirmation Books, and is also grouped into themes page by page with related sub affirmations to.....


Affirmation Book 4:

NEW 2020: Emotion Affirmations - Contains over 5500 affirmations looking at emotions that hold you back. This manual follows the presentation of the first 3 Affirmation Books, and is also grouped into themes page by page with related sub affirmations to..


Scan Charts Book

Book of scan charts for kinesiologists covering many aspects of life. 20,000 entries over 52 scan charts compiled in an easy to access A4 spiral bound manual. Each chart is 1 page and includes topics such as........


Kinergetics Formats & Dictionary

The manual of formats from kinergetics. Also includes 'Chart of the Glands'. PLUS includes the Kinergetics Dictionary with over 400 'emotion' words and their meanings for use in kinesiology emotion work. In total over 1000 references to 'emotion' words...


Kinesiologist’s Dictionary of Emotional States

Often when working with clients, a practitioner needs to find a precise word to help their client to construct the right goal or gain greater understanding of their issue. This dictionary has been compile to help Kinesiologists find that right word and...


2015 AKA Kinesiology Conference Journal

The journal of papers/presentations from the 32nd National Conference of the Australian Kinesiology Association, Brisbane, October 2015. See list.....



Kinangiology (KA) combines the practice of kinesiology to communicate and co-work with angels to clear emotional blocks, program positive affirmations and eliminate phobias..........


Advanced Kinesiology

A collection of over 20 years of advanced techniques and ideas in the field of natural healing using kinesiology. Sheldon Deal is a pioneer in the field of Kinesiology and one of the original group who set up the International College of Applied......


Manual of Structural Kinesiology

Structural Kinesiology is the study of muscles as they are involved in the science of movement. This manual would be of interest to kinesiologists and those studying anatomy & physiology where a more detailed analysis of the muscular/skeletal system is...


Applied Kinesiology Synopsis

The bible of Applied Kinesiology (AK). Chapters include: * 8 General Examination & Treatment Procedures * Spinal Column * Nutrition * Neurologic Disorganisation * Meridian Therapy * Muscles: Testing & Function (many tests) & more.......


Applied Kinesiology

A Training Manual & Reference Book of Basic Principles & Practices........


Muscles: Testing & Function

The classic of manual conventional muscle testing. Contains professional photographs and diagrams of muscles and testing positions of over 90 muscles plus details on facial & eye muscles. Also contains chapters on cranial and spinal nerves, posture, .....


Holographic Muscle Monitoring

An important book about the physiology of muscle testing and holographic principles from Applied Physiology. Includes diagrams (some in colour) & extensive explanations, chapter by chapter, on: The Physiology of Muscle Testing, Muscle Monitoring and.....


Kinesiology : Principles in Practice

This manual is a huge compendium of information for the practising kinesiologist and especially for the future practising kinesiologist. It is a text that the kinesiology field worldwide has been waiting for......