Brain Gym® Books

lf you are new to Brain Gym® we recommend the following :

  • Brain Gym® Teacher's Edition - covers all the 26 Brain Gym® movements in detail. Showing you how to do them, what part of the brain they activate and the best ones for various academic skills. Although labelled Teacher's Editions, it is for anyone and is often referred to as the 'bible' of Brain Gym®.
  • Hands On - extends Brain Gym® into the classroom with lots of extra ideas, and is great accompanient to the Teacher's Edition
  • Brain Gym Music CD's -  See the Brain Gym music & movement section
  • Brain Gym and Me - tells how Dr. Dennison overcame severe learning challenges to become an internationally known educator. He shares his vision and ideas of how children and adults can overcome their learning problems.
  • Smart Moves - an in depth understanding of why Brain Gym works plus lots of useful tips.
  • Early Childhood Reflexes -  Non Inhibition of early childhood reflexes  can create learning and behavioural problems. See our books on early childhood reflexes, such as: the bible of infant reflexes: Reflexes Learning & Behaviour and 'Rappin' on the Reflexes'  which provides music (CD) and movement to help your child correct these reflexes by incorporating them into their higher neurological functioning. Type in 'reflexes' into the Search field (top left)
  • Educate Your Brain - A great text for connecting and tying up the information into a workbook style format. One can read chapter by chapter to gather both the theory and practice of Brain Gym material.

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Brain Gym Teacher's Edition

The world's most popular Brain Gym book. It covers in detail all 26 Brain Gym movements in great detail, including instructions on how to complete each movement, what it activates the brain for, targeted academic skills & much more......


Brain Gym Orange

This Brain Gym book is designed for quick & easy reference. It does not have the detail of the Brain Gym Teacher's Edition manual, but offers all the same Brain Gym movements in a simple straight forward, smaller edition format..........


Move with Balance

Very well produced and presented manual of Brain Gym and other exercises for older adults. It contains passionate, playful movements and rich sensory experiences that grow new nerve cells, increase flexibility, alertness & balance. An award winning.......


Hands On:

A Practical Photo & Instructional Manual for Educators, Parents and Learners. Visual, step by step ideas on how to use the Brain Gym movements to develop the skills of handwriting, reading, spelling, maths & also for readiness for learning.........


Hands On:

100 page collection of songs, rhymes, chants and stories using Brain Gym movements. For ages 3 - 9 years and for kids with special needs.......


Brain Gym for Business

Brain Gym set in the adult world of Business and Work. The adult work environment offers many challenges, eg. Staying switched on in front of the computer; Projecting confidence; Organising paper work; Seeing other points of view etc......


Educate Your Brain

Kathy Brown has brought together the simplified basics of the Brain Gym program in workbook style that takes everything step by step with practical elements as well as explanations. A great intro of Brain Gym for newcomers ready to use the material....


Beyond the Sea Squirt

A Journey with Reflexes: It is movement that grows the brain that lays the foundation to understand the world. It is movement that develops the neurology that allows us to be creative, think, solve problems, control impulses and connect to others.......


Brain Gym® Activity Cards

A set of 10cm x 15cm cards, including one for each of the 26 Brain Gym® activities, a PACE card, and 6 blank cards for photos of your child (students) doing the movements. Also includes brief descriptions of how the four......


Learning Gym

An introduction to the exciting Brain Gym program in a more colourful, visual, pictorial sense........


Brain Gym and Me

In this inspiring autobiography, Paul Dennison tells how he overcame his own learning challenges to become an internationally known educator and authority on cognitive skills and reading achievement, and how he and his wife, Gail came to develop.........


Reflexes, Learning and Behaviour

The 'bible' on infant reflexes. A non-invasive approach to learning and behaviour problems. Early childhood reflexes should be fully inhibited by 3 years of age. Failure to inhibit creates neuro-development delay in the child, which leads to........


Smart Moves

Movement & the body’s role in thinking and learning, thoroughly supported by scientific research. She uses Brain Gym as a primary movement program. She explains the neurophysiological basis of Brain Gym - how and why it works.....


Dominance Factor

Your Dominance Profile is actually a key factor in shaping the way you think and act. Carla shows why and reveals how knowing your Profile will help you and your children, to learn in the way that suits you best and perform at your highest level.......


I Am the Child

Simple, common sense approach to the fulfilment of sensory and perceptual needs through the activities using Brain Gym with children who have special needs. Over a two year period, Koester journaled her experiences as a teacher in a public school........


Vision Circles Handbook

The Vision Circles Handbooks evolved over a 7 year period building on the concept that vision is a learned experience. It offers an opportunity to re-discover fully our sensory awareness. This may mean, for some of us........


Switch On Your Brain

A chapter-by-chapter account of all the practical aspects of EK (Brain Gym), including topics such as stress release, self esteem, spelling and the EK switching on exercises. An old classic from the 80's when Brain Gym was called Educational Kinesiology..


Switching On

Dr Paul Dennison’s first, seminal book about Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym®. Discusses the principles behind the programme.


Reducing Challenging Behaviours CD Rom

Reducing Challenging Behaviours in ‘At Risk’ Adolescents with Brain Gym (CD-Rom) - compilation of research from Australian Kinesiologist Gillian Stuart. It contains 7 parts (including thesis)....


NLK Mental Fitness Exercises

Designed to promote greater use of all areas of the brain, NLK Mental Fitness Exercises stimulate the less dominant areas of the brain, which can, when under stress, become under utilised. The book is presented in black & white with basic cartoon like....


Fraid Not ! (sale)

Invites you to enjoy the inspirational stories of childrens successes as well as further your understanding as to how movement enhances learning and performance. She also introduces you to the Brain Gym program. Chapters include: Learning Differences...


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