Reflexes, Learning and Behaviour
Analysing and unblocking neuro-motor immaturity

New 3rd Edition (2023)

The 'bible' on infant reflexes.
A non-invasive approach to learning and behaviour problems. Early childhood reflexes should be fully inhibited by 3 years of age. Failure to inhibit creates neuro-development delay in the child, which leads to behavioural and learning problems. Sally Goddard describes the early childhood reflexes, their neurological pathways, behaviours and learning problems they may give rise to. More importantly she then goes on to describe how to test for these reflexes and what to look for, giving a scoring system to measure the lack of inhibition occurring with each reflex. The chapter “How Can We Help” covers various remediation programs in which Brain Gym is recognised as an effective program to assist in inhibiting these reflexes and allowing normal development to take place.
Large Format Paperback

Why the physical basis for learning is important?  How immaturity in aspects of physical development impacts learning, emotional wellbeing and behaviour? How this can be identified?  How can this be assessed and what forms of remediation are available?

Reflexes, Movement, Learning & Behaviour covers an area of education and emotional wellbeing that either tends to be over-looked or falls between professional domains. It provides information that can help parents, teachers and other professionals to understand what lies behind the under-achieving child and adults who suffer from balance-related anxiety disorders. The method fills a yawning gap in 'the system', which often fails to recognise underlying physical factors in under-achievement, behavioural and emotional problems.  Identifying some of the mechanics involved is the first stage in moving from victimhood to being able to live with a problem and in many cases, overcome it.  It helps parents and teachers to understand children better, introduce more effective coping strategies if needed and ideally correct some of the underlying problems enabling children and adults to become more resilient and flexible in response to stress and to realise their potential.

Industry Reviews
"At a time when parents and professionals emphasise and analyse school readiness and learning yet children are the most sedentary in history, Sally Goddard Blythe has put the horse back before the cart. Physical literacy and movement have always been the poor cousin to proper cerebral learning, until now. This book provides an excellent comprehensive overview of this emerging area."

----Dr. Aric Sigman, child health education lecturer, author of Getting Physical, winner of The Times Educational Supplement Information Book Award
"If you view a learner as just a brain carried around by a body, it is rather like servicing a car engine without checking the brakes and tyres. That might be fine, but often you will waste fuel and occasionally you will crash. Sally is one of the leading experts in understanding how the body and mind work together, how to spot where there is a problem and then what to do about it. These issues are not simple, but they are important for thousands of children. Reflexes, Movement, Learning and Behaviour will give you a comprehensive resource to work with."

---- David Morgan, creator of the Easyread System and All Aboard Phonics
"Provides a readable yet comprehensive overview of primitive and neonatal reflexes and postural control. These are holistically integrated into descriptions of human senses, neural structures and systems, along with their relevance for learning delays, disorders, and psychological conditions. Her expositions and recommendations draw on empirical-scientific analysis, many years of therapeutic experience, and a phenomenological-symptomology, offering readers from wide ranging backgrounds her unique theoretical and therapeutic insights into reflexes and learning."




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