Kinesiology Tools & Accessories

This section offers tools & accessories popular for Kinesiology clinical work.
See also the sections on Test Kits , Essences, and Tuning Forks, which are three prominent areas of use in the Kinesiology clinic that require sections of their own.

Solfeggio Tuning Fork Set

9 Coloured Tuning Forks marked with their Solfeggio Frequency, in a black zipped carry pouch. Solfeggio frequencies make up the ancient 6-tone scale thought to have been used in sacred music, including the beautiful and well known......


Tei Shin (Tsumo Shin)

Tei Shins, (aslo called Tsumo Shins) for treating acu-points, including ear points & trigger points......


Meridian Set of Tuning Forks

Meridian Set of 14 Tuning Forks with Pouch - The highest quality tuning forks, made in the UK by a specialist in tuning fork manufacturing (of over 175 years). Hand Machined. Finely Tuned. Comes with Certificate of Accuracy and Warranty...........


Chakra Sound Set

Chakra Sound Set of 8 Tuning Forks in Pouch. High Quality. Comes with Certificate of Accuracy and Warranty......


Crystal Light Balancing Kit

A most popular product for practitioners. Contains a high quality magnalite torch, a head with a clear quartz crystal (or crystals) that fits over the torch & seven coloured discs. Comes boxed with bay for torch and slots for discs........


Basic Colour Healing Disc Set

This disc set does come with the Crystal Colour Therapy Kit but for those who bought the kit many years ago and would like to upgrade to these latest & improved 7 coloured discs, the set can be purchased separately........


Advanced Colour Healing Disc Set

6 additional discs for special healing energies: Orchid, Oceanic, Midnight, Ruby, Charcoal & Holographic. These discs come in their own box and are NOT a part of the Crystal Colour Therapy Kit, so do need to be purchased separately to the kit.....


Crystal Light Balancing & Colour Therapy Workbook

For use with the Crystal Colour Therapy Torch Kit, but can be stand alone manual. Introduces colour therapy and the energy systems, itemises in detail the aspects of colours associated with the five elements, includes colour correction sheets for the.....


Energy Ball

For demonstrating electrical energy flow through the human body.......


Dowsing Rods

High Quality 'Made in Australia' copper set of 2 dowsing rods with swivel tubes......NOTE: the handles are pure copper, but the rods are a copper alloy....


Kinesiology Taping

The Essential Step by Step Guide of Taping for Sports Fitness & Daily Life. Covers 160 Conditions & Ailments. Superb , professionally presented text with wonderful photographs and descriptions........


Acupressure Taping

The Practice of Acutaping for Chronic Pain & Injuries. Based on Kinesiology Taping but uses the therapeutic principles found in Chinese Medicine........


Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Tape for many conditions such as pain, muscle tension, bruising, sore muscles & strains. Also valuable for making changes to posture/structure, dealing with arthritic conditions and even headaches and menstrual video.....

From $16.00

Practical Guide to Kinesiology Taping

with DVD: written for athletes and coaches who want to have a better understanding of how and when to apply these taping principles. Gibbons takes you on an educational journey as he guides you, step by step, through the entire process of taping by...


Affirmation Book 1:

The original 5500 Affirmation Book. This bestselling manual for Kinesiologists and health & wellbeing therapists contains affirmations grouped according to many common issues or themes such as: Supressions, Fear, Forgiveness, Money, Addictions, Trusting..


Affirmation Book 2:

Physical Affirmations - After the huge success of the Affirmation Book 1, Book 2 also contains 5500 metaphysical affirmations but grouped according to physical parts, or functions, of the body. There are 140 topics with......


Affirmation Book 3:

Programme Affirmations - Contains over 5500 affirmations looking at programmes that hold you back. This manual follows the presentation of the first 2 Affirmation Books, and is also grouped into themes page by page with related sub affirmations to.....


Affirmation Book 4:

NEW 2020: Emotion Affirmations - Contains over 5500 affirmations looking at emotions that hold you back. This manual follows the presentation of the first 3 Affirmation Books, and is also grouped into themes page by page with related sub affirmations to..


Affirmation Book 5

New 2021: Sabotage Affirmations - 5500 affirmations looking at sabotages that hold you back. This manual follows the presentation of the first 4 Affirmation Books, and is also grouped into themes, page by page, with related sub affirmations to.......


Scan Charts Book

Book of scan charts for kinesiologists covering many aspects of life. 20,000 entries over 52 scan charts compiled in an easy to access A4 spiral bound manual. Each chart is 1 page and includes topics such as........


Kinergetics Formats & Dictionary

The manual of formats from kinergetics. Also includes 'Chart of the Glands'. PLUS includes the Kinergetics Dictionary with over 400 'emotion' words and their meanings for use in kinesiology emotion work. In total over 1000 references to 'emotion' words...


Therapist's Dictionary of Emotional States

Often when working with clients, a practitioner needs to find a precise word to help their client to construct the right goal or gain greater understanding of their issue. This dictionary has been compile to help Kinesiologists find that right word and...


Attitude With Essence

Reference manual for the 7 Element Hologram course. Relates meridians to flower essences (Bach, Australian Bush and Desert Flowers) according to Applied Physiology. Complete with all descriptions and affirmations. Also includes flower essence directory...


Essences Description Manual

A compilation of various popular ranges of essences (many kinesiology based), including lists and descriptions of individual bottles. Fantastic resource for Kinesiologists and Natural Therapists. Covers over 500 individual essences with descriptions......


Essences For Kinesiologists

Comprehensive list of flower essences from 3 popular flower ranges - The Bach Flowers, The Australian Bush Flowers and the Flower Essence Society Flowers (Californian Essences). Each essence is listed with: 1. An attitude to become aware of and to.......


Lazy 8 Board

For tracking the figure 8 motion for children, adults and the elderly. Comes with a bag of marbles and cotton bag. Has thumb holes specifically included to avoid thumbs covering the track (as often happens with elderly people with certain conditions).....