Brain Gym® Music & Movement

The Brain Gym Music & Movement section includes CD's & DVD's and any accompanying books or manuals.

Assessing Neuromotor Readiness for Learning

Based on the proven INPP model for neuromotor development screening and intervention. Places emphasis on children's physical development and how neuro-motor skills provide the foundations for learning success. Includes batteries of tests for......


Attention, Balance and Coordination

The most up-to-date handbook for professionals involved in education and child development. Explains why early reflexes are important, their functions in development and their effects on learning, behaviour and beyond - also covers adult neurological.....


Brain Gym Music CD

This wonderful CD is a must for anyone using Brain Gym with young children either in a group setting or at home on an individual basis! Six music styles of playful song encourage children to complete the PACE movements of Brain Gym.......


Get Ready For School DVD set

Too many children experience failure at school. This Double DVD takes you right to the heart of the matter by exploring the importance of children's physical and sensory development. Children that have gaps in their gross and fine motor skills, and......


Rappin' on the Reflexes

Rappin' on the Reflexes Manual & CD has been created for easy use by teachers, parents, practitioners, and anyone else who works with children. It can be used informally at home, as part of an office visit, or as school curriculum for increasing.......


Catch a Brain Wave Fitness Fun

Intentionally designed movements to help kids gain the important benefits of increased fitness and greater learning-power. Buy Book, CD or to view options and more details.......

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Smart Fitness Workout/Smart Foods Products

CD, DVD and Instructional Manual that can be purchased individually or as combos. Contains fun exercising using Brain Gym and other brain based material, cool songs, relating fitness and to see the all options & further detail........

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Wiggle Jiggle Fitness Fun CD

A dynamic collection of playful fitness songs to help young children integrate critical developmental movement patterns, while preparing them for easier learning and more-advanced exercise.


Baby Connections Song Time CD

Help engage babies and their parents in stimulating emergent literacy development with this unique 20-song "best-of-for-baby" collection. This specialty CD resource features timeless favourites by various artists, plus new "brain-based"guided movements..


Balancing Boards

Balance boards are great fun for kids especially when they have a marble maze to complete by rolling the marble through the loops. Helps to develop co-ordination and proprioceptive feed back. Great for all kids especially those with some form of neuro....

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Awakening the Child Heart

This book is not just about children. It also covers important ideas on how we as adults can re-discover our Child’s heart and how play is still important to us. The important role of play, sound, music and the heart for parenting and life-long joy and...


Kinesthetic Classroom

94 movement activities that can add plenty of variety, fun and direction to your movement program and "Brain Breaks". There are excellent sections on why movement is critical to improve learning outcomes and introducing and managing student's during.....


Well Balanced Child

In this book Sally covers: Why movement matters; How music helps brain development; The role of nutrition, the brain and child growth; Practical tips for parents and educators to help children with learning and behavioural problems and more......


Wisdom Of the Body Moving

This comprehensive guide introduces Body-Mind Centering, the internationally recognised field pioneered by dancer and occupational therapist Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Explorations of the images, feelings, sensations, and intuitions of the diverse.......


100 Learning Games for Special Needs

Targeting key skills including listening, self-awareness, movement, creative thinking and relaxation, each game has been developed with the capabilities of children with special needs in mind. The appropriate age group is clearly identified, and......