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Brain Sound (S/H)

Brain Sound Set of 2 Tuning Forks with Key for adjusting weights


24% OFF

RRP $361.00

Dr. Sheldon Deal’s AK DVD's

Set of 5 DVD Programs & manual, specifically filmed for training in the many & varied Applied Kinesiology techniques. This is the Part 2 set only - Over 60 more AK techniques including Cloacals, Hypothalamus, Balancing Blood Chemistry,........


38% OFF

RRP $785.00

TFH Reference Chart (Sale)

(Damaged Copy) - This huge, colourful and informative chart contains all the TFH information - muscle tests, meridians, nutrition, all the corrections and the muscles themselves. A wonderful reference for the TFH Stages 1 to 4 material.....


23% OFF

RRP $35.00

TFH 5 Element & Midday Midnight Law Chart (damaged)

Damaged Copy - Laminated, 79 x 61 cm. The TFH Law of the 5 Elements with the Midday Midnight law as taught in Touch For Health. Shows a large 5 Elements picture for 5 Element balancing, the TFH Wheel, 5 Elements relationships pie chart and Acupressure....


28% OFF

RRP $29.00

TFH Acupuncture Chart (damaged)

Slightly Damaged Copy - 90 x 60 cm, laminated wall chart of the 14 Acupuncture Meridians in detail. Shows all labelled Acupuncture Points along the Meridians (e.g. K27, GB31 etc). Offers a three sided body view: front, back and side and therefore......


28% OFF

RRP $29.00

Acupuncture Wall Chart (PAPER)

Large PAPER Wall Chart from the Rudiger Series, Germany. A0 size - 1m high x 60cm wide. Comes with metal strips top & bottom and hook. A popular option as an Acupuncture chart to some of the others that we sell because it has thick coloured...


21% OFF

RRP $67.00

Trigger Point Wall Chart SET (ACC) - sale

From ACC - illustrates and labels the muscles affected by trigger points, and shows trigger point locations with primary and secondary pain sensitive zones. Also includes a legend that explains how to identify particular trigger points and their pain.....


18% OFF

RRP $77.00

Chakra Guide (sale)

A4, Double Sided, Sheened lamination (not encapsulated lamination) . Colourful Chart showing the Chakras with descriptions. The reverse side describes philosophical background, awakening the Kundalini, Tantric Yoga plus a summary in tabular form.


25% OFF

RRP $8.00

O'Ora Archetypal Essences

Archetypal Essences help identify the behaviours and attitudes that keep the soul from its truest expression. Behaviours are then no longer habitual or compulsive and we gain conscious awareness and choice in how we wish to express these energies.......


12% OFF

RRP $695.00

Brain Gym Activities Chart for Children A1 (Damaged)

Damaged Copy of the A1 large wall chart - Beautiful, full-colour wall chart of the 26 Brain Gym activities, with photos of young people demonstrating each movement, is great for the classroom, home, and gymnasium.........


26% OFF

RRP $39.00

Brain Gym Action Balance Wheel chart (Damaged)

Damaged Copy - In Paper only - is also Out of Print: Only useful to people who have completed the Brain Gym 101 course and understand the unique Brain Gym balancing process and who will the appreciate the charts comprehensive overview of the 101 balances.


Human Skull Model (S/H)

SECOND HAND: Plastic Human Skull with removable cranium and moving jaw bone.


50% OFF

RRP $88.00

Meridians & the Five Elements Chart (SALE)

Damaged Chart - A colourful representation of the meridians on the human body. The meridians are shown from the front, the back and the side, in different colours according to their corresponding element.....


28% OFF

RRP $29.00

Applied Physiology Tuning Forks (sale)

SECOND HAND set of the original 14 Meridian Tuning Forks from Applied Physiology (USA) - in custom made carry case. Please click to read notes and details......


Jacky Newcomb's Little Angels (sale)

40 Inspirational Cards - These beautifully illustrated 'Jacky Newcomb's Little Angels' cards contain messages and guidance for children of 5 to 10 years old. Each child is depicted as little angel to emphasize the loving qualities they are all imbued.....


21% OFF

RRP $24.00

Mindful Living Inspiration Cards (sale)

Deepen your daily spiritual practice and meditations through the 36 card Mindful Living Inspiration Cards... intuitive messages drawn from ayurvedic wisdom and yogic philosophy. Learn how to let go of your busy life and instead apply conscious......


27% OFF

RRP $30.00

Orb Cards (sale)

Packaged in a standard square tuckbox, this deck of 44 orb-shaped cards provides inspiration and empowerment from the mysterious spirit guides that are concealed in the orbs often found in digital photographs. Each card features a unique orb image on.....


27% OFF

RRP $26.00

Michael Wild Music

From $20 down to $9.50 per CD according to quantity. Transporting, Ethereal & Ambient Music for Relaxation & Meditation, Sleep & Dreaming, and Travelling Beyond. 38 years Years of Music 'Inspired by the Heavens' for more information......

From $20.00