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Thymus 8th Chakra A4 Chart (sale)

Damaged Copy - Double Sided & Laminated Desk Chart - This is a specialty chart for people who know how to use the 7 Chi Keys. It is a new addition to Applied Physiology’s “7 Chi Keys” developed by Sherril Taylor for Applied Physiology Practitioners. May..


27% OFF

RRP $15.00

Test Kit 50 Vial Box (damaged)

Damaged - Damage may be a crack or hole in the lid. However box is fully functional. - Compact plastic box for 50 vials that suit the vial size from our test kits........


31% OFF

RRP $13.00

Test Kit 100 Vial Box (damaged)

Damaged - Damage may be a crack or hole in the lid. However box is fully functional - Compact plastic box for 100 vials that suit the vial size from our test kits.......


35% OFF

RRP $17.00

Test Kit 72 Vial Foam Inlay Tray Box (sale)

DAMAGED cover lid: Foam Inlay tray with cells for the vials in an outer cardboard box. Fits 72 vials laying horizontal. Fits both our glass vials for liquids and for solids. Beige cardboard outer with lid. Reinforced corners (repaired on cover lid)).....


26% OFF

RRP $42.00

Nutritional Energy Reflex Points A4 Chart (sale)

DAMAGED COPY: From Applied Physiology, this chart contains all the reflex or circuit locating points for nutritional deficiencies and excesses. Includes vitamins, minerals, proteins, digestive enzymes, toxic chemicals and heavy metals......


31% OFF

RRP $13.00

Iris and the Embryo chart (sale)

Last of stock, to clear.....The Iris and the Embryo chart from Bernard Jensen Iridology. 43 x 28 cm. Laminated. The Development of the Embryo as it relates to the Iris Map.


41% OFF

RRP $22.00

Sign Language of the Soul (sale)

Last of stock - to clear......Sign Language of the Soul HAND MODE Charts - Set of 2. Each chart is laminated. 33 x 49cm. Grayscale. From Dale Schusterman’s kinesiology based system - Sign Language of the Soul. Shows hand modes.......


33% OFF

RRP $33.00