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  • Sometimes second hand items can be rare or hard to find Kinesiology materials.
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Nutrition Response Testing SET (S/H)

SECOND HAND sets of CD's, DVDs and a manual - Nutrition Response Testing is a non–invasive way to test your body (via muscle-testing) and discover what deficiencies or underlying issues are causing your symptoms and health conditions, developed by.......


TFH Acupuncture Chart (damaged)

Slightly Damaged Copy - 90 x 60 cm, laminated wall chart of the 14 Acupuncture Meridians in detail. Shows all labelled Acupuncture Points along the Meridians (e.g. K27, GB31 etc). Offers a three sided body view: front, back and side and therefore......


28% OFF

RRP $29.00

Brain Gym Activities Chart for Children A1 (Damaged)

Damaged Copy of the A1 large wall chart - Beautiful, full-colour wall chart of the 26 Brain Gym activities, with photos of young people demonstrating each movement, is great for the classroom, home, and gymnasium.........


26% OFF

RRP $39.00

Alphabet 8s Chart (Damaged)

(Damaged Copy) - Learners enjoy the physical (kinesthetic and tactile) experience of tracing the alphabet letters on this colourful and visually calming chart of the Alphabet 8s activity from Brain Gym. Used to help improve eye tracking and....


26% OFF

RRP $19.00

Brain Gym Action Balance Wheel chart (Damaged)

Damaged Copy - In Paper only - is also Out of Print: Only useful to people who have completed the Brain Gym 101 course and understand the unique Brain Gym balancing process and who will the appreciate the charts comprehensive overview of the 101 balances.


Dr. Sheldon Deal’s AK DVD's Part 1 & 2 ( (S/H)

Second Hand - TWO DVD Programs (10 DVD's) specifically filmed for training in the many & varied Applied Kinesiology techniques. Each Program is 5 discs and comes with a spiral bound manual all in a supportive casing folder. Professional presentation......


51% OFF

RRP $1,450.00

ABFE wall charts (sale)

Second Hand - Australian Bush Flower Essences Set of 4 wall charts/posters. These beautiful posters feature stunning colour images of all the Australian Bush Flowers meticulously photographed by Ian White. A brief description of the healing quality of...


29% OFF

RRP $35.00

Human Skull Model (S/H)

SECOND HAND: Plastic Human Skull with removable cranium and moving jaw bone.


50% OFF

RRP $88.00

Special Points in Acupuncture (damaged)

(Damaged Copy): A4 Double Sided Laminated Desk Chart - Shows the Transporting points, the Window of the sky points, the Accumulation points,the Luo and the Source points, the tonification points, sedation points, points of entry, & more......


38% OFF

RRP $13.00

Universal Barometer Wall Chart (sale)

Shop Display Copy - The Universal Barometer from Neuro-Training, with emotions from the different kinesiology modalities linked together on the one chart. NOTE: Includes Behavioural Barometer structured from Three In One. Please read on.......


18% OFF

RRP $33.00