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Quest Chakra Wall Chart (sale)

DAMAGED COPY: This beautifully coloured & impressive representation of the Chakras shows their yantra symbol and Sanskrit names. Included is an esoteric description of each chakra plus sounds and other information. Top right...


24% OFF

RRP $29.00

Nutritional Energy Reflex Points A4 Chart (sale)

DAMAGED COPY: From Applied Physiology, this chart contains all the reflex or circuit locating points for nutritional deficiencies and excesses. Includes vitamins, minerals, proteins, digestive enzymes, toxic chemicals and heavy metals......


31% OFF

RRP $13.00

Aromatic Emotional Barometer (sale)

The A4 chart of Aromatherapy Emotions of 56 Oils from the Aromatic Kinesiology course and Robbi's book, 'The Blossoming Heart', also available on this site. NOTE: This SALE COPY is the previous edition with 56 oils covered - latest has 60 oils.....


40% OFF

RRP $15.00

Bowel, Embryo, Spine & Iridology chart (sale)

Last of stock to clear.......The Bowel, Embryo, Spine & Iridology chart from Bernard Jensen Iridology. 54 x 35 cm. Sheened. Shows relationship of all three aspects against the iris.


32% OFF

RRP $22.00

Iris and the Embryo chart (sale)

Last of stock, to clear.....The Iris and the Embryo chart from Bernard Jensen Iridology. 43 x 28 cm. Laminated. The Development of the Embryo as it relates to the Iris Map.


41% OFF

RRP $22.00

Sign Language of the Soul (sale)

Last of stock - to clear......Sign Language of the Soul HAND MODE Charts - Set of 2. Each chart is laminated. 33 x 49cm. Grayscale. From Dale Schusterman’s kinesiology based system - Sign Language of the Soul. Shows hand modes.......


33% OFF

RRP $33.00

Mantras A4 Chart (sale)

Laminated & Double sided desk chart. This chart explains the use of the mantric alphabet and illustrates the zones of resonance for healing of the body and energetic dynamisation. Simple mantras are phonemes, sound units, of the Sanskrit mantric.......


27% OFF

RRP $15.00

Herbal Recognition Cards (sale)

Although designed more for the European flora scape, these cards can be adapted for the herb garden......


29% OFF

RRP $35.00