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  • Sale items are often damaged items, second hand items or items reduced to clear.
  • Often a particular sale item is a one off, especially if damaged or second hand.
  • Sometimes second hand items can be rare or hard to find Kinesiology materials.
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PKP 5 Element Emotion Chart A1 (Sale)

Damaged Copy - The colourful chart of the complete list of 5 Element Emotions used in the Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) system. Super Wall Chart Size (A1).......


18% OFF

RRP $55.00

PKP 5 Element Emotion Chart A2 (Sale)

Damaged Copy - Medium Wall Chart Size (A2) - The colourful chart of the complete list of 5 Element Emotions used in the Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP) system........


22% OFF

RRP $37.00

Acupoints - Chest, Abdomen & Back

A2 Laminated wall chart which illustrates the acupoints on the chest, abdomen & back. It shows two important anatomical maps in acupuncture: NOTE: This is a one off chart that has a labeling error on it. The picture......


15% OFF

RRP $39.00

Hand Reflexology A2 (Sale)

(Damaged Copy) - A2 chart, Laminated - All the reflex zones on the palm and back of the right and left hands are to be found on this classic poster......


24% OFF

RRP $29.00

Foot & Hand Reflexology charts (Sale)

Slightly Damaged Copies (2 charts - same chart, just 2 different sizes) - the A4 double sided desk chart and the A2 wall chart - both laminated.....


21% OFF

RRP $42.00

Ingham Method HAND Reflexology (SALE)

(Ex Shop Display Copy) Hand Reflexology from the world famous wall charts created By Eunice Ingham and Dwight C Byers, founders of the International Institute of Reflexology. Laminated & Large A1 size.......


36% OFF

RRP $55.00

Shell Essences Healing CARDS (sale)

Usually a 94 card set including Shell Essence Booklet but this set some missing and many extra cards (double ups). Total 113 cards. Colour photos & related affiramtion information on the back descriptions on the reverse side.......


22% OFF

RRP $46.00

Brain Gym Activities Chart for Children A1 (Sale))

Damaged Copy of the A1 large wall chart - Beautiful, full-colour wall chart of the 26 Brain Gym activities, with photos of young people demonstrating each movement, is great for the classroom, home, and gymnasium.........


26% OFF

RRP $39.00

Brain Gym Action Balance Wheel chart (Sale)

Damaged Copy - In Paper only - is also Out of Print) Only useful to people who have completed the Brain Gym 101 course and understand the unique Brain Gym balancing process and who will the appreciate the charts comprehensive overview of the 101 balances.