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We have been supplying the Kinesiology field, natural therapists, students & the public since 1984.

Equilibrium offers the largest range of Kinesiology materials in the world and is a specialist in sending product to all countries.

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Although our on-line sales have increased throughout the COVID period and even into 2021 we are essentially keeping up with orders.
The challenges have been replacing stock, especially in the the test kits category, but that should settle down as we get into the year (2021) further.
Deliveries are sometimes slower than pre-COVID, so one may have to wait longer for their order to arrive - but that is not always the case. Please contact us for tracking details if needed or desired. Note that these days Equilibrium resides in the country in a region where there are, and have been for some time, zero cases of the virus.

Stay safe and well.
Cheers - Michael
Equilibrium - Established 1984


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National Kinesiology Conference: Brisbane - the Vision 2020 Conference (Face to Face) is now 15th - 17th October 2021

Australian Kinesiology Directory: www.kinesiologydirectory.com.au  (est. 1989)



About the Equilibrium move - 1st January 2020

For some time now we have been wanting to move out of Melbourne to the country. So the change is more one of lifestyle, than a business/financial choice.

However 'business wise' we will go back to our roots. When established in 1984, we were also Mail Order only. That was back in the times before internet and mobile phones etc, and placing orders could only be done by mail, fax or landline. In 1993 we moved into a shop front in Ormond, Melbourne and over the 26 years there, became recognised as the world's foremost Kinesiology Supplies Shop.

We have had a great 26 years in the shopping strip, meeting local customers and traders each day. In addition, each week we were also greeted by Interstate customers and occasionally International visitors, who made the special effort to visit and peruse our wares.

We thank all those visitors to the shop, especially our regulars. Your faces will be sadly missed. And thanks to our staff over the years, expecially our more recent loyal long time servers.

For our on line customers and those who place orders by phone or email - nothing will change.  But, just may be, you might detect a change - one manifested by living in the fresh air, open spaces & hopefully, slowness of life.

Have wonderful 2020.

Michael & Franca,
To read about the history of our 35 plus years - click here.