Sale Testing Kits

We have been selling Testing Kits for nearly 25 years. Over the years the range has increased significanty and includes many single or individual vials and of these, many relate to Covid. We also sell empty vials and empty boxes.

Please note the box status of each kit and also the vial size.

KTK Medicinal Herbs Test Kit

100 vials, boxed: A Medicinal Herbs Test Kit for Kinesiologists, Chiropractors and Bioresonance Practitioners etc contains 100 of the most commonly used herbs. Click to view full list.......


17% OFF

RRP $239.00

LWP Amino Acids Test Kit

21 vials (UNBOXED) - Energy patterns of arginine, glutamine, glutathione, histidine, lysine, tryptophan, tyrosine, valine, etc, plus one mixed sample. . - Click to view full contents...


25% OFF

RRP $124.00

LWP Candida Test Kit

13 vial (UNBOXED): Although Candida Albicans is the main strain that causes problems, some of the other strains are increasing. - Click to view full contents......


36% OFF

RRP $83.00

LWP Cancer Drugs Test Kit

62 vials in a flat tray box - Drugs used in the treatment of cancer. ......Click to view all contents & details......


10% OFF

RRP $297.00

LWP Essential Oils Test Kit

74 vials in a flat tray storage box: The energy patterns of 74 essential oils from Angelica to Ylang Ylang. .......Click to view entire contents........


13% OFF

RRP $410.00

LWP Food: Mushrooms Test Kit

14 vials (UNBOXED): Various edible mushrooms including Chestnut, Shitake, Porcini and truffles. to view contents......


30% OFF

RRP $84.00

LWP Fragrance Test Kit

27 vials, including flat tray storage box: The energy patterns of synthetic fragrances used in perfume, personal care products and household to view contents......


38% OFF

RRP $160.00

LWP Immunoglobulin Test Kit

5 vials (UNBOXED): The five immunoglobulin or antibodies involved in the immune system......Click to View Contents......


28% OFF

RRP $54.00

LWP Interleukins Test Kit

14 vials (UNBOXED): Interleukins are produced by the body and help the immune system fight infection and cancer.......Click to View Contents......


25% OFF

RRP $84.00

LWP Personal Care Test Kit

31 vials, including flat tray storage box: The energy patterns of common ingredients in personal care products, including sodium lauryl sulphate, propylene glycol and 3 parabens. ......Click to View Contents......


30% OFF

RRP $182.00

LWP Periodontal Test Kit

35 vials, including flat tray storage box: Bacteria, biofilms and nosodes related to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease has a major impact on health. It has been implicated in susceptibility to strokes, heart to view contents...


20% OFF

RRP $196.00

LWP Sweeteners Test Kit

24 vials (UNBOXED): Various natural and artificial sweeteners including honey, high fructose corn syrup, stevia and sucralose.......Click to View Contents......


24% OFF

RRP $141.00