LWP Food: Mushrooms Test Kit
14 vials (10x 40mm), unboxed

This kit does not come boxed. If a storage box is required, go to our test kit accessories section)

Various edible mushrooms including Chestnut, Shitake, Porcini and truffles. Testers for food sensitivity to be used by kinesiology or bioresonance practitioners etc.


FM 01 Mushroom, Buna Shimeji / Brown Beech

FM 02 Mushroom, Chanterelle

FM 03 Mushroom, Chestnut

FM 04 Mushroom, Cultivated, White Button

FM 05 Mushroom, Enoki

FM 06 Mushroom, Morel

FM 07 Mushroom, Oyster Grey and White

FM 08 Mushroom, Porcini /Porcino /Cep

FM 09 Mushroom, Portobello

(Cremini are baby Portobello)

FM 10 Mushroom, Shiro Shimeji

FM 11 Mushroom, Shitake /Chinese Black

FM 12 Truffle, Black /Tuber Melanosporum / Perigord / Norcia Pregiato

FM 13 Truffle, Summer /Tuber Uncinatum

FM 14 Truffle, White / Tuber Magnatum



Black Fungus / Cloud Ear Fungus / Wood Ear Fungus / Tree Ear Fungus is in Food G Test Kit.


SKU TKfmush

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