LWP Testing Kits

LWP kit range - Various Test Kits from Amino Acids to Viruses 

This section displays over 90 Test Kits that are imported and distributed by Equilibrium. These kits are sold all over the world, through Kinesiology & Bioresonance channels and have a solid reputation for professional production, information and use by natural therapists & kinesiologists for over 25 years. We refer to these kits as LWP Test Kits as they were originally produced by Life Work Potential in the UK by Kinesiologist Jane Thurnell Read.

In the past LWP test kits have not normally come with boxes for the vials, as such storage containers were purchased separately if needed. However, throughout the pandemic some changes were made and now most kits are supplied with a flat tray box. Some smaller kits may still be unboxed. Please check the storage status & the vial size of each kit before making your purchase.

If you have any questions before making your order please email us at: orders@kinesiologyshop.com

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Testing Kit Description Manual
A 200 page spiral bound manual on the LWP test kits with detailed descriptions of all vial contents is available for purchase. Or it can be downloaded 
here - at no charge (2022 edition - current)

LWP Test Kit Description Manual

The manual that describes in detail all the vials in the LWP Test Kit range from Amino Acids to Viruses. Also includes the Pathology & Histology test kits. Over 100 testing kits are covered, describing 1000's of vials.......


LWP Fertility (IVF) Drugs Test Kit

(NEW) 14 vials, unboxed. The energy pattern of drugs used to help women to conceive a child. Click to view details......


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RRP $84.00

LWP Antibiotics Test Kit

35 vials, unboxed - Various antibiotics used to treat illness .....Click to view contents....


LWP Amino Acids Test Kit

21 vials (unboxed) - Energy patterns of arginine, glutamine, glutathione, histidine, lysine, tryptophan, tyrosine, valine, etc, plus one mixed sample. . - Click to view full contents...


LWP Acupuncture Meridians Test Kit

14 vials, unboxed - These energy signatures were produced originally by an experienced acupuncturist stimulating the meridian and taking an EAV reading. Each vial represents one meridian. - Click to view contents.....


20% OFF

RRP $84.00

LWP Anaesthetic And Pain Test Kit

48 vials (BOXED) - Drugs used in anaesthesia (local, general, epidural) and also sometimes for pain including Codeine, Diamorphine, Diazepam, Ketamine and Procaine. - Click to view full contents......


LWP Animals: Canine (Dog) Test Kit

60 vials including flat tray storage box - A range of vials specifically related to dogs, including healthy tissues, diseases, tumours, parasites, vaccinations and others. - Click to view contents......


LWP Animals: Equine (Horse) Test Kit

30 vials that come in a Flat Tray Storage Box - Healthy and diseased tissues, virus, vaccinations and parasites - Click to view contents.......


LWP Bacteria 1 Test Kit

56 vials. Includes flat tray storage box - The energy patterns of MRSA, various staph bacteria, whooping cough, meningitis, escherichia coli, clostridium difficile etc.......Click to view contents......


LWP Bacteria 2 Test Kit

37 vials including flat tray storage box: More bacteria including those linked to salmonella, cystitis, acne, shellfish poisoning and dental problems. ......Click to view contents.......


LWP Bacteria 3 Test Kit

56 vials including flat tray storage box: More bacteria including some that are important in the human biome and others that are drug-resistant. ........Click to view contents.....


LWP Biofilms Test Kit

15 vials, boxed: Biofilms can make bacteria in the body difficult to find and counteract. A biofilm comprises any group of microorganisms in which cells stick to each other and often also to a surface.........Click to view full contents.....


LWP Bowel Nosodes Test Kit

11 vials (boxed): Bowel nosodes are prepared from cultures of non-lactose fermenting flora of the intestinal tract.....Click to view full contents......


LWP Bugs, Ticks & Mites Test Kit

41 vials in a flat tray box: Bugs, ticks, midges, mites, mosquito and other biting organisms. It includes 3 house dust mite species, 4 horse flies, 4 mosquito, 8 ticks, 2 biting ants, 4 bees, 4 wasps, etc......Click to view full contents......


LWP Candida Test Kit

13 vial (unboxed): Although Candida Albicans is the main strain that causes problems, some of the other strains are increasing. - Click to view full contents......


23% OFF

RRP $74.00

LWP Cancer Drugs Test Kit

62 vials in a flat tray box - Drugs used in the treatment of cancer. ......Click to view all contents & details......


LWP Chemical And Inhalant Test Kit

39 vials, boxed - The energy patterns of ammonia, bee sting, butyl, carbon tetrachloride, coal tar, creosote, crude oil, diesel fumes, formaldehyde, house dust mite, mosquito bite, petrol fumes, etc....... Click to view contents......


LWP Cytokine And Immune 1 Test Kit

40 vials, unboxed: Developed in collaboration with Dr Wally Schmitt, contains cytokines, including fibroblast growth factors, immunoglobulins, interleukins, etc. - Click to view contents and other information.......


25% OFF

RRP $187.00

LWP Dental Test Kit

50 vials, in a flat tray storage box: The energy patterns of amalgam, glues, resins, filling & crown material, three local anaesthetics, a periodontal nosode, etc. commonly used in dental work. ......Click to view full contents......


LWP Digestive Enzyme Test Kit

16 vials (unboxed): The energy patterns of carboxypeptidase, enterokinase, lactase, lipase, lysozyme, maltase, pepsinogen, pepsin, peptidase, amylase, sucrase, trypsin, etc. .....Click to view contents......


13% OFF

RRP $84.00

LWP Drinks: Alcoholic Test Kit

47 vials (unboxed): The energy patterns of common alcoholic drinks: beer, lager, cider, brandy, gin, whisky, rum, wines, sherry, advocaat, drambuie, grappa, ouzo, sake, vermouth etc. for sensitivity testing. ......Click to view all contents.....


10% OFF

RRP $247.00

LWP Electro-Magnetic Test Kit

25 vials, boxed: Electrical and electro-magnetic frequencies, including mobile phones, television emissions, high voltage electricity, X-Rays, WiFi, Broadband, Cordless, Halogen & LED lights etc .....Click to view contents.......


LWP Elements Test Kit

84 vials in 2 flat tray storage boxes: The energy patterns of 84 elements including all metals & non metals in the periodic table. .....Click to view contents.......


LWP Emotional State Composites Test Kit

10 vials, boxed: This is a kit of ten primary or broad-spectrum emotions or states of being. 10 emotional states encompassing 100's other emotions of varying intensity. ....Click to view contents......


LWP Essential Oils Test Kit

74 vials in a flat tray storage box: The energy patterns of 74 essential oils from Angelica to Ylang Ylang. .......Click to view entire contents........


10% OFF

RRP $358.00

LWP Food Additive Test Kit

56 vials in a flat tray storage box: The energy patterns of artificial food colourings, preservatives, monosodium glutamate, antioxidants, artificial sweeteners, etc. ......Click to view contents......


10% OFF

RRP $290.00

LWP Food A Test Kit

56 vials in a flat tray storage box: The energy patterns of apple, banana, beef, carrot, cauliflower, cheese, chicken, egg, garlic, grape, lemon, milk, peanut, pork, potato, etc. .......click to view contents......


LWP Food B Test Kit

52 vials in a flat tray storage box: The energy patterns of almond, barley, cashew nut, chickpea, cocoa, coconut, coffee, oats, rice, sugar, wheat flour, yeast, etc......click to view contents......


LWP Food C Test Kit

50 vials in a flat tray storage box: The energy patterns of gluten, goat's milk, cow's milk yoghurt, quinoa, blueberry, okra, pak choi, mango, etc.......click to view contents.......


LWP Food D Test Kit

42 vials in a flat tray storage box: The energy patterns of many extra herbs, spices, nuts, fruit and vegetables. .....click to view contents......


LWP Food E Test Kit

25 vials in a flat tray storage box: The energy patterns of more fish, maple syrup, sheep's milk, tofu and more. .....click to view contents.....


LWP Food F Test Kit

25 vials in a flat tray storage box: The energy patterns of "superfoods", (including spirulina, raw chocolate, guarana) and sweeteners (including xylitol and yacon syrup).......click to view contents......