LWP Bugs, Ticks & Mites Test Kit
41 vials, including Flat Tray Storage Box

IMPORTANT NOTE: Vial & Box for this kit was updated in 2021
New Vial Size: 10 x 50mm
New Storage Boxes: Sturdy white cardboard flat tray box with a foam inlay for the vials

Bugs, ticks, midges, mites, mosquito and other biting organisms. It includes 3 house dust mite species, 4 horse flies, 4 mosquito, 8 ticks, 2 biting ants, 4 bees, 4 wasps, etc. All organisms that can cause allergic and other reactions for human beings. Some also affect animals.

BTM 01 Ant: Solenopsis Invicta Red Fire Ant North, Central and Southern America.
BTM 02 Ant: Tetraponera Rufonigra Bi-coloured Arboreal Ant found across Asia, and Africa.
BTM 03 Bed Bug: Cimex Lectularius Common Bed Bug Bed bugs occur in all regions of the globe.
BTM 04 Bee: Apis Mellifera, Female Eurpean Bee /Western Honey Bee
BTM 05 Bee: Lasioglossum Eleutherense, Female Sweat Bee Southern Florida, Bahamas, Cuba.
BTM 06 Bee: Lasioglossum Leucozonium / Lasioglossum Similis, Female Sweat Bee North America, Europe, Asia, and parts of northern Africa.
BTM 07 Bee: Xylocopa Violacea, Female Violet Carpenter Bee The common European species of carpenter bee.
BTM 08 Flea: Pulex Irritans Human Flea / Common Flea
BTM 09 Horse Fly: Haematopota Pluvialis, Female Cleg / Cleg Fly / Horse Fly /Notch-Horned Cleg-Fly/ Common Horse Fly
BTM 10 Horse Fly: Hybomitra Bimaculata, Female Hairy-legged Horsefly Distributed widely in Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China and Japan.
BTM 11 Horse Fly: Tabanus Bromius, Female Band-Eyed Brown Horse Fly Europe, North Africa and in the Near East.
BTM 12 Horse Fly: Tabanus Sudeticus, Female Dark Giant Horse Fly Common and widespread in Europe.
BTM 13 Louse: Pediculus Humanus Capitis Head Lice/ Head Louse
BTM 14 Louse: Pediculus Humanus Humanus / Pediculus Humanus Corporis Body Louse / Body Lice
BTM 15 Louse: Pthirus Pubis Pubic Louse / Pubic Lice / Crabs
BTM 16 Midge: Culicoides Impunctatus Scottish Biting Midge Northern European countries including the Netherlands and Scotland.
BTM 17 Midge: Culicoides Impunctatus and Culicoides Pulicaris Biting Midge / Sand Fly / Gnats / No-see-ums / Punkies
BTM 18 Midge: Culicoides Ornatus Mangrove Biting Midge Breeds in mangrove swamps, but then can be carried on the wind 500km plus. Found in Australia and India.
BTM 19 Mite: Demodex Brevis Feeds off oil from sebum glands; found all over the body but particularly on chest and neck.
BTM 20 Mite: Demodex Folliculorum Eyelash Mite Feed on dead skin cells around the lashes as well as other areas of the eye; everyone has small amounts of these very small mites; large quantities can cause skin irritation and eye inflammation.
BTM 21 Mite: Dermatophagoide with faecal pellet Dust mite and faecal pellet
BTM 22 Mite: Dermatophagoides Farinae American House Dust Mite Worldwide.
BTM 23 Mite: Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus European House Dust Mite Worldwide.
BTM 24 Mite: Euroglyphus Maynei House Dust Mite Common in homes in Europe, the southern United States, and other parts of the world.
BTM 25 Mite: Trombiculidae, Larvae Chiggers / Red Bugs / Harvest Bugs / Harvest Mite It's larvae stage that is the problem; do not actually "bite", but instead form a hole in the skin and chew up tiny parts of the inner skin,  causing severe irritation and swelling.
BTM 26 Mosquito: Aedes Albopictus, Female Asian Tiger Mosquito / Forest Mosquito
BTM 27 Mosquito: Anopheles Stephensi, Female Mosquito, Female Bites during the day; widespread global distribution.
BTM 28 Mosquito: Culex Pipiens, Female Common House Mosquito / Northern House Mosquito / Common Gnat / House Gnat Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and China. 
BTM 29 Mosquito: Culiseta Annulata /Theobaldia Annulata, Female Banded house mosquito, Banded mosquito, Ring-footed gnat Occurs in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and Middle East.
BTM 30 Tick: Amblyomma Americanum, Female Lone Star Tick United States and northern Mexico. May carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease.
BTM 31 Tick: Dermacentor Andersoni, Female Rocky Mountain Wood Tick / Wood Tick North America; may carry Colorado tick fever or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Tularemia.
BTM 32 Tick: Dermacentor Marginatus, Female Ornate Sheep Tick Morocco, Spain, Italy, Southern France, Switzerland, Western Germany and Poland. Can carry Rickettsia slovakato (humans) and Babesia canis (dogs), as well as other infections.
BTM 33 Tick: Dermacentor Variabilis, Female American Dog Tick United States. May carry Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia.
BTM 34 Tick: Ixodes Holocyclus, Female Paralysis Tick / Grass Tick / Seed Tick / Bush Tick Australia.



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